In Rouen, Champion Emily Gomis returns to take part in an all-out street basketball tournament at Grammont Park

One year after the official opening of the Emily Gomis Stadium in November 2021 at Gramont Park in Rouen, the basketball champion returns to her court on Saturday 27 August and Sunday 28 August 2022 for Miss Jo, a street basketball event geared towards the inclusion.

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With a reward of €2,000 for a street basketball tournament and a sports village with guests such as Emily Gomis, Olympic basketball medalist, the event miss go From the Rouen Streetball project promises a great sports opening. An opportunity to honor the Emily Gomis stadium “sportsmanlike” at Parc Gramont in Rouen, which has already opened in 2021.

Sports and education

“We will activate the domain”, Says Axel Roberni, founder of Project R Streetball, which aims to develop this sub-system of basketball in Rouen, where you played three against three on a half-court. Thus, as part of this project, a large part is devoted to pedagogy and youth support: “We are considering a full-fledged educational program at Emily Gomis Square, to introduce young people as well as girls and mothers in the neighborhood to sports. We can also support young people in their projects, or even help them discover new things with vegetable gardens around the site. We will make the neighborhood come alive.”Axel Roberni explains.

Project R Streetball is above all a movement that relies on street basketball as a liberating tool because of its flexibility in terms of rules and the result of a rich culture: “Street basketball is more free, easy to play and we judge independently, which brings fair play and consistency. We also have a strong connection to urban culture, including graffiti artists and dancers.”

ambitious event

This past weekend before the start of the school year, Axel Roberterini plans to mark the occasion to announce the upcoming season. Three tournaments – women’s, men’s and hand basket – have been planned in partnership with the Association Handisport Grand Rouen, in order to raise awareness among people with disabilities and those with physical abilities of the virtues of inclusive sport. In addition, a Sports Village, in association with ASPTT omni sport Rouen, will offer initiatives for several sports such as self-defense, badminton, Muay Thai, wrestling or even 3×3 football.

At the same time, distinguished guests such as Emilie Gomez, basketball player for the French national team and ambassador for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, who returns to the field bearing her name, but also among others, Lounis Hamraoui, champion of France and English boxing, will also attend. A street art portrait of Emily Gomez will also be produced to be auctioned for the Handisport Grand Rouen. Finally, the rap and hip-hop concert will wrap up this release: “We want to have an event with a large portion of women and local artists from Rouen”, Axel Roberney says. An event that announces a season full of ambition.

Miss Go, Saturday 27 August and Sunday 28 August 2022 from 10 am to 9 pm in Parc Grammont, Rouen. Free, open to all.

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