Here are the 4 best games that finish in under 10 hours

Alexander Bardin

Do you like to play but unfortunately your time is limited? Here is a list of the coolest titles that can be set up and finished in just a few hours.

While the current trend among developers is to create bigger and bigger worlds and games that will last forever – talk to Ubisoft – there are titles on the market Capable of making players who unfortunately can’t play over time. If you fall into this category, we haven’t forgotten you!

Short games are good too!

We have selected the best titles that can be completed in 10 hours or less from the site HowLongToBeatwhich lists the estimated duration of games according to several criteria (main story, secondary content, 100% chase, etc.).

No need to go back in time to enjoy it since then All these games can be played on PS4 or PS5. Without further ado, here is the list!

Resident Evil Village

in line with Resident Evil 7 And her secrets are still buried, this new part of the famous Capcom series Also based on creepy atmosphere and horror elements to lure players. So we find Ethan Winters in a terrifying FPS that revolves around a specific place: a village.

Addressing the new formula successfully launched by the previous authorship, Resident Evil Village It opens the playing field further without sacrificing the quality of the narrative. As usual, Survival is the essence of the gameIt will take some ingenuity to fill its stockpile of ammunition. It will be necessary to count Approximately 10 hours To complete the main story.

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€29.99 instead of €33.74 on Amazon
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Plague patent

This excellent adventure game (developed by a French studio, please!) is especially appreciated by players – Rated 9/10 on Steam – It narrates the dramatic journey of Amecia and her brother Hugo, mired in the heart of the Middle Ages invaded by the plague.

The title alternates between different stages (infiltration, combat, puzzles, meditative moments) each time it is sublimated by High quality visual and audio environment. Well go back 10 hours to see the end of the main plot, which will not fail to disturb you to the depths of your soul. It is available on PS4 and PS5.

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Questions and clatter

Replaying the first adventures of Lombax and its robot companion, this 3D platformer and action game doesn’t lack charm and power. Visually great, it follows and allows first authoring framework Revisit in great light some of the most impressive environments of our childhood.

with crazy weapons (Groovitron that makes enemies dance, Pixelizer that knocks them down by turning them into a bunch of pixels…) and Jetpack add-on that increases the intensity of clashesthis address hit the mark and put the license back on track before it arrived rift regardless on PS5.

The estimated life of this game during the first round is 10 hours. Available on PS4, it can also be played on PS5 thanks to the console’s backward compatibility.

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€14.99 instead of €19.99 on Amazon

Qena: The Bridge of Souls

Ember Lab’s first test shot, Qena: The Bridge of Souls It is a little gem that you must try once in your life. for him The aesthetic is to die for Reminiscent of many adventure games released in the early 2000s.

In this regard, we find A world perfectly taken care of on every level (Intoxicating soundscape, charming art direction, touching novel). And the challenge is worth it Challenging boss fights ! For just 10 hours of playing, you have the gold in your hands.

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So, are you ready to allow yourself to be tempted by these short adventures?

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