Germany Live: The Blues (again) in the first half… Follow the match with us

21 : We’re back there, with little Grinta, gnac in defense and less technical errors.

20: So far we’ve started the first quarter really badly, this time we’ve finished poorly. 31-38 for Germany At the end of these 20 minutes of play, it’s the break, and we leave each other for a few minutes. I’ll see you later !

19 : Jiffy hurts us and connects 4 punto in quick succession, he asks Colette for a timeout.

XVIII: Go with the three points for Heurtel bringing the blues to one point, that’s good!!!!! It has to be said that Theo Maldion’s entry was good for this team.

18 : and 1/2 for Maldion. Which gives us 6/10 in total on the French side, the corresponding 8/8.

17 : 0/2 for Gob in free throws…

sixteen : Olé Maledon’s little festival that passes between three Germans and gets the bug and the basket. We are back at -5 (26-31)

15th: He set off in the wrath of Yabusele who snatched an offensive recoil and ended up in the circle to avoid letting the Germans escape. Dead time required by locals. 22-29

fourteenth : How slow are we (not to say nutty)…Another stupidly lost balloon on the clock by Thomas Heurtel. It must be said that it does not offer much around it. And opposite fits, 18-26

Thirteenth : A major offensive foul by Luwawu-Cabarrot, Vincent Colette breaks out of his seat. It was obvious that there were better things to do for the Hawks’ wing.

twelveth : Come at this time go to Heurtel on the screen output. The Three Points That Feel Good (18-22)

11th place: A three-point suicide shot by Thomas Hurtl, and he inevitably spoils it. That’s exactly what Colette said before the Euro, avoid rushing shots, spin the ball to free up space and find good corners. Behind us inevitably open from afar karma … 13-20

The tenth : Come, end of the first quarter time and here we are racing back, as I was afraid. Well, the show isn’t great and we’re still in the game, but in the end I’m still late. 13-17 for Germany

9 : Well, I’ll do it the old-fashioned way, you won’t get a nice table with the live score. I must have screwed up somewhere but I don’t have time to manage it. Welcome to 1999.

VIII : Sorry guys, we have a new live show and I’m struggling all over. I see we are having trouble displaying the results. And while I was doing the tinsel, the blues took a little broth. 10-15 for the band in Schroeder.

VI : Come on, Possel… With a little caution in this matter, we let them shoot and behind those penalties with three points, Germany is back in front. 7-9

Fifth : Well, we’re finally here, and the players have been involved in it since the very beginning of the game. 7-4

Third : First, a misunderstanding of Fournier-Gobert and a pass intercepted by Germany. Well, for now, we’re staying within our criteria to start the match. Fortunately, the opposite is not recorded. 1-0 for the Blues thanks to Rudy who was able to return his free throws.

Second : The German General Goebert Chamber, on the free-throw line for an unsportsmanlike foul, who “succeeds” with a great aerobic ball.

the first : Let’s go, the blues win first possession. Hopefully our players will not make the same start to the disastrous match as our last game.

8:55 pm : 19,000 Germans are heated in this room, so much so that he tells you she risks banging the Esgurdez French this evening.

8:52 pm : A place for hymns, we announce the kick-off at 8:58 p.m.

8:48 pm : Albessie initially does well to calm the enthusiasm of Dennis Schroeder, the son of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain. It’s a small surprise anyway considering he’s recently come back from injury and he hasn’t been in 3/4 of the preparations. Another surprise, Okubo will start from the start in place of Luwawu-Cabarrot, who lost a lot of points in the last game against Bosnia.

8:36 pm : Well we were told the match would start 20 minutes later (thanks for the honor) when we started the summit at 8:30pm. Well, you still have time to wash the dishes if you want.

8:34 PM : Come on! A little page from the pub we’ll go there.

8:25 pm : A giant swarming jersey number 14 from the German basketball legend rises in the hall and will take center stage. We call it an American-style show… Ah, European-style, sorry, as I don’t know anything about it.

8:15 pm : A tribute ceremony for Dirk Nowitzki is being organized on the floor of the Cologne Hall at the moment.

8:08 pm : The message of support from Darwin is conspicuously absent from this contest.

20:00. : Hello little wolves! I’m giving you a little reading to wait before this first blues game kicks off. I counted you on the grandiose ambitions shown by the blues prior to this Euro history to see if actions could stick with words.

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