Jimmy Butler was in Lausanne and hit basketball with the locals. a story!

An incredible story was discovered on September 4, 2022 near Lausanne. Imagine yourself quietly making a few throws at your favorite court on a Sunday afternoon, when suddenly… Jimmy Butler arrives on your field and offers you a little game between friends. I’m not sure few locals expected this type of day this weekend by sending their morning Chocapic, but it is certain and certain that this day will remain etched in their memory for a long time. We tell you all this from the inside because we have informants everywhere.

The story was reported with the benevolent assistance of Jean-Claude Porte, a player and an active member of the Lausanne basketball community

If you have been closely following the summer news of your favorite NBA players, you know that all-star Jimmy Butler is currently in France. why ? Well to spend the beginning of September among the old cheese factories and cellars. More seriously, if a Heat player is in France, it is for several reasons. The first is that he is a huge fan of football and especially PSG, a gossip that we won’t talk about more today because here we are clearly stuck in Bruno N’Gotty’s tenure at the futbol level. The second reason Jimmy is in Gaul, a little more formal? It’s an aisle planned for Monday, September 5th by the side of the NBA Store in Paris, just to promote the Big League a bit and take some photos with the underworld.

This is what we know.

What did we not know? It is before going to shine in the capital, Jamie treated himself a little farther for a few days, a little further south and a little further east, specifically towards…Lausanne, with our dear Swiss neighbours. Lausanne, its poetic surroundings, its cabbage sausage, its nostril-nose air and its enchanting 140,000 inhabitants. Why Jimmy Butler in Lausanne? and how? Questions abound, we’re told JB is a watch brand ambassador and that explains it, but the fact remains that a lucky few manage to find themselves completely by chance with an NBA star planting buckets on their faces.

Lausanne, Middle-earth Atmosphere and Gandalf on Horseback.

Any story that requires a specific location: the adventure we’re going to tell you about takes place at Vidy’s Playground.

Come, come, come, come, that’s what you can happily say if you visit the stadium asphalt in this beautiful corner of Lausanne. A charming small town bordered by Lake Leman to the north, Lausanne is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Vaud, and houses, among other things, the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. There you go, you can take it on a social evening, it always makes its mark.

And within Lausanne, there is a Fide. Vidi, a neighborhood of the city where there are not only cows, banks and cars with eleven characters. Vidy is also a tie where there are men who give it to each other outdoors as soon as the sun rises. We can repeat the same words in Clint Capella, Switzerland loves basketball and basketball loves Switzerland. Like Jean-Claude, the regular at the place where the battalion was also unknown. It must be said that as administrator of .’s Facebook page Fede Basket Lausannewe have already met on the Internet as young people say, and even on the occasion of 3 x 3 events, it was in another life.

But how do we get to this damned story? Well by your photo really, who was browsing the predecessor of the trombinscopes (Facebook), and discovered these amazing photos: Jimmy Butler, in a Swiss stadium. Immediately after finishing the coffee, I called Jean-Claude to give him a kiss, it had been a long time, and therefore to find out more about this story. Jean-Claude moves on, nicely, as always, and after a few minutes of discussion, the latter gives me a summary of everything via email.

After an hour, what will I get?

Vide is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Right in front of Evian. The stadium is a short walk from the recently renovated IOC World Headquarters. We share the venue with beach volleyball and a skate park, so there is always Great atmosphere, especially since this year they set up a small group where you can have drinks afterwards.Vidy is a bit like an old fashioned playground.Few people warn before coming because there are always people around, it runs every night in summer.No need to organize. We play with the players present who change every night, even if there are regular players.

