How was the first women’s gymnastics division of Allier born fifty years ago?

One day in 1972, two friends went knocking on the door of youth and sports. Lillian Allier and Odette Marc, both of the Bourbon family, have made it clear that they want to set up a women’s maintenance department in Moulins. Newness: “It didn’t exist at the time!” Lilian Allier recalled. “While it is critical that you maintain your mobility at a certain age, but also on the streak. I have noticed that women between the ages of 35 and 40 tend to be overweight, after successive pregnancies, despite all the exercise they do. They do it daily, wash clothes by hand or take the kids to school on foot, but we didn’t. We have all the machines we have today. I saw the adult gym is there when we were in Nice for my husband’s business. The youth and sports understood our approach, and public health, and help us, in particular by “lending us” leaders, and young people in training.mine pictures

Push-ups and sit-ups

It was for pedaling, push-ups, belly work, ball work or jump ropes. The courses are accessible to everyone. “We set the ras-les-daisies contribution, at 5 francs a quarter, if I remember correctly. We paid not for the rooms, which were provided to us by associations like ASPTT, the Bourbonnaise, but also the town halls, and all the administrators were volunteers. [c’est toujours le cas]. What allowed us to really get through, was very important to us.”

At that time, there was no “running” or a gym, physical activities were for competition and women were more “in the kitchen”: “There was a lot of gymnastics, basketball or volleyball, but for young people it was training” .

Classes fill up quickly, through word of mouthmine pictures

Soon the idea of ​​a gym for all women seduced, “by word of mouth. We ended up with seventy-eight members at the end of the year. At each session, there was another girl who came to say, “I’m interested!” They really had no clothes, So they were in tracksuits, some kind of black stockings, black clothes. Then we had the color. Then they “dared” to come in shorts… At first, we had two hours a week, then four hours… “Let’s get to about Sixty hours later, fifty years later.mine pictures

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Gradually, the Facilitators of Tomorrow appeared among the members: “The Sports Federation made it possible for everyone we joined to train and turn professional. With one caveat, it could never have been more than an increase, because we only give a few hours a week to each.”
Like Ghislaine, who gave lessons between 1976 and 1997: “You had to offer your services to other associations. With other structures, like ASPTT, I was able to give three hours of lessons a day.”mine pictures

men too

In 1975 the guys also wanted to have their oath: Gérard Allier, Lillian’s husband and a regular runner (probably the father of running in Moulins), so he worked in that direction, before creating the Marathon of the Islands in 1986, qualifying for the French Championships. ALG, which became the City of Molinoise Recreation and Gymnastics Federation (Mine) in 1988, took charge of its organization for thirty years, before handing control over to Entente Athlétique Moulins Yzeure Avermes (Eamya) in 2016.

some dates

1972 Establishment of a “Physical Activities and Sports Center”. The structure was later hailed at the General Assembly of Strikes, founded by Roland Devisy and affiliated with the French Federation of Physical Training in the Modern World.

1988 On June 17, the founding general assembly of the Molinoise Recreational Gymnastics Association was held, Mine, which flies its first wings: 13 animators and 488 members then.

1992 It is the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the association. It is also the year of the Winter Olympics in Albertville. On January 15, the Olympic flame passed through Moulins.

1994 Mother and Child Coursealgae pictures

2000s. 2002, 938 members; 2004, 1.056; 2006, 1.160…

always runningLilian and Gerard Allier, two of the founders of Mine.

Although they have taken a step back today within the association, the Allier couple, aged 84 and 83, have not given up physical activity and remain a role model for all. Lillian recovers from a fall and walks a lot. As for Girard, he runs “ten kilometers every two days. I’m about 120,000 kilometers away.” She’ll soon be “on her third world tour,” Lillian smiles.
Their child, Mine, will have more than 700 licensees in 2021, 89% of whom will be women, determines Mireille Burtin, the association’s current president. “We went up to 1,100 in 2015 and 2018.”

Thirteen paid coaches and one volunteer share the lessons that spread out the week, from Monday 9:30 a.m. to Saturday 9 a.m. “In fifty years we have organized ourselves, developed, expanded our offering, and started with water activities, yoga, parent-child activities…”
Maintaining shape, abs and buttocks, Nordic walking for beginners or adapted, stretching, relaxation, yoga, Pilates, water games, aerobic exercises, abdominal exercises, sheathing, hydrophobia …
The schedule for this year’s workshops has been revealed. Registration can be done online at

Mathilde Duchâtel

Gérard Allier, the figure of the unionist world of the conglomerate

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