Video Games: Smooth Back to School

Posted on Sep 3, 2022, 10:00 AMUpdated on Sep 3, 2022 12:09 PM

She’s back in school and to start over kindly, the editorial staff of “Echos week-end” have selected some video games to discover or rediscover.


It is definitely one of the most surprising games of the year, with a high percentage of cuteness. Sorry for the barbaric word, but get ready for the onslaught of cuteness, because you’re about to step into a cat’s shoes! Not a salon cat, not a ceremonial cat, not an alley cat, a stray cat. Unfortunately for him, he finds himself – alone – lost in a city that seems to have fallen into oblivion. Without humans (you know the people who are supposed to feed you and respond to your lesser desires), no mice, almost nothing. Aside from robots, there are a few pesky, drone creatures that will soon become this cat’s unique and useful companion.

Stray is a game that looks good, not comfortable but almost, thanks to the quality of graphics (game tested on PS5) and the careful perception of our four-legged friend. It is a pleasure to see her move or rub things. Since an animal has everything from a cat and if he has some feline traits, he is nevertheless almost an ordinary writer. He will wander, jump, observe, wander, and solve puzzles to advance in the story. But he would also have to be quick to escape some of the local bloodsucking insects. The game is not very difficult, rather linear and should attract the whole family. A magical atmosphere (music included) created by a small studio in Montpellier, Blue Twelve.

Stray isn’t just for cat lovers. It is a very fun, calming and cute game. The SPA took the opportunity to raise awareness among the French, especially the younger ones, about adoption. The humane community – associated with Havas Play – has designed five real cats directly into the video game “Stray”. Pastelle, Doc, P’tite Shrimp, Zoya and Câline have been faithfully reproduced, from legs to mustache! Five emergency cats illustrating SPA. But to be able to download the mod, you will need to have the game on PC. To find out more, head over to the dedicated SPA website.

the most : I still purr with pleasure because she is so beautiful. the least : short and easy for an animal with nine lives.

Blue Twelve’s Stray is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Two Point Campus

It’s back. Yes in deed. Even for students, in a hurry to head back to their favorite campus, MIT’s unenviable Freshleigh Meadows campus for science, Piazza Lanatra where the best chefs are trained, Mitton University where we “imagin” the robots of tomorrow. Or better than Noblestead, the Scottish style, equestrian specialist or why not try to hack the magic of the Poule de Lard. I understood that studying here is not for serious people. Two Point Campus follows in the footsteps of its equally peculiar predecessor: Two Point Hospital.

The concept is the same, except that instead of dealing with patients and exhausted healthcare staff, you will have to help groups of students to complete their studies happily. So we need amphitheaters, teachers’ offices, libraries, latrines and also battlefields or fencing places (with statues of the princess for training in bravery) and other amazing places to study. And for the time outside of school, think of student housing and above all building homes that are well-equipped with recreational activities and invigorating drinks. Not forgetting the basic BDE (here it is called Student Union), to be able to organize parties. Two Points Campus is somewhat similar to the management version of Sims in university, with the same interest in entertainment.

It’s often funny and weird without being difficult, even if money remains at the heart of the concept. Because in this game developed by the British from Two Point Studios, teachers, assistants and guards are very expensive. But they are essential for learning cooking, philosophy, robotics, magic or chivalry. Above all it will be necessary to take care of the well-being of our guests, who, while working, risk rust (on their beautiful uniform, shining armor) or diseases that, fortunately, are not very contagious, such as a bookworm or a knight. skewness.

It will also be necessary to foster students’ love and create student clubs for brisk walks, gardening, reading or a quick nap. It’s so funny watching this little scientist walk around (in a very cartoonish way) around the campus. You’ll know more about their needs, especially if a roll of toilet paper appears over their heads.

Two Point Campus doesn’t bring big surprises compared to its brother (the hospital), but it does offer a bit of freshness. Management is still that simple and the twisted spirit continues. What makes you want to go back to the college benches (especially on holiday evenings and the pasta stand). Special mention also to the soundtrack and the talent of the head of university radio.

the most : more entertaining than a lecture hall. the least : still misses some imaginary things

Two Point Campus published by Sega Europe is available on PC (version tested), PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Spider-Man and US Post

At Sony we recycle for back to school and no one will complain. The Japanese group first marketed the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Insomniac, which was released on PS4 in 2018, is experiencing a welcome makeover on PC (on PS5 since the end of 2020). An opportunity to follow the new adventures of Peter Parker, associated with Mary Jane and the captain of the NYPD, in his war against crime. Among the enemies: Wilson Fisk, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion and many others. The scenario – panting – does not move, but the game benefits from improved graphics and especially reflections on glass surfaces in New York. The Spider-Man game that the PC was missing.

But the spider will face some competition when it comes to logging out, with The Last of US Part 1 releasing on PS5 in late August. Ten years after the appearance of this game that changed the face of video games. The adventure continues to be exciting as you try to survive the silent bearded Joel and young Ellie in an apocalyptic world, inhabited by the infected. The Last of US carries the adult gaming stamp on a dark and brutal world. We have also captured the change of this PS5 version with amazing graphics. They really add to the emotion and depth to this game that almost becomes par for the sequel to The Last of US. Sorry, the price is probably a bit high for a remake, at least for those who’ve had the chance to play it on PS3 or PS4.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store

The Last of Us Part 1 is available on PS5

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