Eurobasket 2022 – France vs Lithuania: players, TV, schedule

After a stinging defeat to Germany in the opening tournament, France found Lithuania, which is still in Cologne. A match between two teams with their backs to the wall and they are not allowed to commit fouls.

It may be a crucial meeting in determining the final ranking in Group B. Having each lost their first game, France and Lithuania are already playing against each other in a match between two centers, the historical strengths of European basketball.

Good memories of France?

In recent history, Lithuania is a fairly successful team in the blues. Since the 2012 London Olympics, the French and Lithuanians have faced each other seven times, with five wins in a lockup session and just two defeats. And what a victory! The final of Eurobasket 2013, the match for third place in the 2014 World Cup or even a decisive team match to reach the final stages of the World Cup 2019. In short, an indication of the successes that can give the French team confidence to those who need it.

Because yes, the Blues didn’t even come close to that meeting yet filled with confidence. After being defeated by Bosnia and Herzegovina in their last warm-up match, Ivan Fournier’s teammates couldn’t raise their heads in the opening tournament against Germany. in Lanxis Arena The Nationalmannschaft team revealed in Cologne (76-63), taking advantage of all the French mistakes. Among the favorites for the Eurobasket 2022, France will have to perform flawlessly and hope for a foul from Germany hoping to finish first in the group. This is the perfect start against the Lithuanians who also fell while entering the race.

Against holders Slovenia, Dumantas Sabonis’ partners held out for a long time, following a stunning duo Kusminskas/Grigonis (19, 18 points), before they exploded at the end of the match by conceding 14-5. And they lose 92 to 85. Serious overseas players in the final victory, the Lithuanians will also want to regain their balance and know that this match against France can be decisive. It is up to the Blues to succeed in taming their enthusiasm.

The awakening of the Sabonis / Valan . duoagainstIūPeople?

If Lithuania sided with the defending champions, they could have won if the inner duo had been more dominant. Between them, Domantas Sabonis and Jonas ValannagainstIūNas scored only 19 points, less than 50% of the shot success. Even worse, they were responsible for nearly half of their team’s ball losses: somewhat unworthy players of their rank. If the Pelican hub is good at rebounding (12), NBA players will have to raise their level of play to show the way for their teammates.

Besides them, we must find Marius Grigonis, excellent against the Slovenes, and Rokas Jokobaitis in back areaEven if the Barcelona leader failed and played less than Lucas Lecafeagainstius. On the wing, Arnas Putkiviagainstius, completely transparent, can give way to the bearer of Ignas Brazdeikis during preparation.

TheE 5 Possible specialization of Lithuania

  • PG: Rokas Jokubaitis
  • Secretary General: Marius Grigounis
  • SF: Ignace Bradikis
  • PF: Dumantas Sabonis
  • A: Jonas FallanagainstIūPeople

French people more diligent?

Against Germany, France lost too many balls in hand (17). Embarrassed by Germany’s aggressiveness and lack of shooting success, the Blues will have to pull themselves together and correct their mistakes, which are sometimes obvious, like a lack of skill on the free-throw line. Around back area Fournier/Yabusele/Gobert revamped, Thomas Heurtel could return to the 5th Major to carry his creativity right from the start of the match. Eli Okubo was recruited among the hosts against the Germans, and could stay there if Vincent Colette saw that his good defense early in the match could be an advantage.

Possible Fifth Pioneer of France

  • PG: Thomas Heurtel
  • Secretary General: Eli Okubo
  • SF: Yvan Fournier
  • PF: Gershon Yabusil
  • A: Rudy Gobert

See you at the end of the afternoon at 5:45 pm to follow up on this meeting between France and Lithuania. A meeting, like all Eurobasket 2022 matches, will be broadcast on Canal + 360, a match that will obviously remain available.

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