20 Players to Watch, Vol. 2 – FIBA ​​U-17 Basketball World Cup 2022

MALAGA (Spain) – The start of the FIBA ​​U-17 Basketball World Cup is fast approaching and teams are gradually unveiling their rosters for the World Championships, which will be held from 2-10 July in Malaga.

We decided to compile a list of 20 players that we recommend that you follow closely. These aren’t top 20 players, they’re just basketball players who love to watch play. Let’s say these are 20 guys we’re thrilled to see in action.

This is Volume 2, with players 10 through 1. Click here to view Volume 1, with players 20 through 11.

10: Kilian Malwaya – 2005 – France

France is full of talented players and Malawi is definitely one of them. The winger was voted Player of the Year in the 2021 FIBA ​​U16 European Challengers Championship which helped France qualify for the FIBA ​​U-17 Basketball World Cup 2022 and also contributed to ASVEL-Villeurbanne’s success in one of the ANGT U18 Qualifying Tournaments (Adidas Next Championships). generation). Malwaya excels at penetration and thanks to his athletic qualities, the 1.98 player is able to finish strong. He is fairly strong in defense, including close to the basket. Malwaya is sometimes able to fill the role of distributor and is adept at long distances.

9: Zachary Resacher – 2005 – France

Risacher will cause quite a few problems for the opposing defenses in Malaga. The Frenchman has a very interesting offensive arsenal, effective in penetration as well as outside shots, and he has a good vision of finding his teammates without any control. Not bad for a 2.04 meter player! The son of former French international and 2000 Olympic silver medalist Stéphane Reischer, Zachary knows how to make use of his long arms to disrupt opponents’ offensive systems and is very present on rebounds.

8: Yuto Kawashima – 2005 – Japan

Kawashima will undoubtedly be among the top scorers in the tournament, like Rui Hashimura before him in 2014. But Kawashima will be better surrounded by his eldest son. Kawashima led Japan to a historic runner-up at the 2022 AFC U-16 Basketball Championship, taking home the award for Player of the Tournament in the process. The 2.01 meter winger is great at shooting skills, but he’s also good at penetrating and strong under baskets. The Japanese does a good job on the rebounds and his vision of the game allows him to find his teammates in a better position than him. Defense is not his forte, but he is quite comfortable with defending the wings.

7: Ron Holland – 2005 – America


Holland was one of four players on Team USA that won the 2021 FIBA ​​U16 Americas Championship. He finished the competition as top scorer and best in ratings, placing third in the rebound. The Netherlands is an outstanding player on both ends of the field thanks to his height and agility. Measuring 2.07m, he is effective at rebounding balls and loves penetration from the wing. He loves to run and finish counterattacks with dunks. Holland is becoming more and more regular in shooting abroad, but the US team has other players who are better than him on this record.

6: DJ Wagner – 2005 – USA

Wagner is considered the best high school player in the United States and belongs to a large group of basketball players. His father is former NBA dealer Dajuan Wagner and grandfather is Milt Wagner, who spent a brief stint in the NBA and a title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1988 before playing professionally for several seasons in Europe. DJ Wagner has a height of 1.90m and is really a great return for goals. He is very talented and does not hesitate to hack. Physically strong, his understanding of the game makes him a very good defender.

5: Christian Netto – 2005 – Canada

Neto has not yet played for the Canadian national team, but he represented his country in the Basketball Without Borders camp in the Americas. Nitu has a very thin build (2.07 m), which does not prevent him from being strong on both sides of the field. In attack, he handles the ball well and knows how to be sharp in penetration, and does not hesitate to climb into the dunk. He is also skilled at long-range shots, and his size gives him a good advantage over defenders, who are often unable to face him. Speaking of counters, Nitu uses his large wingspan perfectly to take on his opponents and also knows how to use it to block outside shots.

4: Aday Mara – 2005 – Spain

Mara will be the Spanish defense announcer and his intimidating size is enough to impress the opponent. Measuring 2.19m, he exploits his size to get a lot of rebounds. Although he has not yet been able to create his own spaces, Mara is very effective with both hands under the basket. He fights on offensive rebounds and loves to hit by dunk. What makes Mara special, and what will cause problems for many defenses, is his phenomenal vision of the game and his passing skills. Al Dakhiliyah, who recently participated in the Basketball Without Borders camp in Europe, knows how to read opposing defenses and find his teammates without any signs.

3: Copper Flag – 2006 – USA

Flagg may be a year younger than his opponents, and the USA roster has plenty for that, but he is probably the most versatile and complete player on Team USA. Flagg knows how to use his size (2.01 m) perfectly in defense – to recover balls or counter. For someone his size, Flagg is very comfortable with the ball in his hand and is great at shooting from three points. The young talent from Maine is skilled at penetration and is an excellent passer who also loves to serve caviar to his teammates. His playing style is reminiscent of that of former Yugoslav star Toni Kucuk. USA coach Sharman White would find it difficult to leave him on the bench.

2: Sergio de Laria – 2005 – Spain

Watching De Larrea is just fun – unless you’re the rival boss and need to find ways to stop him. De Larrea is a tall (1.98 m) dealer with a massive vision of the game, capable of finding amazing passing angles. He loves alleys and seems to have his eyes in his back – as he explained at Basketball Without Borders camp in Europe. De Larrea is highly skilled at dribbling and penetrating. It doesn’t look overly athletic, but it’s still effective near the basket, even if snorkeling isn’t its forte. De Larrea has a knack for outside and mid-range shots, which makes it hard for him to defend in a pick-and-roll game. Defensively, De Larrea struggles a bit against the smaller and faster distributors, but feels comfortable against the flanks and inside when it’s appropriate.

1: Ian Jackson – 2005 – America

Jackson is next in the endless list of explosive and dynamic defenders and wingers that the United States brings to the FIBA ​​U-17 Basketball World Cup every two years. Jackson – nicknamed “Captain Jack” – is the epitome of a blaster, able to reach the basket whenever he wants, with or without dunking at the end. Jackson, who helped USA win the 2021 FIBA ​​Americas U-16 Championship, is a three-pointer. His athletic qualities and tenacity make him an excellent defender. A native of the Bronx (New York/USA), Jackson is very competitive and shows inexhaustible confidence. American basketball fans can rest easy: Jackson will be ready to successfully take on any challenge thrown at the Americans.


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