What do we play in September?

There’s nothing quite like a good video game that makes us forget back to school music, and this month of September, there’s something for everyone. FIFA 23 Of course, who promises us the latest developments and changes his voice, Splatoon 3 who reloads paint guns and the last of us Which brings us back to the emotions of the first episode on PS5. Metal: Helsinger The shooter gives us a rhythm set to heavy metal and Spirit He wants to get us into the skin of the Chimera. So put the pens aside and take out the controls!

“Splatoon 3”: a color explosion

Virtual paintball fans can polish their paint guns, Splatoon Back to the third episode necessarily colored. A small novelty: The story mode is emerging and will allow the Blues in particular to learn about different fighting techniques. Veterans will once again have to defend their colors in epic battles where painting your lands is just as important as eliminating your opponents.

If you are decorated on Splatoon 2Keep your savings precious, will allow you to get weapons, higher rank as well as direct access to the Match Anarchy game mode in Splatoon 3. Nintendo offers twelve arenas for emerging illustrators at launch, with more being added over time. A large selection of weapons including all the old guns from previous episodes plus some new features of course including the “Cavalsquale” that allows you to ride on exploding whales.

Note, the wonderful return of “Festivals” is in two phases: we start by competing in a classic way to define the hierarchy and then continue with a somewhat special part where the first two teams find themselves surrounded by the last two. What caused some yellow laughter around the console.

Splatoon 3/Nintendo/On Switch September 9th.

FIFA 23: Real Number Nine?

At the end of the month, Electronic Arts will start its new business FIFA. A somewhat attractive copy on paper as the publisher has struggled to bring in new features and silence those who accuse it of charging a high price each year for a small update. It is Career Mode that should benefit the most from these efforts with a complete overhaul of the progression of players whose selfish or altruistic side affects a particular performance.

The cinematography should enhance the immersion with many off-field sequences and it will be possible to embody prestigious managers such as Thomas Tuchel, at Chelsea or at the club next to you. Hypermotion, the giant motion capture technology already in FIFA 22It’s apparently enhanced and promises more neurotic dodges as well as more realistic actions than ever before. Free kick specialists will have to continue their training to stay ahead as the gameplay develops and it will now be necessary to indicate where the foot will hit the ball.

Like Australian Sam Kerr on the Ultimate Edition jacket alongside Kylian Mbappé, women’s football is clearly highlighted. Fans will be able to contest the next World Cup in Qatar with the men, but also those contested by the women in 2023.

Omar da Fonseca and Benjamin da Silva (Electronic Arts/ Clotilde CHANG)

Finally, after 17 years of good and loyal service, Hervé Mathux passes the mic to the amazing duo: Benjamin Da Silva and Omar Da Fonseca. The brilliant La Liga commentators on beIN Sports should remove the superlatives, and not just after a goal from Messi! They may have had carte blanche during the roughly year-long recordings, so we can expect some “one or two” anthologies.

FIFA 23 / Electronic Arts / on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series, Switch and PC on September 30th.

“The Last of Us Part 1”: If Only One Remains

There are few games that are worth remaking, and even less than that you get two. That is the case with it the last of us which already benefited from the Remastered version in 2014. This video game masterpiece became a mark of the players’ collective memory through the emotions it was able to generate. The touching and horrifying story of young Joel and Ellie has captured the hearts of at least 20 million players, many of whom have fond memories.

Graphics, animation, gameplay, in The Last of Us Part 1 Everything has been revised and redesigned to the capabilities of the PS5 and the result should be closer from a technical point of view The Last of Us Part 2 It was released in 2020. The AI ​​used is the same as the last episode and should make the battles more stressful. Ellie’s bow will use adaptive stimuli to help feel the tension of the tendons. For a Jewel rifle, this will be the tactile feedback of the controller to simulate the recoil of the weapon.

A PC release is expected soon but it doesn’t have an official release date yet.

The Last of Us Part 1 /Naughty Dog/ on PS5 from September 2.

NBA 2K 23: A Hell Number

The new edition of the NBA basketball simulation celebrates the number 23 this year by highlighting the person who wore it in the Chicago Bulls jersey: Michael Jordan. So it will be possible to recover fifteen particularly important moments in the player’s career through “challenges” and interviews with the stars of that time. It is clear that the atmosphere will be ’90s, with gameplay revised and corrected to adhere to the techniques of the time.

Of course we will find all the teams and all the stars of the regular season in it NBA 2K 23 With the expected improvements to the gameplay, especially in the area of ​​shooting and defense. Finally, the Showtime aspect should be very present with the ambiance and graphics that are closer to reality.

