Le Nouvelleste | The Barbancourt Foundation is committed to supporting Haitian Basketball

In the 25 years of its existence, the Barbancourt Foundation, by signing this renewed partnership every year with the Haitian Basketball Federation for the benefit of the country’s No. 2 sports large family, is increasingly involved in the social sphere. The Barbancourt Foundation already owns a basketball court, located in Damien (Plaine du Cul-de-Sac) and a basketball school of 150 athletes including 40 girls, and intends to contribute its stone to building the nation’s basketball edifice.

Speaking about this renewed partnership with the Haitian Basketball Association, the CEO of the Barbancourt Foundation, accompanied by Grégory Morissette of the Barbancourt Foundation Management, recognizes that the signing of this MOU will enhance the capacity of his coaches and coaches. The foundation’s basketball school will improve the youth experience there. You took the opportunity to define the goal of the entity you lead.

The goal of this partnership is to promote and assist the development of basketball in Haiti. Through this partnership, FHB will provide technical support to the Barbancourt Foundation School located in the area around the Barbancourt Distillery, which brings together the communities of Blanchard, Larousse and Damien. In return, the Barbancourt Foundation will provide financial support to assist the FHB in carrying out its activities,” Mrs. Delphine Gardier clearly stated.

Haitian Basketball Federation President Joseph-Henri Jean, assisted by FHB Vice President Alf Bellissier Ulis, said he was proud to work in close collaboration with the Barbancourt Foundation, because, he said, this partnership will contribute to the development of basketball in Haiti.

“On behalf of the Federal Office of the Haitian Basketball Association, I would like to thank Mrs. Delphine Gaardier, CEO of the Barbancourt Foundation as well as the management of the Foundation for their unconditional support. It is an honor and a privilege for us to sign this partnership with a noble foundation like you,” said Joseph-Henri Jean, President of the Federation. “There is no doubt that this partnership will certainly contribute to the development of basketball in Haiti, with the hope that other institutions will follow the example of Barbankourt,” FHB said before hinting at the importance of this partnership.

“At the FHB level, we still believe that basketball can be used in Haiti as a development vector that can help solve a lot of problems such as: combating juvenile delinquency and youth addiction to all kinds of harmful substances such as: alcohol and drugs. Again, thank you We are convinced that this partnership will be the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation,” Joseph-Henri Jean stated clearly.

In the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the parties, it is clear that the Barbancourt Foundation pledges to provide FHB technicians with the land, materials, and equipment necessary to operate the basketball school. Basketball, which is affiliated with the Foundation School of Basketball with the FHB and requires that all teachers in the school be affiliated with the FHB before October 15, 2022 (the deadline). Ensure that this partnership is strengthened through social networks and other communication channels, and organize all activities related to the Barbancourt Foundation School of Basketball in conjunction with FHB.

At the same time, the FHB is obligated to permanently employ two or three technicians for the benefit of the school. They will be responsible for supervising and assisting the trainers in developing the training plan, evaluating the trainers, and submitting a monthly report to the technical management of the FHB. This report will be shared with the Foundation with recommendations. Organizing training courses for observers, referees, aspiring rulers and observers in the region. Make an inventory of the materials and equipment used and provide the organization with a list of the appropriate materials and equipment for each category. Organizing training camps at least twice a year for youth with American coaches and members of the technical staff of the national team. Invite the best youngsters from the Foundation’s school of basketball to participate in the FHB Reveal Camps. Organizing 3×3 and 5×5 basketball tournaments for the benefit of the youth of the institution’s basketball school in different categories. Invite the school’s youth teams to participate in other tournaments organized by FHB. Acquisition of certain materials and equipment for the school.
Ensure that school activities are promoted through the FHA’s communication channels. Messages and graphics will be provided by Barbancourt in accordance with its marketing strategy and communication standards. Submit a quarterly report on the activities implemented: goals and achievements, and submit a final annual report on the activities implemented: goals and achievements.

It should be noted that neither the Barbancourt Foundation nor the Haitian Basketball Association did not disclose the amount of the partnership renewable each year, which was signed for three years. However, young basketball players across the country in general, and especially the players of the Barbankourt Foundation School of Basketball, will be the big beneficiaries of this partnership that has charmed the heart of the large basketball family in Haiti.

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