Basketball. The Alençon Pro Espoirs Championship returns this weekend, and it’s a junior version

Mickaël Pivaud is a regular player in the tournament, but will make his debut for Monaco. © Archives / d

If the main dinner among the coaches is topical in the twenty-second edition of USBDA National Espoirs ProSaturday 3 and Sunday 4 September 2022 at alincon (Orna), Jean Manuel Souzathe coach in Le Havre and the event’s historic coach, could be the master of the festivities.

Present from the beginning of the adventure, he can bring out the box of memories and anecdotes about the Alencon basketball tournament and thus delight his fans, which will consist of a few beginners.

Three pledges

this year, Three coaches Will participate for the first time For this competition with the ceiling of team managers, which is Jordan Bernard (Loman), Matthew Donard (Limoges) and Kevin Poinsow (the gate).

for Michael Bifodthe deal will be different because he will lead a team that will step on the slats of the Louvre parquet floors for the first time, Monacoafter winning the last edition, 2019, with Chalon Reims (win against Portel, 60-32).

A ‘qualitative’ event was highly appreciated by the Riviera coach and he wanted to ‘repeat’ it because ‘this happened’ Good experience for young peopleWhich combines sport and the human being with the collective life in the team and in the family.”

Monaco, guest of honor

Taking the promoter’s uniform, he found arguments to ensure there were young players from The Rock in Alençon.

“Monaco has never participated in this kind of tournament before and I wanted to introduce something new in the preparations. My leaders did not hesitate and accepted. It will bring new life.”

Mikael Bifod, coach of Monaco Basketball

A long journey that the prince will have to photograph will make it profitable: “We do not come for extra assignments,” declared the technician in Monaco.

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For Kévin Poinsot du Portel, this tournament aligns with his career orientation.

Starring Alencon . hopes
As every year, the tournament will welcome high hopes for the orange ball. © Lorne Hebdo Archive

“I intend to pursue a career as a coach. This tournament, which has a very good reputation and is very well organized, will allow me to interact with different coaches, including coaches, Jean-Manuel Sousa, who has a strong formative streak”, he confirms. “It would be interesting to confront our different points of view and feed on positions in managing meetings.”

A former player will discover the tournament as a coach

Arrogantly over the performance of his predecessor, Shamali skillfully releases all pressure. “There is no obligation to an outcome. This would be a good thermometer to know where we are, even if we are still competitors.”

Present during the first release, the CSP Limoges team will be Led by a coach. “If Limoges can be a rookie contender in this championship, I have the advantage of knowing it well,” says Mathieu Donard, limousine tactics expert.

“I participated as a player with Le Mans. That was more than 22 years ago and I also had the opportunity to return as an observer.”

Matthew Donard, coach of CSP Limoges

Sports and humanitarian competition

If he knew where to step, his flock would discover him and approach him as a “stage in preparation.”

But without intending to overuse it: “As one of the main clubs in French basketball, we have a rank that we must keep and we must also maintain the status of this tournament.”

Like his teammates, he appreciates family residence as well as Contact generated with volunteers : “This breaks the usual codes. I find this formula wise,” the CSP coach rules.

A special for two seasons of participation for known reasons, Jordan Bernard of Le Mans SP local for the championship, will clear his disappointment.

“I am so happy to finally be able to take part. It gives me great pleasure to discover this event which I have always been told was the greatest good. Great organization, kind and friendly welcome for these two days. This is perfect.”

Jordan Bernard, Head Coach of Le Mans SP

a program

Saturday 3rd September:
White Group → 9 a.m.: Le Mans – Le Portel; 12:30 pm: Le Mans – Limoges; 4:15 pm: Limoges – Le Portel.
Black Group → 10:45 a.m.: Le Havre – Metropolitans 92; 2.30 pm: Le Havre – Monaco; 6 pm: Metropolitans 92 – Monaco.
Sunday 4 September:
9:30 a.m.: Place 5 and 6 → Third White Group – Third Black Group.
11:30 a.m.: Place 3 & 4 → 2nd White Group – 2nd Black Group.
2 p.m.: Jean-Pierre Vinot (U11) mini-basketball challenge.
3:30pm: Final – 1st White Group – 1st Black Group.
5:45 pm: Award Ceremony and Reception.

“Create Your Community Spirit”

And if there is no sporting goal, his team must seize this opportunity to “create team spirit.”

“We, the coaches, are responsible for the content,” Sarthwa says. “But the players are the ones who hold the keys to their project. He will also take advantage of these two days to ‘exchange with colleagues and take advice from a great coaching man’.”

And Jean-Michel Sousa in all of this? His words and advice will be distilled through a moment of intense coexistence. And at this moment and in the moment, he is busy finalizing a can of delicious and sinister.

National Spurs Championship in Alençon. Saturday 3 September and Sunday 4 September from 9 a.m. Free admission.

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