NBA 2K 23 / 2K / on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series, Switch and PC on September 9.

“Steelrising”: a mechanical revolution

A strong steampunk atmosphere from this RPG set in Paris during the French Revolution. We will have to face Louis XVI especially the Machiavellian who terrorizes people thanks to an army of robots. You yourself embody the robotic figure of Marie Antoinette who pretends to be the defender of the widow and the orphan.

first pictures SteelRising Presented by the French studio Spiders, it tempts you to battle against completely original metal bosses. Capturing the Bastille seems to be at the heart of the game and will undoubtedly require a good dose of courage. We don’t yet know if Marseillaise will be sung during the end, but there are already several references to 18th century France.

SteelRising /Spiders/Nacon/ on PS5, Xbos Series and PC September 8th.

Metal: Helsinger: Lead, Metal

Shooting monsters on heavy metal music, that’s the simple and root purpose Metal: Helsinger. If you have a sense of rhythm and you are lying in time, you unlock more and more powerful attacks and you can thus move on to the next song. This game, which defines itself as a rhythmic FPS, has been talking about it for two years already, especially in terms of the soundtrack. Serj Tankian from System of a Down and Alissa White-Glüz from Arch Enemy, among others, are guest stars at The Outsiders studio, which relies on these famous voices to amass legions of gamers. If your triggers itch, know that a playable demo is already available.

Metal: Helsinger /The Outsiders/ on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 15th.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide: Hot tide!

Here’s a particularly tense FPS to talk about. You are a member of a squad of four detectives who have come to take back part of the Tertium City cell that has been invaded by heretics from the cult of Admonition. in War Hammer 40,000: Darktide There is no conservative approach or the possibility of circumventing enemies, the goal is to actively participate in a massive massacre. Thus, waves of dark enemies will descend upon you at the speed of a galloping horse and force you to deploy a diverse arsenal as bloodthirsty in hopes of surviving your mission.

Enthusiasts, Ogryn or even Psyker, you have the choice between several prototypes to create your character. The game clearly has a slight preference for firearms of all calibers, but nothing stops you from using a good old hammer or chainsaw if you feel more comfortable in melee. Especially smiling skulls will also be able to help you penetrate into certain parts of the underground complex. War Hammer 40,000: Dartide It will be available on Microsoft Game Pass from the day it is released.

War Hammer 40,000: Darktide /Fatshark/ on Xbox and PC September 13.

SBK 22: Superbike Returns

After 10 years of absence, Superbike is back on consoles. SBK 22 It will allow riders to compete in the official SBK World Championship thanks to a career mode that includes trials, boys and of course races. Milestone is reusing the engine Moto GB 22 It was released earlier in the year in addition to the episodes shared between the two tournaments. There will also be a multiplayer mode to fight with biker friends without leaving the couch.

SBK 22 /Milestone/ on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series, PC on September 15th.

Solstice: Soulmates

The Italians from Reply Game Studios take you to the sacred kingdom of Keidas to fight the invasion of Specters. You play as Chimera, the only creature capable of putting up some resistance. But to create this illusion, two sisters had to make sacrifices in order to bind themselves into one entity. Lotte has lost her physical envelope and become a ghost, and her sister, Briar, has gained supernatural powers that make her an extraordinary warrior.

in Spirit We will have to learn to control and combine the two sisters’ abilities in the hope of liberating the kingdom and protecting humanity. The role-playing game will provide many weapons and customization possibilities in order to be able to fight against evil using skill.

Spirit Reply Game Studios will be available on PS5, Xbox Series and PC on September 20th.

“The DioField Chronicle”: The King’s Choice

Endless struggle, belligerents are eager to fight, wonderful medieval world, here are the ingredients The DioField Chronicle. This new tactical role-playing game, i.e. where the battles are resolved on a turn-by-turn basis, sends you to end the war on Dewfield Island. The character you choose will be part of the Blue Foxes, a group of mercenaries required by the two opposing camps. It is up to you who you prefer to help.

The DioField Chronicle /Square Enix/ on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series, Switch and PC on September 22nd.

“The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero”: Outside Japan

legend of heroes It is a Japanese RPG series in which very few episodes have been adapted for Europe or the United States. tracks from scratch It is an English subtitled version of the original game released in 2010 in Japan. More episodes have been announced for 2023.

Legend of Heroes: Paths from Zero / NIS America / PS4, Switch, PC September 30th.

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