Gym: New features for CSMG Dieppe’s always-aspirational

After seeing the Raya team become vice-champions of France, CSMG Dieppe leaves with strong ambitions for the new season. (© Archives / Les Information Dieppoises)

What a birthday!

CSMG Dieppe celebrated its 50th anniversary In the most beautiful way.

By accumulating titles, podiums and honors at all levels of competition last season.

The beginning of the new school year presents itself in good conditions for The club is headed by Jay Rowland

After an almost exceptional season, even if we know it will be difficult to do better, we are still ambitious. In the short term we should aim at the higher national level. Therefore, I trust Mathilde Thomassen, the technical director of the club, and her technical team. It makes sense to have athletic requirements while still wanting to accommodate as many kids as possible.

Jay RolandHead of CSMG Dieppe

Training ten hours a week

As CSMG President Dieppe talks about the future at a national level for the flag team in two years’ time, Mathilde Thomassen wants to be more ambitious.

She is convinced that Dieppe FC can join the major leagues from the start of the 2023 school year and it doesn’t stop there.

This season, our aim is to qualify two teams for the French Federal Championship with at least one podium. Likewise, with the chicks rising in the category, we can probably play a third team in Federal A and also have high goals in A2.

To give himself the means to his ambitions, CSMG Dieppe will still be relied upon by vice-gymnasts in France by teams who have all fallen for a new adventure, but that’s not all.

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Opening the department with flexible hours is an important asset In the progress of the club.

Young elements will train fourteen hours a week, which is a guarantee of success.

In CSMG Dieppe, Guy Roulland also wants Quantity related to quality.

Training has practically not stopped during the summer and promotional actions will double in the coming weeks.

I would be satisfied if we get to 275 licensees. We are looking for a civil service to complete our already highly qualified personnel. I am sure all conditions are in place for a successful season. I guarantee good financial management and Mathilde (Thomassin) manages the technical aspects perfectly, especially in the partnership she forms with Thierry Dumuchelle.

Parkour for girls and boys

Another new thing this season is the creation of the parkour section, a particularly stunning system that can be likened to (ancient) urban stunts.

Club Flag team member, Betty Marie will be responsible for this department

She proposed the process of discovering parkour, which was quite successful. In parkour, there are jumps, acrobatics, sensations … and this is for both girls and boys from the age of 11. There will be two sessions on Friday, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for children aged 6-10 and from 6 :30 to 8 p.m. for children ages 11 to 15.

Don’t forget Betty Marie also that she is CSMG Dieppe’s flag team leader and meditates Win the national title Having finished second with his girlfriends a few weeks ago at Kindarena.

And the same for Laura Ferrell, another member of this group the Vice-Champion of France who will leave Dieppe for her studies, but only for her studies

I’ll go to Staps in Rouen, but of course I’ll stay at CSMG Dieppe. It’s kind of my second home. I want to help the club by continuing to train the youngest.

Laura Ferrell

So sporting ambitions are important in Federal A, but also in Federal B as Océane Castelain once again explains.

We’ve gone from 10 to 25 gyms at this level with most of the girls from last year, rookie juniors and fun girls who have passed the competition tests. With Elodie (Désenclos), we will enter two teams and if discovering the world of competition is the first goal, then there will certainly be real sporting ambitions in the various competitions of the season.

Ocean Castle

As we can see, between the novelty and the solid chassis, CSMG Dieppe is still gearing up for a good season.

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