Without Batum or de Colo, the forced adaptation of the French national team

The French men’s basketball team arrived in Cologne on Sunday, as its European basketball team begins against the host country, Thursday, September 1 (8:30 p.m.). In the pool of twelve players selected, two men: Nicolas Batum and Nando de Colo, went missing for the first time since 2008.

The two owners of the hotel, both in their late 30s (35 de Colo, 33 for Batum), decided to skip it to keep themselves with the goal of the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Olympics sequence. The selection was announced in March for the first time, in April for the second time, so as not to Coach Vincent Colette surprises. FifthIce Olympic champion in Tokyo in 2021, European champion in 2013, 340 cumulative picks and an unparalleled experience in international competitions, the two friends leave a void. “Obviously it is a huge shortage in the France team, The entry represents Christophe Denis, former coach of Paris Levallois. It’s not good news.”

First, the locker room must find new leaders in the absence of Nicolas Batum, captain since 2018. Then eyes automatically turn to Yvan Fournier and Rudi Joubert, respectively appointed captain and deputy captain at the start of preparations. Logical roles in relation to them “the condition”according to former France international Jacques Montclair, but are they ready to take over? Mentally yes, after that it takes time, It follows the person who works as a consultant for BeIN Sports. Nando’s (from cologne) and nico (Batum) They did not establish themselves as leaders immediately.”

“It’s a title I love, but it doesn’t change much, Yvan Fournier confirmed after his first match as captain, on August 7, against the Netherlands (89-65 win in a friendly match). I have had the role of captain since the 2019 World Cup. I have always had responsibilities.”

But these were logically multiplied in the absence of two previous inn owners, particularly on the floor. “Without Nico (Batum) and Nando’s (from the colon), We will have to rethink the team the way it plays. It is up to us to invent this new path, and to rewrite our history.”Coach Vincent Colette warned at the start of the preparations.

“They are key players in the construction, Jack Monclair analyzes. Batum is the game facilitator for his partners.” Christophe Denis abounds: Evan’s performance (Fournier) Packaged in Tokyo by Nando de Colo. He found himself in a management leadership role that made it possible to put Evan (Fournier) in orbit.”

Thus, for this Euro, the Knicks player’s task looks much more difficult than during the Olympics, when he can wrap up in an armchair the actions started by Nando de Colo (6.2 passes on average). Shots taken by Evan (Fournier) Much harder when he doesn’t have a Nando’s (from cologne) or Nicholas (Batum) to On his side, because it is targeted and has much less space.”decodes Christophe Denis.

Analysis confirmed by numbers. During the run-up to the European Basketball Championships and the two qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup, the Val-de-Marne native scored just 12 points in six matches with only 37% shooting success, while turning out an average of 18.7 points and 45% success in the Olympics.

For his part, Rudy Gobert and Nando de Colo lost their largest supplier of balloons during the Olympics: 13 of the 37 caviar bound for the Utah Jazz Center.

But Yvan Fournier and Rudi Joubert are not the only ones taking on new responsibilities. Timothy Loew Caparrot and Eli Okubo saw their importance increasing within the workforce, but they haven’t yet filled the void left by the absentees. “If the French national team has performed in the games, it is because the hierarchy of the players and the style of play was known and accepted by all, Christophe Denis remembers. Today, he is still looking for himself: not very many players have been installed.

The Blues also did not help due to the many injuries that marred the month of preparation (Andrew Albissi, Mustafa Vall, Frank Ntelikina and Victor Winpanyama). “The roles have been adjusted, which explains why the team is not stable at the moment,” Jack Monclar continues. Even if Andrew El Bessi and Mustafa Foul were able to join the group, they barely played in preparation.

The balance sheet of the setup is positive with only five victories and one defeat (against Bosnia, after two extensions, 90-96), but France did not show complete control over events. “Today we are not high enough to beat the best in Europe”Vincent Colette thundered at the end of August. The joint absence of Nando de Colo and Nicolas Batum is clearly unrelated. However it will be necessary to work with, or rather without, the target far in the competition.

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