World champion Italy, the Frenchman stumbles on the last lap

Like their female counterparts last week, the French players signed their weakest last round in which they approached with earnest hope to join the fight for the title. At the end of a stunning final lap, the Italians took their lead over Sweden, who won the title last week in the women’s class.

From our special correspondent, Philip Hermann,

Preparing your starting roster for Round 4 of the World Amateur Tag Team Championship is not as easy as your club’s medal on Sunday. 72 countries, 216 players, three in each country, two rounds of #1 and #10 taken… The parameters are too numerous to explain in a few words.

Starting at hole 1 in reverse order of the rankings, the leaders – Sweden (-23), Italy (-22), and the United States (-22) – distributed their three players in the last three matches ending today.

In front of them, Martin Kufra, Julian Sale and Tom Vilan defending France (-21), accompanied by the Spaniards (-19) and the Japanese (-22). With these six states in a pocket napkin (two shots), the final stage promised to be hot. The service will be provided to the public.

Smooth departure. France is not giving up.

First, the friendly morning sky was a little heavy with scattered rain as a bonus and a light breeze, removing some dents from the track of the 2018 Ryder Cup and 2024 Olympics.

At 4 exit, par 4 on the greenest point of the club, Italy is still at the same level as Spain, a slight gap then separates them from Japan again in the lead with Sweden at -24, followed by France by a point. Italy, USA.

No great escape so far, with the exception of Ireland, who left at 8am and with a -5 best provisional score, climbed eight places.

be balanced

An hour after confronting him, Julian Sal planted a third bird and France went to -23 as Sweden. The lines finally started moving. USA led at -4 after six holes in the lead at -26 before losing two points.

Italy (Petro Bovary who inquired about six birds on the first seven holes) and Sweden passed out front at -25, all intrigued by Norway’s sudden “climb” to -6 at the start of the 11 for a total of -24, then Japan back to -22 from the start . ” They said in Italian, “We have nothing to lose.” So we played more relaxed than the day before. It can be useful sometimes “.

The “leaders” declared Italy in the lead, but Florioli’s score at 9 remained empty and thus his total in the first leg was 30. Not bad for a 17-year-old, but what did he actually play on this hole: – 1, 0, +1? Finally, our observation was taken into account at the beginning of the thirteenth century, as it was a bird and the Italians went to -29, and are now tied to the Swedes face to face.

A handful of holes from the net, the Americans and the Norwegians, with four strokes behind, could only hope for the podium, and the French didn’t make it to the end of a dream having prepared well, but not at the level of their previous trips, before that. Japan’s return to Earth.

Undoubtedly the French, who have moved on to contend for the title on home soil after a good week, will be able to feel some regret with their sixth place finish.

hot potatoes

The battle for the lead over the Eisenhower Cup raged to the finish between Italy and Sweden, which passed the controls like a hot potato.

The eagle of Roveri at the age of 14 and the ghost of Johnson. Italy is now second. Peter said. « Via Roma é aperta Luigi smiles… The trans-Alpine was unyielding at -31.

Strokes in front of you and two holes to play. Sweden won’t do the double after their success in the Espirito Santo Cup, the women’s version of the tournament, but little consolation Tobias Johnson pushed the amazing Taiga Semekawa into the singles rankings.

The United States held onto the third place, with slightly rickety Norway, Spain and France sharing the chocolate medal.

The next edition is in Dubai in 2023 to keep up with the postponed edition due to the impact of Covid.

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