Digimon Survive: a puzzle-packed survival adventure!

It took patience, but fans of digital monsters were finally able to immerse themselves once more in Digimonde. Four years after the game was announced, which was postponed several times due to the Covid-19 crisis, Digimon Survival Finally here on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Despite shy communication about this episode full of secrets and survival, in the Journal du Gabon, we’ve been eagerly awaiting it. While the visual novel won’t appeal to everyone, its mature story makes up for the long hours of reading! In the program: choices that will have consequences for the survival of the group of teenagers and puzzles that will keep you going to one of the possible endings.

A mature story that will bring back memories of early Digimon fans

A scenario that plunges us into Japanese culture

The player embodies Takuma Momozuka, a young boy who has gone on a school trip with his other class members, including two college friends, Aoi Shibuya and Minoru Hyuga, in a remote corner of the Japanese countryside. If things go well at first, everything changes very quickly. at the foot sakuraMinoroAnd the A lover of tales, give us one on poisonous cherry blossom leaves. After an earthquake, walking, where you can calmly enjoy the flowering trees, gives way to strange phenomena. After passing a strange circuit tunnel and sacred Shinto rope, the children descend into a forest with lacoris flowers that usually only grow in the fall.

Meet Digimon

Furthermore, the children explore a rural shrine linked to the mysterious legend of Kemonogami. Then Takuma encountered a pink monster, Kuromon. Barely made offers, TacomaAnd the Accompanied by his Digimon, he rushes to the aid of his classmates who are being attacked by monsters that have appeared in the fog. In combat, Koromon transforms into an agomon. If the duo manages to frighten the monsters, the heroes realize that their ordeal has just begun … They have been teleported to another world, inhabited by strange creatures, Digimon. Thanks to their digital companions, the eight kids will have to fight and make tough decisions if they want to go home. The player’s choices throughout the game affect the evolution of the Digimon and the end of the story.

Parallel to our childhood anime

The characters are similar to the children of the first season of the anime. Digimon Adventure. Tacoma looks like Tay. Kaito reminds us as Mio’s overprotective older brother Matt. Aoi is a mother character, like Sora. Shuuji is under pressure because he is the oldest and fear reminds us Atmosphere. As children get older, you may remember the story summaryJapanese comics From our childhood has darkened. Without revealing much, the death of one of the teenagers, which happened so early in the story, is completely unexpected. Survivors are shocked and react differently, which leads to interesting character development: one of the game’s strengths.

The selection system includes moral guidance from the hero. Even if the effects aren’t necessarily obvious at first, it’s a crucial element that adds tension and suspense. With each decision, the player can tell himself that it may lead to the death of another child. Moreover, at the end of the first part, a message indicates that by having a better affinity with Ryo, everyone can survive… A good way to challenge players to + . game And discover another, happier ending!

A classic and well-structured visual novel with a good French translation

Digimon Survival It is a classic visual novel. Fans of these video game stories will not be confused. The characters are discussed and the line choices allow the story to take different paths. Added to this is a little bit of work with the map exploration phases. Indeed, the game gradually distills the past and the secrets of children, but the development of the psyche of the heroes may lack depth in certain passages. Reactions are sometimes very cartoonish or predictable. To reach the end of the story, it takes about thirty hours and the numerous texts are translated into French. Non-native English speakers will appreciate the effort to make the game more accessible to everyone. The translation is of fairly good quality and, for example, Agumon errors (such as “nose-colle” instead of “school”) are well adapted.

Tactical Digimon battle action RPG

In order for the player to be more active and to avoid pressing a key just to pass the text, there are clips where it is necessary to use the mobile phone to scan the environment for objects or clues. It’s a small thing but it’s always good to eat. Then, to maintain interest, there are also fights to give the game a tactical RPG side. The system is classic (as Utawarerumono: Introduction to the Fallen) with a chessboard, damage depending on the direction of the target (if the enemy is from the side or from the back, it deals more damage). There are some details such as discussions with enemies, allowing you to make friends with Digimon (with 3 questions to answer well and then luck to get caught). We can then use it in combat.

digimon evolution

They are gradually unlocked in the story for the group digimon and the consumption of action points is so ridiculous that we are digimon all the time and we never lack PS. However, it is a pity that the difficulty is judged poorly: we always get into battles without much difficulty … What is worse, the strategy to follow is to dash into the heap, evolve the Digimon into its most advanced form, and use its movement points and strongest attacks. Each Digimon has two slots for learning techniques or gaining rewards/resistances: this simplifies (perhaps too much) managing a Digimon. In fact, the battles were so much in the player’s favor that it’s frustrating having to chase down opponents who are fleeing the fight…

It is always (wrongly) compared to PokemonWhat do you have to offer? Digimon Into a new visual novel format for licensing? Before everything, Digimon Survival It is the type of game you either love or hate. VN isn’t necessarily the most popular type of video game in France, and most of the time swiping text can turn some people off, which is understandable. However, it would be a shame to miss out on this new reinventing storyLusty From our childhood on a mature and exciting adventure.

L’ajout des combats en mode tactical RPG n’est pas la partie la plus réussie du jeu. Point assez décevant : pas de collectionnite avec seulement une centaine de digimon, ce qui fait que l’on a l’impression d’affronter toujours the same! despite survive Far from perfect, the fact remains that we are having a good time and that we want to advance fast through 12 parts of the story to finally understand everything.

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