A man from Darwais molested his wife with a GPS tracker

Tall, slender, and above all very talkative, 33-year-old Amine Didoh, Druis, doesn’t budge in the box of Chartres. “She’s a liar. She’s trying to destroy me!”

And so the man talks about his wife, the mother of his two children, against whom he has already been convicted of domestic violence. He was also detained at the end of 2019 due to these facts.
Upon his release from prison, he was given a suspended sentence, suspended until March 2022.

“As soon as the ban on contacting me ended, he molested me,” explained the young woman, when she filed a complaint against her husband at the beginning of August. “He watches me everywhere I go. He always knows where I am! Drew police officers show abusive messages sent to her by her husband.

She even claims to have found a GPS tracker hidden under her car. “So he knew where I was going.”

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“He controls it. It is harassment.”

Exploiting her phone bills enabled her to count 663 calls and messages from her husband, some with hidden numbers, in just over a month.
“He sits on the steps of my building. Sometimes he stays behind my door and listens to what’s going on,” the woman continues with her testimony.
The messages he sends her seem to confirm her assertions. “I saw you earlier. You were wearing green.”

Once, when she went to the Chartres pool with her children, she met him in the pool. “Once again we went for a burger. He sat next to us. During his trial, Al-Darwais put forward a completely different version. “When I got out of prison, we got back together. In fact, we were always together.”

As for the tracker, the investigation showed that she knew it was under her car. She was afraid of being robbed. She asked me to take it down. »
“She wants revenge. It’s a conspiracy.” According to him, the woman would not have appreciated that at the end of July he decided to live his life with a new companion.

Pretending to be the Good Samaritan. This is nonsense ! “The Prosecutor replies during her requests.” It controls her. It’s harassment! »
The judge realizes that the woman was aware that a GPS tracker was installed under her car. “But using it to monitor her is frowned upon. She claims she was imprisoned for two years, including 14 months with a filing warrant against the defendant.

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Requests that made me Magali Vertel jump on defense. He is not the stalker, intimidating and malevolent that the prosecutor described. »
The lawyer insists on the “complex and contradictory relationship with his wife. Yes, yes, no. The lawyer goes on to demand the release of the accused “It bothers me that we are asking for continued detention on the basis of his wife’s lies.”

After their deliberations, the judges concluded that the elements of the file constitute sufficient charges to convict Al-Darwais.
“These are serious facts, and your criminal record is not pleading in your favour,” determines the presiding judge.

Al-Darwis was sentenced to the penalties requested by the public prosecutor: 10 months in prison and 14 months of probation, with a ban on contacting her ex-wife in a few months.
In fact, divorce proceedings are underway. The man is being held in custody.

Jack Guanopoulos

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