Jim Tonic: The Great Interview with Jean-Pierre Riviere

OGC Nice President Jean-Pierre Riviere was the guest of “Gym Tonic” on Friday. Find his main answers to journalists’ questions from the Nice-Matin group.


“We can judge him at the end of the season, that’s what I always say. I remember the transfer period last year but also the year before, when we were ‘number 1’ at L’Equipe and then had a terrible failure.

In the past three years, we’ve made some mistakes. There we found ourselves in the middle of the transfer window with unplanned developments and change. There is a little bit of difficulty, which means we had to settle in very quickly, put people in their places, and work methodology. It took time, because when things move in the middle of the transition, it’s never easy. Everyone wants to finish the transfer window as soon as possible. Ensuite, on a fait des choix, sur certains joueurs qui seront parmi nous pour longtemps, et pour d’autres où on s’est dit, ne nous précipitons pas, pour ne pas choisir des joueurs qu’on va porter pendant 3-4 years. It’s a balance we’ve tried to find with the desire to be very organized for the future. It is an axis of progress. »

Article by Amin Jouiri

It wasn’t planned. We had been hearing rumors of Rin approaching for a few weeks. They ended up confirming. At the same time, there was a chance of getting Labored back.

Amin is the boy that I really like. He’d be a great player, but at the moment he’s been having some problems with us. At some point, the player’s career can go through a development or change that allows him to find, perhaps, his game and his soul. I hope everyone is happy with this deal. Mess ? He’s a boy who did well at first, then faded away little by little. You can find all the reasons in the world. We’ve seen him struggle, suffer, and it’s never good to see a player like this. »

The role of IAIN MOODY

“I know the English market well, he’s been working there for years. He did a great job, under the conditions he did. He adapted very well. We went to get him at the last minute, and we had to settle down, so he understood what the coach wanted. You weren’t really Easy transition period, it was a pleasure working with him.”


“The prospects of INEOS with OGC Nice and in general with the city of Nice are a great opportunity for us. Having owners of this quality, … I think people will realize this more in 2-3 years.”


“In all sports, they are at the top, in Formula 1, they have been world champions 8 times, in cycling, they have won the Tour de France 7 times more than other competitions. In sailing, they are the top of the competition. Rugby, the partnership with the All Blacks team, It is the pinnacle of competition.

Today, the goal is for OGC Nice to fully integrate this INEOS Sports galaxy. Excellence, performance and results. OGC Nice will experience continued growth. »


“The ambitions are simple. First, he is trying to perform in all competitions, including Europe. We got off to a bad start with five points after five days. We have to restore balance. The goal is to get as high as possible. When I arrived, I said: We will try to install OGC Nice in the part. The first of the tournament, and occasionally, go and play in Europe.Lucky we almost settled into that first part of the tournament and played Europe more than expected, not always with great success in the preliminary rounds and afterwards, but we did. There, the goal, in the years Coming up, is to play OGC Nice in Europe on a regular basis.”

season start

“Late transfers are very complicated, even for players. There are those who were in the process of leaving and did not leave. It is not simple. We missed the start of the season, and it is up to us to correct the situation. If we have to do the same type of match as at Lille, we will do it again to raise level and start over.

When you have poor results, the thing to worry about is the negative snail. That’s why Lille was such an important match to stop. The players are the legs but also the head. In sports, when you hang your head a little, you try less things, you are less aggressive. We know where we need to go, so we’ll work on it in the future. »

Nice – Cologne

“We opened for a week to our subscribers (+ 14,000, editor’s note). We sold 1,500 tickets. On Wednesday, the free sale was open for a few hours from midnight, and at five in the morning there were already 2,500 places seized by the Germans! We can’t legally refuse sales. There is a demand On 8-10,000 seats in the Cologne side. We had to split that for security reasons. I would like the people of Nice to tell themselves, ‘We’re in the European Cup, it’s Thursday night, but we’re at home.’ The enthusiasm in Germany for this match, I’d like to find in Nice. We welcome them with pleasure, but we have to show them that we are present.”

Nice – Cologne: I’m booking my place

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