The gym withdraws his qualification at the end of the night! (2-0)

OGC Nice was undoubtedly his biggest game at the start of the season. Exceptional from start to finish, united, and impressive, they beat Maccabi Tel Aviv, Thursday evening, in the second leg of the European League Conference, after extra time (2-0). He will play in the group stage!

This gym is amazing! He led OGC Nice, who led 1-0 after the first leg, a week ago, to beat Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday night, in the second leg of the European League to watch the group stage. He did it with style and personality at an exceptional Allianz Riviera, at the end of the night. Lucien Favre had a “hunch” that his group would qualify. He managed to do so by winning (2-0) at the end of the thrill!

ACM is expecting a comeback

Learn the lessons of the first stop for qualification. That was the goal Thursday night at Allianz Riviera. It was necessary first and foremost to put together a team capable of making a difference for Lucien Favre. After a week of a strong first half for his group at Bloomfield, the Swiss made just one change to his starting lineup. Former Lorient Alexis Claude Morris was established for the first time this season in an official match, replacing Calvin Stings. ACM’s first tenure from Strasbourg, in May 2021, where he sustained a severe meniscus injury.

Learning the lessons of the first stage was also meant to benefit the public. Like the Israelis in Tel Aviv, the OGC Nice players were able to count from the start of the match on 20,000 fans by introducing their newest recruit, Nicolas Pepe. I heard the cheers from the start. The boos from the stands at every ball touched by Maccabi Tel Aviv showed the way forward for red 11 and black. And then, with every step toward the goal guarded by Daniel Peretz, the breath of the entire stadium was felt inside Allianz Rivera.

Like last Thursday, the Aiglons controlled the ball from the start. Positioning them 4-2-3-1 with the Thuram-Lemina duo in support of Claude Morris, Ramsey and Elie, they were immediately dangerous, through the former France Under-21 international. His shot passed (2′), showing the path the gym had to take to take his place in the group stage of the European Conference League. Breaks, squeezes, plays, in the hub as on the sides, until the fault is found. Lucien Favre had asked for more crosses on the eve of the match in the face of the press. been listened to. Raris Eli tried it first, but the ball was too close to the goal for Andy Delort to worry Daniel Peretz (21). Five minutes later, Thuram’s knights tried his luck, still right. This time, the pass is perfect for Claude Morris who sets up a header. Hit the mark (1-0, 26′). Seventh goal with gym number 10.

Confident of its strengths in this excellent start, OGC Nice continues its undermining work. The Azores continue to push, carrying the “who doesn’t jump” on the great evenings. Ramsey first sees that his shot is deflected. In front of a great opportunity for Andy Delort. The attacker takes advantage of a wrong pass from an Israeli defender. He dribbled the number 7 past the Maccabi goalkeeper, but the latter returned to slow the ball and allow his defender to pass in front of his goal (32). Dominant and player, the gym arrives in the locker room with a single goal advantage.


In the second half, the Israelis scored the only goal of the match, on August 18 at home. The gym knew it. So this time keep playing. Especially since in this rematch, the defense brings its (big) stone into the building. Khafrin Thuram takes advantage of this. Often sought after in midfield, he makes his talking technique to bring danger into the area. On their tracks, the whole group tried their luck, like Delort, then Bard on the left (50′, 52′). In turn, this time, the group of Vladimir Ivich could not count on their supporters. It rarely proves dangerous against the masked and disguised Aiglons. With the end of regulation time approaching, many are trying. But neither Delort (63′, 68′), nor Todibo (76′) nor Dante (86′) manage to worry Peretz. The greatest opportunity comes from the shimmering Thuram. On a cross from Delort from the right, No. 19 resumes with a half-volley shot at the far post. His shot entered the niche, but the Israeli goalkeeper made an exceptional save (83)!

The opportunity passed at the time of the organization to the men of Lucien Favre. They go into overtime with a score of 1-0.

Red card and magic trick

Right from the start, Stengs saw his shot fly away (94) to show that the gym wanted to make a difference in an additional 30 minutes. Without real opportunity, but not without desire, like Amin Al-Juwairi who fencing on the surface. He touches the opponent and accepts a free kick… which results in a second severe yellow card. Number 11 is kicked out of OGC Nice (100 min) after twenty minutes of time. Maccabi took advantage of extra time since the start of the second half. Oscar Gloch gets the best Israeli chance. His powerful shot found Schmeichel’s rod (107′).

After 8 minutes of goal for Niçois, they are waiting for their new chance. They are so worth it after putting in so much effort. The Israelis have nothing else left, obscured by the red and black bloc. To avoid a terrible penalty session, OGC Nice revolts against injustice and an opponent who still has hope. He tries everything by playing it, without hesitation. Until Alexis Becca found the light. The middle, who returned a few moments ago in place of Thuram, eliminates two opponents on the left side. Stands on his right foot and shoots extraordinary! incoming mail! Le Gym leads 2-0 (114 minutes)! Allianz Rivera exploded in the feat as everyone, including the bench, swarmed the striker. All that remains is to keep the Schmeichel window clean.

OGC Nice lesson learned. He puts his foot where he needs to so he doesn’t make a stupid mistake or leave too much room. In front of a very excited audience, the players of Lucien Favre stuck. They won 2-0 and unleashed over 20,000 Angel Spirits after this performance.

OGC Nice will be present on Friday for the draw for the group stage in Istanbul, guaranteeing an additional 6 European matches. While waiting for the derby match against Marseille, which arrives on Sunday. it is good !

Tom Mullarette

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