French Basketball Team: The Navy’s ‘Dream’ Fothooks

The logical extension of the player’s already impressive career, which gathered maximum excitement in just a few months. Bronze medalist in Tokyo, French Cup winner with Landes basket and best young player in the Euroleague during the same season. Next challenge? Leading Les Bleues to the Australian World Cup (22 September/1 October) with increased responsibilities following injuries to Epoupa and Duchet.

Welcome home!

I’m from Pau City, I grew up in Paw City, so earlier in the season when I thought I’d be there this week I was the happiest! I always said my dream was to play in the palace in the blue jersey. It’s my gym, where I grew up and where I train every summer.

Again this season, I spent quite a bit of one-on-one time at the Palace Hotel with Jimmy Ferrov…

I cut a little bit but I do a lot of solo work in basketball, yeah. He helps me a lot the best are the ones who train the most, Jimmy is one of the best I know and the fact that he’s in Paw like me has made it steady. With him I advance with the ball in my hand, on crosses. He has a masculine vision, he trains me as a boy and that helps me a lot. He always pushes you to give more and screams a lot, but that’s fine with me!

It was still a great season, did you manage to cut it?

Yes, I like to feel the lack of basketball before going off strong, even if I touch the ball every day. It is necessary to forget about the routine for two or three days. More, no, I miss him quickly…

The least we can say is that you are satisfied in Basketlands…

I needed to reassure myself. At ASVEL, the context was complicated for everyone, it was behind closed doors, I was away from home, there was a curfew, I didn’t play much… Living unlike that this year has been really helpful. In the Euroleague we won Sopron, in Fener we only miss a quarter of the average points, and in France we got a title, it was unbelievable.

The thick three points you scored at the end of the final in Percy, is it a sign that you’ve passed an important milestone?

It’s the year I generally remember. Having played in the Euroleague, she’s had an impact all season, that’s what I see. Assuming that the entire season is desired.

In Basket Landes, you also have the opportunity to grow together with Céline Dumerc, how do you work?

I am naturally shy, at first I did not dare approach her. But she took me under her wing, as she did with the whole team. She’s the manager, she’s the one who talks and cares about the guys, a little more with me because we’re on the same job. She talked to me a lot, and screamed too… but that’s for my own good, it’s the best help possible. And there is competition, yes, but that is the best education. We give it to each other in training but we help each other all the time.

And this summer, you’ll find it with Les Bleues, as General Manager…

Whenever I have a question I can go see her. We created a relationship, she always gives good advice, it’s an advantage to have her.

The editorial staff advises you

The idea now is to turn that confidence blue?

yes. But it’s completely new. Before I was the 12th player, which is completely normal. In addition to having frontal injuries (Duchette, Iboba). “Let’s go, don’t be shy!” Amy Toban told me, “I’ll find my place like that.”

What goals did the employees at Pau give you, when you find executives like Gruda?

They warned us, block 2 will be intense, plus we’ll play three times against the Belgians. We’ll really see where we are. We are still far from the World Cup but their feedback is important, they are still CEOs. Sandrine, for example, there is a real difference when you are on the team or not. With it, it’s very square, it’s its strength and its hardness, while we have a more playful side.

The editorial staff advises you

I said that, in the palace you are at home, will you also have to protect yourself from the emotional part?

Everyone knows my dream of playing in the palace, my father’s hall, where my brother also played. It’s five minutes from my house! On the other hand, the people around me, if things go all over the place… In the near future, I will take advantage, and I will share them then.

And family history, parallel to the father, will it remain a driving force in your career?

It’s not the fact that we’re related that drives me. He did whatever motivates me, yes, but I will be able to say, ‘Me too, Marin, I played at the Palais.’

Having said that, we’re talking less and less about Fred Foughtocks’ daughter and more and more about the Navy…

It makes me feel good that people don’t compare me that much to my dad anymore. At first it was a little heavy, although yes, it was an easy subject. I got away with it a little bit and that’s fine, I proved that it’s not thanks to me being here.

On the other hand, there will be a lack of size, like the size of your great friend in Paw and the Blue, Eliana Robert, will you be okay?

We’ve talked about it since we played in Pau, in North East, and our parents were together at the mansion. But given what she’s going through, the WNBA semi-final, she quickly consoled herself! It is true that it is strange not to be with her in the France team, we usually stay together but first of all I am very happy for her.

“It makes me feel good that people don’t compare me so much to my dad (…) I’ve become a bit detached from him, I’ve proven that I’m here not thanks to him.”

Coach’s point of view

Jean-Aimee Toubani: “Marin, I’ve known her since I was little, she’s a kid I’ve seen growing up and that she has that ambition doesn’t surprise me. She’s always been aware of the value of the blue shirt. And this year when Duchette got injured and then Iboba, and after a long time she’s the one who must have had Truck Keys!I don’t need to press her, she puts her on her own, she’s a smart enough girl to understand what role she will have.

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