At the beginning of the school year, REVERSE boosts your basketball IQ

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To build your basketball IQ

If you’ve ever wondered why some players tend to run more than others at this point in the season, or how Magic Johnson And the Nikola Jokic Systematically find the unmarked teammate, how do you do it Chris Paul where Luka Doncic To tamper with the course of the meeting as well, why J.R. Smith Ever been in the wrong direction during an NBA Finals game, or what is the perpetual motion of a Warriors offense, or you just wanted to scream at your screen But what is the real basketball IQ?! »Then this version of Mook REVERSE is for you!

As a fresh reminder, here’s a small presentation of this Mook dedicated to PLAYMAKERS.

Nando de Colo : With clutch baskets and more assists, the young Prince of Maug has risen to the top of European basketball. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better featured editor for this issue.

Round table : Edwige Lawson-Wade, Arnaud Guppillotte and Brian McCormick, all three game industry professionals in their own way, help us see the nuances and implications of the most important concept in basketball.

Magic Johnson : Point GOAT may not have had any successors in his position, but he revolutionized basketball like no one else.

The science of choices : A journey into the brain to discover the mental process that makes a great gamer

Chris Paul : The most intelligent leader in history never leaves anything to chance.

point of no return : Can a creator without outside fire hold an ambitious franchise?

Steve Nash : The double MVP was way ahead of its time. His legacy is greater.

So Bird : The shy bird has become an exceptional leader on and off the field. Did you say goat?

Luka Doncic : The Little Prince of Toy Industry has crossed all stages. He should rule the league for many years to come. Long live the (future) king!

Nikola Jokic : How a (very) big man of 2.11m and 130kg changed the image of a playmaker.

John Stockton : Thanks to a banker’s physique, but with unmatched game science, John Stockton became one of the greatest playmakers and men who ever walked the earth.

Interview with Chris Oliver : How modern coaches approach the toy industry and how they train future game masters.

Tinker Hatfield The Nike architect has taken sneaker design to a new dimension by creating the most iconic pairs of the past 30 years.

Antoine Rigaud Forget Louis, Charles and other Henry, the greatest king France and even Europe have known is called Antoine.

Gamemakers Hall of Fame : It’s impossible to make a comprehensive inventory, so we made a somewhat subjective list of all the game makers that featured us. How heavy it is!

Nidal Nasser : Even in esports, we need a game maker. One of the best players on the planet takes us on a behind-the-scenes dive into the NBA 2K League.

And also: First Team, DubNationFr, Jack Monclar, Kendrick Lamar, Thierry “Play Mec” Normandy and Penny Crazy Boots.

Nando de Colo opposite

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