‘It’s not a real vacation’: Alex Duchette (Burgess Baskett) talks about his rehabilitation after a knee injury

A serious knee injury during a clash with future teammate Yvonne Anderson in the European Cup final last April, Borg Basket leader Alex Duchette, is spending a grueling summer, without any real injuries, rebuilding her body. A job she does often at the Berruyère gym, but also regularly at Prado, where her captain and friend Elodie Godin joined her a few days ago.

Where are you in your rehabilitation?

I am a little over four months old. Everything is going well, everything is going well. I have a physical therapy every day, with my body preparation program. She resumed running and resumed small jumps last Tuesday.

“There are ups and downs, but they progress”

Do you feel confident about your injury?

Hard to say at this time of rehabilitation. There are always moments of doubt, other moments of confidence and sometimes overconfidence that calls for order. You have to know how to be patient to return in the best conditions. It takes its course, I trust the people around me.

Is the summer in which you return from injury different from the summer when you follow classic physical preparation?

completely. It might look like I just had a big cut, but it’s not really a cut. I have physical therapy every day, and I have physical preparations every day. It’s not a real vacation.

Besides physical therapy, what is your daily program? Could you, for example, do some shooting?

For four months, I’ve only been working on getting physically and mentally prepared. Since last Tuesday I’ve been allowed to do some jumping jacks, but that’s not my current priority.

Are you in contact with the Tango crew for your business or do you only work with your medical staff?

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Only with my medical staff. Then, on very specific dates, like when I saw the surgeon again, I had the Bourget crew, but other than that, I only work with my own staff: my physiotherapist and physical trainer.

Do you usually do your preparations with your physical trainer or by following a club program?

It depends on the summer. It depends on many things: if you are in the France team in particular. But there, with rehabilitation and athletics, it is completely different from the classic summer.

At the beginning of June, I said it was a very difficult period mentally. Is it better in this aspect?

There are ups and downs, but they progress. As for my knees, I’d say they’re better, and then you have to know how to take the time to accept them.

Do you follow the French national team that is just starting to prepare or stay away from it all?

Currently I am not. It’s not the competition yet so I’m just carrying on with my work to be able to get back to my best level as quickly as possible.

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Do you have any mental support?

Not right. I really needed to focus on myself and refocus on myself, without a lot of people around me. I don’t necessarily want to talk. After that, I had the staff that allowed me to develop with this injury and accompanied me greatly.

I posted on social networks a picture of you in Prado with Elodie Godin, ten days ago. How do you feel when you start working together again?

He made me feel happy when he touched the ball with Élo. As many people know, Elo is very important to me, she was my baptism when I arrived in Bourges. It’s definitely fun.

Planning to do sessions together again?

It will really depend on my development. We talked about touching the ball a little bit. We’ll see in the coming weeks.

If all goes well, when should you touch the ball the most?

If all goes well and all my exams, team training and basketball are accepted, it will start from October 22nd.

Can you, after all, enjoy your current job?

It’s a tough question. It doesn’t have to be fun every day, because starting from scratch is not always easy. Recovery is complicated, it’s a big routine because it’s the same thing every day. Especially in those first four months, but that should change soon. It will be a little nicer.

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Even if the process is slow, do you see that you are regaining additional skills?

Yes, but I know it can also turn back. You also have to take it on yourself and go gradually. I started with three minutes of racing, the athlete could laugh, but these are stages that shouldn’t be skipped. Today, I run ten minutes a day, up to fifteen minutes at the most. It’s nothing. But it is progressing gradually.

Yvonne Anderson will play Borg this year. The shock could have happened to any other player, but did you talk about what happened?

not at all.

Do you feel the need to do this?

For me, that’s part of the game, and I don’t have a problem with this player, so I don’t understand why I’d go back and talk to her about it. This is from the past. And then it could be anyone else.

Interview by Ludovic Origen

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