Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, elbows tugging … Rudy Gobert depicts life and fights in the racket

7:00 PM, August 28, 2022

Rudy Gobert wasn’t always the tallest, or even the closest, to the basket on the court. It’s hard to imagine seeing him play control towers there, or simply slide under 2.16 metres. Hopefully, Amiens, at a minimum, was still playing the wing game. “Basically, I saw myself in this position, He remembers. Without a model player in mind because I didn’t follow the NBA very much at first. You just saw Space Jam. I’m starting to get into it at this time from the pole: I went to CDI between lessons to see the top 10 at night. And he’s only in Cholet, a year later [au centre de formation]which I retracted for publication 4 [ailier-fort]. Before I put myself as the hub in my third season. »

There was nothing surprising: “We knew I would continue to grow well.” The father, Rudi Burgarel, had in his time spread 2.13 meters of copper in the racquet, even those in the blues, unobtrusively. There’s no visual inspiration there either – Rudy Jr. has only seen a few photos of a short career – but an old-fashioned body type. Although the muscles did not grow on their own. However, they are necessary to do something other than interior decoration. Before being selected in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft, Joubert weighed 109 kilograms. One out of two cards raised a fulcrum “thin” until “linear”. Today, at the age of thirty, he weighs 120 kilograms, chiseled. stone cut;

Support, balance and basic concepts of inaction in defense

“Rudy, what’s your pecs?” » The question, on Wednesday evening, came from the corridors of the Accor Arena overlooking the media zone dedicated to France and the Czech Republic. Joubert responded with a subtle smile and three clicks on his chest, keeping his gaze in front of the camera. The day before, a colleague challenged him to achieve remarkable gains in muscle mass. “Oh, do you think so? Suppose I work”Giant tasting. Earlier in the summer, when we met him at his home ground in Saint-Quentin (Aisen), he described his physical maturity as follows: The goal was never to gain a lot of muscle, even if I had to strengthen myself when I got to the NBA. The idea was above all to gain strength, explosiveness and balance. Being rigid on the supports while still being mobile. »

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Support, balance and the basic concepts of inaction in defense. Or weigh in the attack in the post-game follow-up, back to the basket. “Because sometimes you still have to deal with logs”And the Connects Vice Captain Blues. Does Barking remain tougher in the NBA, which has been crowned Best Defender three times, than it has been in the context of FIBA? “Individually, it’s still higher, yes. The axes in Europe are very long but not always sporty. But the Fiba rackets are very physical because there are less spaces due to the absence of the three defensive seconds.”

Thus, the defender is allowed to camp in the paint to better wait for the ball carrier and prevent it from reaching the circle. It admits of a sometimes confused transition period in the summer, followed by the habits of the long American season: “Sometimes I crash and say to myself ‘No, I don’t really need to go out, I can stay calm near the circle.'”

Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was beneficial to him in terms of rebound centering

The main idea, on the contrary, is precisely to try to drive it away from her. Its claws (2.36 m wingspan) and its timing on the table no longer carry the same venom. live with it. “I used to defend tall guys who step aside to shoot from afar. We saw that especially in Europe, and now it’s frequent in the NBA. Five years ago it was completely different.” Among the blues, Colette does not hesitate to muddy the waters by tying him to another tower, Vincent Poirier (2.13 metres). it’s working. “Each time we aligned the two big rolls, we succeeded in anchoring the boat”the coach appreciates.

Life in the racket, among craftsmen, is also a story of blows and impact. To back it up, Gobzilla points out a long scratch on his left bicep. There are elbows that pull, and knuckles that click. “But what I hate is the kicks on the knees. It’s boring, it can cause injuries. Sometimes it comes from players out of control, diving or pretending to dive on the ball.”

Shoulders, hips, hands… the rest is a matter of playing the body to find a place. Learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu was beneficial to him in terms of rebound centering. “Often I can move my opponent with my hands. Not in the ‘I take you and I throw you’ position, but rather depending on their position. You make a small move, he loses balance and you take the best position. It’s good and it happens in a split second, before the ball hits the basket. It’s hard for the referees to see.”

At the beginning of the school year, he will be in Minnesota

After a great job, it happens to him to layer it up with a little signature word, just to show who’s boss. But this will have a greater impact as it is “Not a person opens it often”. It has nothing to do with his enemies, Draymond Green (Golden State): “We do not have the same character, nor the same way of thinking. I prefer speaking with deeds. » As well as savor the pleasure of deterrence spread. “It’s exhilarating when a striker gives up his initial idea because he feels your presence. A victory in itself that can’t be seen in the stats. »

His stats, let’s talk about it. If Joubert wanted to finish with the blues, his ticket shots were often rationed with the Utah Jazz. Despite his All Star status and contract with Maousse ($205 million over five years, making him the highest paid French athlete). However, he will land early in the school year in the Minnesota team, with Karl-Anthony Towns with a solid inside scorer (24.6 points). Worried about malnutrition? Impossible. Karl-Anthony plays as a strong striker, even as a winger, even though he has a pivotal body [2,11 mètres]. It’s a new relationship being created, it’s exciting. We text each other almost every day. On paper, we’re complementary, and after we talked about it with the coach (Chris Finch), I think we’ll play a different basketball. Where I will be able to express myself much more. »

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