Barbecue, jet-setting, private pools and golf courses: a trivial back to school

Posted on September 3, 2022

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According to sponsored media, the barbecue and diet are worthy of controversy. Sandrine Rousseau urges us to ” Changing the mindset so that eating BBQ steak is no longer a symbol of masculinity “.

It is not that a barbecue could make a fire in our countryside at the end of the dry summer period. No: it is meat food that would be a characteristic of manhood and that would pollute. Rousseau’s proposal tempts Julien Bayot (EELV) and Clémentine Autain (LFI). According to them, we must change our mentality, become asexual angels, or if we fail to do so, we feed on some wild non-GMO seed.

Only communist Fabian Russell – the new hero of good expensive food – shows a strange remnant of common sense in this case: ” We eat meat according to what we have in our wallet, not what we have in our panties or our underwear. He’s right. Journalist Emmanuel Ducros notes that attendance at butchery departments in the cut has fallen in supermarkets and hypermarkets by 25% due to inflation.

There are many other things of importance that raise the thumbnail of those who live on other people’s money. And therefore , ” It’s time to ban private jets.” Julian Baio, who is also critical of the irrigation of golf courses and private swimming pools.

And now Emmanuel Macron is going there with the moral spirit of prediction.” The end of abundance, the end of recklessness, the end of evidence “.

Waiting for the end of the bean…

The evidence is that government and elected officials make a lot of noise by discussing minor issues and bragging about their lack of insight on major issues.

Inflation is not transient and does happen. It was expected, as well as the rebound of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

The wholesale price of electricity in the futures market (maturity date of 2023) was 1,000 euros per megawatt-hour compared to 85 euros a year ago.

Acting on the crazy “whatever the price” policy, the government limited the increase to 4% thanks to a “tariff shield” that now costs around 40-50 billion euros. It is a shield that will cost us an arm.

Power transmission explodes in flight since switching to all-electric becomes expensive, even as production follows, something that has never been won over.

The end of other people’s money and their magic money

The problem with socialism is to end up someday after you’ve spent it allother people’s money Margaret Thatcher said at the time.

Apparently it was a long time ago (1979) when the IMF arrived at the bedside of the United Kingdom, saddled with debt and devastated by the Labor Party.

In France, for half a century we have considered it more convenient to resort to public debt than the money of others, that is, the money of the taxpayers. The last budget surplus dates back to 1974.

This magic money – when you go into debt at negative or zero rates – makes it possible to finance all the nonsense and changes in mindset that the elite consider necessary. Including communication campaigns for family planning (another topic of the back-to-school debate).

But the tide is now turning (not at producing wind turbines).

Imagine the French state’s borrowing rates frankly starting to take off. We are at 2.2% over 10 years. International investors sell their sovereign bonds, earning them 7% less inflation. Do they change their mindset too?

Consequences: The financing and refinancing of successive errors begins to pay off when one “rolls over” more than 2,500 billion euros in public debt, a large part of which is linked to inflation.

Mr Macron is right: it really is the end of neglect and exuberance in this aspect.

Forget about barbecues, golf courses, airplanes, private pools, pregnant men, and other nonsense: we’re on our way to a major financial crisis, as I explain in my latest book. And there is no need to count on those who brought us down the wall of debt to save us.

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