Worlds 2022: Italy crowned and France 6

Marco Florioli returned the best result of the day on the Italian side.

Ciamo Campione del Mundo! » In the eighteenth aisle, the Italian festivities have already begun Filippo Celliin the last part, he had just faced at the age of 18. His teammates Marco Florioli And the Pietro Bovary, as well as all Transalpine employees, went to join him in delivering the news, then semi-official. Moments later, the Swede’s second shot Tobias Johnson She finishes her race at the foot of the mast, but not in the pit: Italy is already the world champion! For the first time in its history in 32 editions, the Squadra Azzurra presents itself with the ultimate title of world amateur golf, which to date has not returned the lowest medal in this competition. “It feels unbelievable, it is really beautiful!” Comments by Floriuli, the youngest member of the team, author of the flaming card of 65 (-6) virgins of no ghost. “It is great to be teaming up with Filippo and Pietro, they are two great boys! The three of us get along very well and form a very united team. We have really supported each other and helped each other this week and the fact that we are united is definitely key.”

Combined with the Bergamasque card, Bovari 68 (-3) allows Italy to play -9 today to win at -31, a small step ahead of Sweden. For their part, the Scandinavians came close to achieving a historic double a week after their daughters won theEspirito Santo Cup. dress like yesterday San Nom La Britque By excellent Tobias Johnson, author of 66 (-5) and well helped by 69 (-2) of World No. 3 Ludwig ObergHowever, the yellow and blue (-7 days) will be able to bear some regret compared to the bogey of the first until 17, or the bogey of the second until 18 … In the third tier of the podium at -27 we finally found United (-5 days)Austin Greaser (67) and Gordon Sargent (70), and then will not go home a Eisenhower Cup Which has eluded them since 2014 now.

A “half-full” week for the blues

Tom Valiant

Tom Vaillant signed the seventh singles score this week (-13).

It is not the case of the French, unfortunately, who can legitimately claim repeated exploitationAlexander LevyAnd the Johan Lopez Lazaro And the Roman Wattel 2010 in Argentina. The Blues gave their fans everything they had, but that wasn’t enough. Despite a very good start (-3 after 6 holes) Julian Cel He couldn’t keep up with the pace, dropping the ghost on the eighth and then on the eleventh before taking the water on the fifteenth from which he came out with a terrible quadruple ghost. With 75 (+4) not counted in the team’s score, France had to rely on its other players for the following matches. After fourteen consecutive mare, Martin Kovra Complete the last four holes at +2 to return 73 frustrated (+2). Tom ValiantFinally, he recovered well from a bogey in 1, grabbing the birds in 8, 14 and 16, but 69 (-2) did not allow his team to finish sixth (-21), behind Norway (-25) and Spain (-23).

“It’s a week half over. We came to perform, to produce the level of play to be the world champions, and what we did wasn’t enough. After that, I think not many people would have bet on us that much even if we knew the tournaments, and we proved that the ranking didn’t mean anything and that we We have a place among the best in the world.”A Cannes-Mougins player commented. “It’s a shame you’re sixth. Sure, there are people who signed up for it at the start of the week, but from the moment you start a cycle, expectations fade: you’re there to crash, nothing else. It didn’t happen, and that’s a shame.” Despite the slight and legitimate disappointment that they didn’t win the world title in their country, the Blues could certainly come out of the competition with their heads held high, and they’ve scheduled a date with a crowd national golf Which they will meet again in just three weeks on the occasion Open the French quesofor which they should all benefit from an invitation: It was still something special to experience. Those two and a half years passed quickly, and the championship is even more so! I hope to quickly recover those feelings from the French Open, where we will come to perform.”Tom Vaillant Promises.

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