EPOS H6Pro + GSX 300 Headphone Review

EPOS, which specializes in audio streaming in video games, offers a bundle between two of its products. On the one hand, the H6Pro refers to the wired headphones we’ve already tested here, and on the other hand a sound DAC with controls to ensure a USB connection to your computer (or console). winning combo? That’s what we’ll see with this full test.

The range offered by EPOS today consists of the H6 Pro helmet in the closed (closed) version and the GSX300 case. This package was launched at a price of 199 euros on the brand’s website, which is 20 euros more than the helmet alone. This is something that motivates you if a USB connection interests you, whether on the PC or on the console (PS4, PS5, switch in TV mode). It remains to be seen if the sound quality is there, and whether the functionality provision meets our expectations.

Compatibility Windows PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, Xbox Series, Xbox One on certain model
microphone type Bi-directional, rotatable and removable
Microphone Noise Reduction no
View 7.1 / 3D Yes, adjustable via software on Windows PC
weight 328 grams without cable
Available connections Wired USB, 4-pole mini jack, 2 3-pole mini-jack

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Compatibility: USB input plus everything else

Basically, the H6 Pro is a headset with two removable wires. On the headphone side, it accommodates a mini 2.5 cable jack, while in the box you are given a choice between two models: 4-pole mini jack for connection to laptops, switches in mobile mode, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series consoles, or even tablets, and finally a cord with two 3-pole mini-jacks that separates the microphone and audio ears of your computer tower .

The GSX300’s contribution to the equation is simple: add USB. In fact, the headset connects directly to the box, which coordinates with the platform it can connect to: PS4 or PS5 consoles, Nintendo Switch in TV mode, Mac PC or Windows PC. However, the latter option only provides access to 7.1 software support and management.

Software: Very accessible interface

EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5

The exclusive EPOS Gaming Suite for Windows is especially easy to use. The interface is clear, very easy to read and provides clear player profile management. Headphone and microphone equalization, echo effect, noise attenuation, microphone volume return to headphones. The primary is there, with the added bonus of being able to change the GSX300’s secondary button assignment, between switching from one profile to another and activating 7.1.

H6 Pro: A standard all-round headset

EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5

We will not repeat here the test of the H6 Pro which remains in our eyes one of the best gaming headphones on the market. Our comprehensive testing is available if you want maximum detail. But in short, Build quality, ease of use, wide compatibility, and above all sound reproduction are all on the agenda of this wired model. This “closed” version of the headphones we tested differs from the “open” model by greater passive sound isolation that allows you to play quietly in relatively noisy environments.

We also noticed, when placing this model on the test bench, that its main shortcoming was besides the lack of software support. Defect corrected today by linking to the GSX300. Another notable feature of this package is the possibility to remove the microphone entirely if you want to take advantage of an external microphone, even if the original model already has qualities compatible with broadcast practice.

GSX 300: DAC with limited capabilities for simplified use

EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5

The small case is unnoticeable on the desk: its width is 8 cm, its depth is 10 cm, and its maximum height is 4 cm. On the front there are two buttons: a large knob for controlling the headphone volume, and a push-button with a variable function, adjustable from the program. The volume works directly on the operating system used, while the headset is also equipped with a rotary switch on the right atrium for analog power management.

On the back, the GSX 300 has very simple connections: a micro USB port for the power supply, a 3-pin mini-jack input for the microphone and a 3-pin mini-jack output for the headphones. So the first port allows the use of an external microphone while the second port can accommodate any analog headphone with a recommended impedance of 32 ohms.

On the left is the sound with the box, on the right is a professional sound card

EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5EPOS H6Pro and DAC GSX300 headset test: an effective and easy-to-use combination for PC and PS5

So the box is very simple, and its capabilities are limited, while connecting to Windows reveals its capabilities in terms of audio streaming: 2 stereo channels or 8 channels 7.1, with a resolution and sampling rate limited to 16-bit 48 kHz. in listening, The GSX 300 provides us with respectable sound, without audible distortion over the entire audio range, allowing the H6 Pro to fully reveal itself. Note only a slight drop around 48Hz when we compare the audio with and without the DAC. Hollow can be easily corrected from the EPOS equivalent.

The bottom line: interest is the price

Like we said, the H6 Pro is a benchmark gaming headset, among the best we’ve put on our ears so far. So adding a DAC to expand its connectivity is a good thing, basically it is provided Direct volume control, the ability to use headphones with an external microphone, software support with balanceMicrophone noise reduction, etc.

And if the GSX 300 is somewhat limited in the functions it offers, with no additional inputs in particular, then in terms of the total price of the kit, barely 20 euros more than the helmet alone, the interest in this package is revealed. Here is an excellent helmet accompanied by a coherent sound cardWhich opens the doors to USB platforms, between Sony consoles and computers of all kinds, as well as many platforms that headphones alone were already able to access.

Buy EPOS Headphones H6Pro and GSX300 DAC on Amazon


strength point

  • H6 Pro helmet, still disguised
  • Using GSX 300
  • Ultra-wide compatibility of the package
  • price all
  • Sound quality for the ears as well as for the microphone
  • Compact and easy to use box
  • The program and its interface

Weak points

  • Few possibilities, especially for the smart button
  • The current is limited to 16-bit 48Hz

These are two devices that have found each other very well. On the one hand, the H6 Pro headset still offers us such a high level of performance, with phenomenal sound reproduction on both headphone and microphone, and on the other hand, the GSX 300 box performs its DAC function with simplicity and brilliance, accompanied by powerful software And fun to use. The quality is there and the price of the set is particularly interesting compared to the price of the helmet alone.

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