Sports federations presented their activities during Saturday Sports in Nevers

Among the sports federations in attendance, Saturday 3 September, during Sports Saturday, at Roger Salingro Park, US soccer team Les Arcers (from the name Neverné which designates the Hornet), is in full transition, which it hopes to attract boys and girls. Daughters.

As in rugby, all formats are accepted, and each place on Earth requires different qualities.

The protections used to ensure complete security are rented by the club.

For those who prefer to play offline, there is a football section.

The two disciplines are mixed and women are welcomed into the teams where they are in an excellent state of mind.

Frisbee is funUltimate and disc’golf with Frisb’it

If Frisbee has a reputation as a beach game, Frisb’it Club in Nevers dusts off the landscape.

This high-tech and physical sport offers two disciplines: final, a team showdown between two mixed teams and in self-judging, and disc’golf, thanks to the course held in Rosa-Bonheur Park at the beginning of the summer. It consists, according to the principle of golf, of throwing a frisbee into a basket at the end of a previously drawn course.

The 20 licensees train at Ray Stadium (opposite Pierre Beregovoy Hospital) on Tuesday evening.

Those wishing to experience an exciting adventure are welcome, minors must be accompanied by a parent.

What if we run early??Nevers is the home of the morning

All too often, leisure practitioners regret having to run in the evening after their workday.

A group of runners found the solution by offering regular runs in the morning hours.

Nevers Morning Footing gives everyone a chance to meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:15am, in front of Intersport (Saint-Arigle Market), to start a sports day.

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For three-quarters of an hour and at their own pace, early risers can complete a 7- to 8-km route.

All levels are accepted without registration and the activity is completely free.

Tango, but not only

For ten years, Carmen has been giving tango lessons at the dance and yoga center, Rue Saint-Exupéry.

His association Passionnément Tango consists of dancers who also learn the philosophy of tango, born on the streets of Argentina.

This is the reason why any dancer, even if alone, is accepted, for men serve as knights for whomever he desires.

There are two classes in the program, Saturday afternoons from 2pm-6pm, beginners first and intermediate class at 3:30pm.

Once a month, a course is prepared, in the evening, a milonga ball.Tango with passion

rolling discipline

Roller Club Nivernais offers several disciplines so that everyone can have fun on inline or quad skates: speed, free ride, roller hockey, roller dancing, and even freestyle scooter or hockey.

There is also an apprenticeship school from the age of four for reckless young children who learn the basics in complete safety before choosing one or more majors.

Sunday is reserved for families. All these activities take place in the Faidherbe gymnasium and in the skate park for free activities in a friendly atmosphere.Nevernes Roller Club

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