The French women approached the podium before the last lap

Still brilliant at Albatros at National Golf Course after her 68th opener on Wednesday, Constance Foyer returned with a solid 67 (-4), just like her teammate Myles Lamorey. In total -6, the French women took sixth place. Three points from the podium. The ultimate thrill before the final wrap on Saturday at St-Nom-la-Bretèche.

Lionel Villa, in National Golf

Juladis Nocera He warned after a disappointing second round this Thursday in Saint Nom La Britque : ” Tomorrow, at the National for the third round, I think the three girls will take revenge for the tournament! Looks good. Talented as a great player (14 wins over Women’s European Tour Between 2006 and 2014, he was selected four times in the European team Solheim Cup), the France coach also knows her group’s potential.

After a tough first ride here in national golf Wednesday (13 to +1), the French have already brilliantly corrected the situation. Constance Foyerin the wake of its 68 (-3) opening, did it again with a very solid 67 (-5) including five consecutive sparrows slammed between holes 1 and 5, well imitated by Myles Lamoreauthor of the same map but without conceding the slightest error.

Look for the ranking after the third round

Overall, it was a great day, especially for the last nine holesadmits the young Rennes player, who started from the age of ten. I was pretty strong putting in the first five holes of the comeback. In the end, I had more trouble staying clear (Ghost at 7 then at 9) But that’s part of the game. This is a ghost I could have caught earlier. He is learning. I’m only 16… We get better every day. »

Zero ghost in this course, still cuteMyles Lamore breathes on his side. Also, having 8 shots in the same lane is good. It’s a beautiful revenge after 75 years (+4) Wednesday. Compared to the first lap, I gained more confidence in my game, in what I was doing while telling myself I had to go… »

The girls today were really excited and I think they will have the same motivation tomorrow at St-Nom-la-Bretèche. They also have a vengeance to take on this course.

Juladis Nocera

Eighteen holes from the end of this 29th Women’s World Amateur Championships, France sits sixth at -6 along with Japan. Spain, only fifth, is only one difference ahead. And third place is only three points away. So anything is possible…

The girls were really excited today and I think they will have the same motivation tomorrow at St-Nom-la-Bretècheannounces Gwladys Nocera once again. They also have a vengeance to take on this course. Top 5? To be honest, I see further than this fifth. The third would be better. Girls have something to play with. I totally believe in him. That’s why I chose them. They play with their guts, and just for that, he scores points and makes sparrows. »

We’ll try to hang the podium, the best if we canConstance Foyer adds. The medal would be great because we didn’t expect at all… »

Evening laying session at St-Nom

To put all chances in their favor, the French sped towards the end of the afternoon towards St-Nom-la-Bretèche once cards were signed and commitments to the media were fulfilled. History does not repeat this excessively narrow second round on the very difficult Greens.

There is a session put on the programGwladys Nocera confirms. The greens are really different from those in the National. The girls had more trouble yesterday (Thursday) in this sector. We’ll make sure it speeds up very quickly tomorrow. Then rest, recover well and go to bed! »

German Women Smiling / IGF

At the top of the leaderboard, Germany, in their second half, dominated these worlds at -13 again thanks to their masteryHelen Brim69 (-2) Wednesday in National and especially 66 (-5) today with no less than eight successful birds, and 70 (-1) ofAlexandra Forsterling (After 69 on Wednesday).

The Germans are four points ahead of Taiwan and the United States and five points ahead of Sweden, which could not have done better than -1 this Friday at Albatros…

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