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Ladies series, Saturday, in Montreal

It’s a second profession that you didn’t necessarily imagine. No doubt Maud Stervino was expecting to play familiar championship matches in the four corners of France. Perhaps you have never thought about playing international matches and traveling to the other side of the world.

The basketball player, a native of Brest, was first selected in June to participate in the International Women’s Series Tournament with the French 3×3 basketball team. It’s been an unexpected summer for Maud Strvino, who has been on several tours on several continents, after a complicated year.

“I wasn’t expecting so many trips and feelings”

“It was a bit of a surprise because my season with Calais ended prematurely in February when I was injured, explained former Landerno full-back Brittany Baskett. I was unable to take part in the 3×3 preparatory session in February. But Maud Strvino was finally called up with Les Bleues for the first round of the 3×3 season in Tel Aviv (Israel) Then it all came together, with trips to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Bordeaux, Bucharest (Romania) and, this weekend, to Montreal.

“I wasn’t necessarily expecting all these events to come with so little pressure and challenge in competitions, admits Finistere, who signed at St-Amman (LFB) in the off-season. I didn’t expect to have such a full summer, with so many travels and emotions. I live this season in a somewhat unusual way, like discovery. »

‘We lived on a Saturday, it was unbelievable’

Each flight requires a special adaptation: “We generally arrive two days before the start of the competition, to acclimatize to the environment. For example, in Mongolia, the climate was not at all the same with a lot of humidity and altitude.” This did not prevent the French woman from winning this round.

The 25-year-old is using moments out of competition to immerse herself in the culture of every place she frequents: “In Tel Aviv, we were able to discover the city and eat at local restaurants. We lived on a Saturday, with songs before the meal. It was a great experience.”

I love the 3×3 ambiance. The framework is much less formal than it is in 5×5, where the schedule is tight. In 3×3 there is a lot of cutting out.

Maud Stervinou is especially distinguished by the encounters that she has managed to make. “In Ulaanbaatar, I found myself with a Mongolian taxi driver in his forties to get to the hotel,” she says. He didn’t necessarily speak good English, but we spoke for an hour. And it’s very touching: we tried to get to know each other, he tried to share a little bit of what I needed to know about Mongolia, I was trying to learn some concepts about her language. It was a special moment to share, and I will remember it! »

You make powerful moments with girls.

Once there, it’s all a good chance to explore new places: “She went jogging in Old Quebec to discover architecture. We can also see all the cultural richness of some cities. This taste of discovery isn’t new, but Maud Stervinou didn’t think she could deepen it as an outstanding athlete.” “This aspect of travel attracted me, but it remained a bit fanciful, admits the player from Saint-Amand, who has been through Landerno, Toulouse and Calais. To go so far, to Canada or Mongolia … These are not the countries that were first on my list, but the fact of living there is incredible. »

The more flexible pace of life of the French 3×3 basketball team also allows you to better appreciate the different countries. “Love this atmosphere, Maud Stervino smiles. The framework is a lot less formal than it is in 5×5, where the schedule is tight. In 3×3 there is a lot of letting go.” She sometimes shares these life moments with Landernéenne Marie Mané or with Hortense Limouzin and Victoria Majekodunmi, who also played for LBB. “Away from home, with these unique experiences, you can create powerful moments with the girls.”

The first change of scenery in 2019

Maude Stervino suffered her first culture shock in 2019, during the 3×3 Basketball U23 World Cup in China “I arrived with the stars in my eyes. For eight days, we went to the city, discovering the culture with the typical dishes and also adapting to the mores. I hope that I keep these wonders, it is no surprise to experience it.”

Rubbing the shoulders of the locals, Maud Stervinou also faces huge differences in the standard of living. “Mongolia is very unstable, people don’t have much,” she recalls. You leave the France team shirts to the kids…you see the amazement in their eyes when you give them a Jordan T-shirt. While in Quebec, you have supercars all over the streets. »

This big gap pushes her to enjoy these special moments even more. “Doing what we do, with passion… I am very aware of my moment.” This opportunity she intends to take advantage of to continue in the France 3×3 team until Paris 2024. She is living her dream around the world.


He was born on June 10, 1997 in Brest

2015-2018- Landerno Brittany (LF2) Basketball

2018-2020 – Toulouse (LF2)

2020-2022 – Calais (LF2)

Since 2022: Saint-Amand (LFB)

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