Worlds 2022: The Double Challenge for Referees

“Is there a ruling here?” » Rachel HeckAmerican, plays the second hole of its second inning, Thursday in San Nom La Britque. No sooner had I placed her order than a carriage approached, a lady in a green polo shirt at the wheel. The case proceeds quickly: in a few sentences, the player reports her ball falling into an area dug to plant a young tree, and the referee assures her that she has been awarded the drop without penalty.

Speed, brevity, and clarity: This entry summarizes the qualities that thirty referees present throughout these realms attempt to show in each of their interventions with the players (or “judgements” in jargon). The first element that plays in their favor in this regard: strength in numbers. The workforce is evenly distributed among national golf And the San Nom La Britquethe two courses are covered in such a way that all holes are permanently within sight of the referee.

Two ways, double the work

“At the beginning of the week, we simply take a map of the two sites, and mark the areas where the referees can position themselves, so that they can monitor several holes at the same time,” explain Thomas Bagel, The main arbiter of this world two weeks. Typical example: On the National Golf Course, fairways 6 and fairways 13 are only a few meters apart. Thus, a single arbitrator ensures their supervision. In addition to the referees stationed at specific locations, four mobile referees, called ‘rovers’, roam the course to ensure the overall smooth running of the game, and are particularly responsible for issuing warnings or even penalties in the event of excessive slowness.

Referees are placed at points in both tournaments where they have the greatest visibility. (Thomas Stevens/Fogulf)

Until then, the device looks just like what it puts in for tournaments and tournaments of great importance. But all privacy World Amateur Tag Team Championship 2022 lies in the fact that they are being contested over two courses, at locations about fifteen kilometers apart. “Officials have to get used to two different cycles before the tournament, Thomas Bagel continues. Doing flag and prep poses every morning takes twice as long, and takes twice as much work. Hence, it requires twice as much work. »

Preparing for the Olympics

On the occasion of these tournaments, the workforce comes from all over the world. Many national federations, as well as regulatory bodies such as R & A and theUSGA, made their referees available to the International Golf Federation (IGF), hence the green color that officials wear on courses. But inevitably, with a team of heterogeneous origins, pre-tournament prep work involves language coordination.

Agreeing on all the terms and all the minute details of the local rules was exactly the goal of the plenary sessions held on the eve of the two tournaments. “In different languages, everyone sees the course in a certain way, Thomas Bagel explains. These meetings are an opportunity for all referees to ask any questions and make any comments they want before the tournament starts. »

With their knowledge of the two paths, the Rulers made it available to the organization before French Golf Federation She, of course, is of particular interest in this field. And last week for the Women’s Championship, eight of them were in the lineup, and they were distributed over the two tracks. They were replaced by eight of their colleagues inEisenhower Cup this week. As in every event in France where their services are requested, they all take up their duties on a purely voluntary basis.

In the field of grammar as elsewhere, the future is predictable. Within two years, it wasalbatross du Golf National will host Olympic golf events, which will also be organized by the IGF. “This week’s World Championships is a way for us to prepare for the Olympicsconfirms Thomas Bagel, who will once again be the main referee for Paris 2024. We will have the experience of a high-level tournament being played on this track. » They may find faces of players and players crossed during this two weeks.

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