Eli Okubo, the versatile 1/2 job profile of the blues

Four days before the start of the EuroBasket, a mandatory team review to introduce you to each of the twelve Blues who will attempt to rise to the roof of Europe on September 18, nine years after Ljubljana. At the time of these lines we are moreover on thirteen, even fourteen with the big fall not far from the streak, but not a second to lose, so we’re talking about those who shouldn’t care too much about seeing where they stand for Berlin validated in the days coming. On Today’s Show: Elie Okobo, Double Threat in Post 1 and Post 2.

  • Name Okobo
  • First name: Eli
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Height: 1m 91
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Position: leader
  • Alias: King of Berne (Yeah we invented yeah)
  • Biography: JSA Purdue, Alain Bernier, Phoenix Suns (Northern Arizona Suns), Long Island Nets, Asville, Monaco
  • Prize List in EDF: Error 404 (for now)

He’s from Bordeaux, he played well with Pau, now he’s in the NBA, it’s Eli Okubo This is the song that resonated in the corridors of the editorial staff of TrashTalk, on June 21, 2018. And the only three colors chosen – at number 31 – in the draft of the same year, Eli Okubo at that time represented a great discovery for The Suns, along with Combined with other rookies recaptured by Phoenix, Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges.Round two of the draft, synonymous with an unsecured contract…a bit on the balls from being on the door of Eli’s first-round?Not at all, because the Suns would almost immediately choose to offer He has a four-year contract including two guarantees.The top to make your hole in the NBA with peace of mind.The first season was a huge success, with the young Bordeaux player enjoying very decent playing time (18 minutes) and fairly broad responsibilities, especially creativity. offensive. Unfortunately, things won’t always go well, because Season 2 will be slower and he will hurt his ankle against the Warriors in the middle of a workout. After he came down to the treatment room, the pain took longer than expected to subside, and Chris Paul’s recruitment by the Suns a few months later buried Eli’s future prospects in Arizona. He would continue to experiment with the Nets, but nothing conclusive and after a few matches with Brooklyn’s G-League, he decided to go home.

A comeback will take place alongside Asvel, not the worst place to resume the basketball career in Europe, and even less so in France. Surrounded by a very caring medical staff, Elie will be back on his feet very quickly, back to doing the overall for the defenses of France and Navarre, but not only. Ellie, who has been positioned as a full-back, has great attacking freedom, a real plus. For several weeks he will be the top scorer in the Euroleague, a symbol of his attacking efficiency. Let’s not forget his talent for creativity which remains one of the best talents on the continent. Did we put our finger on something? No doubt about it, because it is one, if not the sector in which Eli Okubo finally manages to find balance. Sometimes the position of the point guard is a real headache, as it must allow the player to express themselves aggressively while prioritizing the organization of the game. From the ASVEL season it was a complete success.

Success and talent that necessarily interest Vincent Colette. Already selected with the Blues to prepare for the 2019 World Cup, without being on the shortlist, this year Eli is in a strong position in the tricolor workforce. Average playing time is about twenty minutes, for attractive stats at 11 points, 1.5 rebounds and 2 assists in preparation, 9.5 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3 assists in the next World Cup qualifying. His profile as a pure scorer isn’t cleared, no. It is simply better distributed, better loosened to allow others to also take advantage of the caviar and openings towards the circle. New evidence, if needed, that the player has made progress in their overall management of the game. In the France team, he is now an important component of the group, both through his level of play and through the experience that – incidentally – begins to accumulate and be felt in basketball. Behind Andrew Albissi and Thomas Hurtl – and in the notable absence of Nando de Colo – Eli has a real card to play in a record that is certainly a very offensive attacker, but he deserves credit for reviving a potentially difficult group during the match, by little. Award winning baskets in counterattack or percussion. As comfortable in the lead as he is in his backing, he is often able to pull out of a match. And the absence of Isaïa Cordinier officially on Monday and the absence of Théo Maledon in the last match could keep his place in the twelve, so as we say: there is only“.

His rebirth in ASVEL after a few physical errors will not escape anyone, especially not the French team. It is certain of his talent and abilities that Eli Okubo will surely fly to Germany with the Blues, in search of the top of European basketball. hurry to add won the euro In the song like.

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