Blues confirm, Japan stays ahead

The day after an excellent team match -7 V national golfthe French team confirmed its very good start in these two worlds on the other track, the red track Saint Nome la Brêche golf course. Known for being a little easier than Albatross, it wasn’t a walk for all the guys on the team, as evidenced by the 73 (+1) back before Julian Cel (in the picture). The Reunionese card, which includes a double, three ghost and six birds, was not taken into account today because his teammates were able to play on equal terms. Tom Valiant Already returned an impressive 65 (-7), while Martin Kovra They fought to grab 70 (-2), allowing the captain’s men Antoine Delon To put up with a nice -9 for the day that keeps it in third place, at -16 now.

brave party

Tom Valiant

The first to set off like the day before, Tom Valiant Very quickly he put the blues into orbit by making four birdsong in his first six holes, then a fifth on his seventeenth hole, his eighth hole. And despite the bogey on Day 18, the Cannes-Mougins player managed to keep his game string: four more birds came to color his card, before a final hitch hit the penultimate hole. “It is great that we have launched the team so well!” Did he say? “I made very few mistakes, and never got in any trouble. That’s what counts. Then I slipped a lot of hits, I managed fairly short holes very well where you could get close to the greens, so it paid off. There weren’t things Exceptional, but everything was fine and quickly deteriorates when it is.” With this score of 65 (-7), the second performance of the day in Saint-Numm, Vaillant also got his own personal revenge yesterday when the strong -2 over Albatross was not counted in the team score: “Obviously there is pride, we are competitors and we are the best in France, so we all want to make our mark in the team. Yesterday my card was not counted, so it is great that you scored well today. But if I do -2 every day and my score is not counted, It means we are playing very well, and that is the most important thing.”

team first

Martin Kovra

Brilliant yesterday at the National Golf Course, Martin Kovra It was less shiny on Thursday, but nonetheless returned 70 (-2) tactile hardness that left it relatively satisfied. “I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t start well and it took a while to get into the rhythm, but I’m still happy with my reaction because at the moment I’m having a little trouble getting back on my feet, the tape sometimes like this and here for once I really managed to do So. Let’s say it was a good bad day.”, announced the licensee of Terre Blanche, who corrected his bogey of 11 by three birds at holes 17, 1 and 5. With this 70 (-2), Couvra above all allowed the French team to put together a nice collegiate -9, second performance For the day in one unit of -10 achieved by the Italians and the Belgians in the same course. They tied for a third start this morning, and the Blues are now only third at -16, more than ever in the race for the podium on Saturday night. “That’s what we wanted”Martin Kufra analyzes. “There are still good teams ahead, but we know anything can happen in two rounds to play. There are three good players in our squad and I am sure we can go down to a lower level.”

Japan is still in the lead

Besides the performance of the French, which the audience often followed in the lanes of Saint-Nome, today was also marked by the excellent result of Japan. Compete in the national golf, the leaders returned wonderful -8 including 65 (-6) from Taiga Semikawa and 69 (-2) in the world No. 1 Kita Nakajima. “I’m just as surprised as yesterday at playing at this level in these worlds, really! Winning the title as a team is the most important thing, but being a leader in the individual rankings motivates me even more to give everything I have over the next two days.”, said the first quote referring to -15 after 36 holes in the purely honorary singles leaderboard. As a team, only the Land of the Rising Sun is still dominant, with a total of -22 now. Italy has a very good leadership Filippo Celli, only second at -17, by one stroke ahead of France, these three nations will play the third round together on Saturday. Finally, it is worth noting that the Belgian Adrien Dumont de Chassart Record record forEisenhower Cup For best singles card, he’s back as Yesterday’s Semikawa and Aussie Dawes in 1994 with a score of 63 (-9)!

Taiga Semikawa

At 15 strokes a par, Taiga Semikawa is the singles leader after 36 holes. (Thomas Stevens/Fogulf)

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