Another aspect of the old playground is that the profiles are very different. Club players deal with players who only knew the field. There are young and old…there is a good spirit in general but it is still a playing field, so you have to force yourself. It’s normal for regulars but a bit scary for some who don’t know! »

I just started reading and we are already feeling the next legendary tipping point. Exploiting a few square meters to play the ball wasn’t enough for the area’s most enthusiastic basketball player, so JC made sure to bring together some enthusiastic players like himself. Because something is different at the lake’s edge, and because locals deserve to watch real basketball from time to time:

“Since 2017 and the launch of the Facebook group, we have created a small community and recreated the image of the stadium. The people are back, the city has changed the signs and circles and is even planning to create two additional 1/2 3×3 stadiums. The stadium has become the largest in Switzerland that Red Bull has been organizing on Over the past two years the Swiss stage of its 3×3 World Championships is there. Thabo Sefolosha participated in this year’s edition. With the community, we launched a team this year in the Local Corporate Championship, a tournament we won!”

Jimmy Butler’s visit to Vidi

5 September 2022

How is this pitch? It’s beautiful.

If we investigated (and imagined) all summer what the NBAers could do, this story is very true. The guy who not long ago battled LeBron James in the NBA Finals played for an hour with the stunned Natives, and once again it’s our very own private reporter who says:

We learned that he had been in Lausanne since at least Tuesday and that he was staying at the Hotel Beau Rivage, one of the two big châteaus in Lausanne. We had seen pictures of him on the (Olympic Museum) networks. Well-informed, he toured all the facilities in Lausanne during his stay: Vallée de la jeunesse (Main room in Lausanne, 3×3 center in Beaulieu (new 3×3 room and also 5×5) or Team Lausanne 3×3 (take a tour). Around the World 3 x 3 trains), in the private room of an American coach based in Lausanne and finally Vide!

On Sunday at the end of the afternoon, he arrived at Vidy Stadium, without any prior contact. He was accompanied by a security member, 2-3 friends, and a photographer/photographer. He shot for a long time, and the guard asked us not to take pictures. The Swiss are generally popular with celebrities, because the bad guys are usually respectful and not at all intrusive. And that was the case yesterday, the players continued to play on the other courts, and of course they frequently watched the sight of the NBA star shooting a few meters away from them. At one point, he stopped the shooting session and invited the players to play a few matches.

For those who know the beast a bit, Jimmy Butler is what one might call a competitor, in the animalistic sense of the term. There are many examples, from beefing up with all the Timberwolves to his screaming match last season with Udonis Haslem in Miami, through dozens of headaches on the floor since the start of his career. great news, So, Jimmy is in town as well as on stage, and he didn’t hesitate to scramble – a bit – the lucky ones who crossed his path on Sunday:

Get together with his available partners and start playing. And the opposite part, stop all the other games and all the players come close to watching and trying to play. He restricted the victories, calculating the result himself. He didn’t talk much, and gave instructions (positioning, etc.) to his teammates. He still lost a match, against us in fact (the picture you sent me is the match in question). He cut his teammates (me too) a little by saying I was only “5ft 10” (when I’m 6’2!!!) and that they should attack me. cad. Substitutions twice caused me to be defensive. I told him “Be nice, I’m 46”, he pushed a little, did some steps, did some dance moves and he scored an easy goal. But we still won in the end.

He was a bit revered and cut his teammates but nothing more. He checked, and I thanked him for being there. That’s it. Honestly he was playing at 10%, we were suspicious of that. We had no intention of staying on the field at all, so after the game, we did like everyone else, we moved to the side, opened our eyes wide and loved seeing him play hoping to see him do crazy things. He was really there on vacation mode (that’s what he said by the way). He didn’t promote his coming, much to the 20 Minutes newspaper I spoke to on the phone a few minutes ago (they’re going to write an article). Little communication, not very expressive.

After a few more matches, he and his team were quietly joined by their driver who was waiting for them in the parking lot. He was supposed to be in Paris today at the NBA store from what he said.

That’s it. It’s just one of those moments when you feel like time stands still. Sorry for not giving you more in the anecdotes, he got his teammates involved a lot. Somebody you’d better crush us.

Jimmy Butler

A magical shot nearly hung according to the words of the attendees. Evidence also that men who earn millions who can sometimes seem to live on another planet… can also enjoy very simple things. And you, if not, what did you do yesterday afternoon?

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