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Thanks to franchises like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, the world has become obsessed with it wizard games, but there’s a good reason for that – who wouldn’t want to be a completely magical being? For years kids have taken it upon themselves to sleep under the stairs in hopes of getting a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts, and don’t get me started on the infamous “You won’t pass” line, we’ve been denied hallway access so many times at school because of this.

So, we all want to be wizards, that’s for sure, video games are a great way to make that dream come true, but what are the best wizards’ games? Well, I’m bibbidi-bobbidi-bobbidi – booed in the wizarding world of Hogwarts, I joined the Hobbits as they tried to destroy valuables, and I cast a lot of magic I’m the new Merlin, all just so I can tell you what the best wizarding games are.

We also have a list of the best magical games, just in case this selection wasn’t great enough for you. Or, there’s a selection of Disney games for another kind of magic. Of course, we understand that some of you steal and love it, so take a look at our best iPhone games and best Android game guides to see what else.

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Anyway, in the best games of wizards on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

wizard games


Do you want to collect your own army of magic users and then use them to build your fantasy kingdom? That’s exactly what you can do in the free Elvenar game. Although there are technically no “wizards” as such, the game does have wizards, magical priests, witches, sorcerers, people and other magical creatures, so having wizards is the same thing, isn’t it?

In this game, you are tasked with drawing the path of civilization. It may mean that you rule with an iron fist and decide to try to conquer other countries around you, or it may also mean that you want to be a conscious country that does its best to establish trade relations and be a respected member of the global community. You can choose whether you play as humans or elves, but either way you’ll be spending many hours in the Elvenar world.

Play Elvenar for free.

A student sits on the sorting chair in Hogwarts Great Hall

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Mobile

Of course, Harry Potter is on this list, and spoiler alarm, it’s not the only entry for this processed IP address. So in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you can create your own wizard or wizard to experience this story with.

While you’re at the famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you can choose which house you belong to (I’m Slytherin, in case you were wondering) and attend classes where you’ll learn all about spells and potions. You can also build relationships with your classmates – maybe there is a potion that can help you?

Best Witches Games: Elvenar, photo shows Gwen recovering her master's soul

Dark Souls – Switch

listen to me. In Dark Souls, you have the ability to use magic, and there is also a class known as Wizard, which is just a terrifying way of saying wizard, so by my very sound reasoning, you’re a wizard, Chosen Undead. Well, that doesn’t quite look the same, does it? However, my point is still correct. In Dark Souls, you have to explore the lands of Lordran, which is a perilous journey.

On your travels, you will encounter some very powerful enemies, but we can help you overcome obstacles and defeat this legendary RPG with our Dark Souls bosses guide. We also have content for Dark Souls Gwyndolin, Dark Souls Gwyn and Dark Souls Artorias, if you want to know more about who you meet in this world.

Best Wizard Games: Wizard of Legend.  The photo shows the game logo in front of the flame and a strange masked figure.

legend wizard

With a name like Wizard of Legend, of course, there is a game like this one. In this title, you play as a magician (I know it’s a real shocker), but the best thing about this title is the 2D roguelike mechanics paired with a top-down gameplay that is very satisfying. To succeed and defeat the ten-story dungeon, you must create devastating combos through a unique combination of magical spells.

Orc attacks a soldier

Lord of the Rings: War – Mobile

It features fairly wizards, and that’s enough to secure The Lord of the Rings: War’s place on this list. This is a game that any fan of Tolkien’s world should play, seeing as you’re going to war, as good and evil seek out the ring.

You can join one of the many factions, get tips from well-known personalities, and assemble an army full of knights, archers, armed warriors, and more. However, in order to really succeed, you must expand your territory, collect resources, develop settlements, and leave your mark on the world.

A student defends himself against a dark wizard

Hogwarts Legacy – Switch

Yes, I’m aware that the Hogwarts Legacy release date won’t happen until “Holiday 2022,” but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s not only the ultimate title for Harry Potter fans, but it’s clearly a fantasy witch game too, so why not be here? In Hogwarts Legacy, you find yourself in a unique situation, not only because you create your own character, but because you play Year 5 instead of Year 1.

Even better, if gameplay announcements and limited details are anything to say, we can embrace the dark arts, and I’m not ashamed to admit that, if so, I’d use all forbidden magic, and be a Slytherin that Salazar could be proud of. All your time at Hogwarts, you attend classes, learn new spells and potions, and form friendships (maybe even a relationship?) with your classmates.

There you have it, the best witches games on Switch and mobile. For more great titles that have a little bit of magic, check out our picks for the best games like The Witcher 3 and games like Skyrim on Switch and mobile.

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