What does the Kirikou group claim?


Toulouse, Correspondence

pouring cement vegetables golf. Holes completely blocked. Severely damaged grass. On the night of August 10, two golf courses in the Toulouse region [1] It was vandalized by a group of environmental activists, especially those close to Extinction Rebellion orANVCOP21. In addition to these ruined lands, Signs This hole drinks 227,000 liters of water daily » where quit golf » been questioned. The name of this group ? Kiriko. Like animation [2]. Direct indication of when, in kirikoThe village is deprived of water by a monster that drinks its source »Eli explains [*]his spokesman.

because it is grab the water » condemned by the community. While France is going through an unprecedented drought, and water restrictions have been imposed in various cities of the country, golf courses have taken advantage of the exceptions that have allowed them to remain in the water. The reason: the cost of maintaining these foundations. Since the beginning of August, the Kirikou collective has requested Completely stop watering golf courses ». But the controversy is still escalating. In solidarity with the Kirikou group »On August 13, a group claiming to be from Extinction Rebellion planted vegetables in the holes of two golf courses in Limoges. bring back the water » where The end of the golf course…there’s no more water » Can we read this time on vegetables.

In this drought context, we find water wastage shockingElijah says. While restrictions are everywhere, with a hundred municipalities supplied by tanker trucks or bottles, golf courses get waivers for watering their greens. » For those who will tell them that plugging the holes is unexpected, Eli answers them with numbers from a 2002 Senate report: According to the latest report, the average water consumption of an 18-hole golf course requires 5,000 cubic meters per day, or the equivalent of that of 12,000 Frenchmen. France now has more than 700 buildings.

condemn unjust attacks » In the media, the French Golf Federation on August 8 specified that the figure of 5,000 cubic meters per day was 36.5 times higher than reality ». but also in case of drought, Only vegetables (necessary to maintain the cycle) are watered »and they do not represent only 1 to 2 % of total golf area ».

Distinguished comfort »

Dealing with golf courses, not other water-intensive sports, is no accident. exactly the contrary. For the Kirikou group, the most harmful thing is that these exceptions were granted to Distinctive entertainment » and on The pleasure of the bourgeois elite »According to the petition launched by the group. It is now necessary to be concrete, to attack the show, not the consumers: if there was no golf, not many people would miss it. It’s time to stop special cases »Elijah says. In 2021, the French Golf Federation acquired 436,846 licensees, and they trained on more than 700 buildings. a Abolishing the culture of the rich for the sake of food culture »denounced the Extinction Rebellion in Limoges on August 13.

Actions taken on vegetables It also serves to highlight the social injustice caused by climate change: it first affects the poorest, such as farmers. There is no There is no climate justice without social justice »according to Extinction Rebellion, whose number of people who joined Kirikou is still unknown.

Anonymous, this summer’s Kirikou members gather alleging Of all origins and of all ages, who come together only physically for the proceedings »Eli says. By the disproportionate means implemented to suppress the smallest actions, we risk too much by acting without a maskThe spokesperson confirms. The goal is not to sacrifice our lives, but to live better. The only limit to our actions is not to cause human harm. »

The group does not intend to stop there. Because since their actions, exceptions have not been withdrawn and golf courses are still open. Keriko launched a petition to the government, already signed by nearly 2,100 people, calling for a ban on golf course irrigation. Public policies should aim to reduce the suffering of as many people as possibleElijah says. It is up to politics to make choices for the greater good. »

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