Sports, Culture and Leisure Forum: Karate, Tennis, Gymnastics, Rowing… The federations take the floor!

The highlight of La Ferté-sous-Jouarre … The Forum for Sports, Culture and Leisure was eagerly awaited by ferrettois and frettortes. Cultural, sports or social … all municipal unions met in The two riversfrom 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 3 September 2022. Did you miss this appointment? Don’t panic! From 2 pm to 5 pm, The associations followed each other into our microphone. catch up session!

from 18 months, pony club Children are welcome. Between horses and ponies, the club offers Entertainment as competition for all levels. regularly, baptism trial organized by the club. The school operates under the same motto of the leitmotif: the good. Between the rider and his horse, osmosis occurs after several training sessions. Do you want to join the adventure? Feel free to contact them via email at (Club President: Jean-Sebastien Gorse).

Do you want to be the next Gaël Monfils or the next Caroline Garcia? Try tennis! Children, youth, adults and the elderly… Whether for entertainment or competition, the club offers thematic courses. Goal ? You have the same abilities as Roger Federer at the end of the season! Want to test? Wednesday 7 September and Saturday 10 September, The club offers supervised experiences Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., on the occasion of open days. At Fertois Tennis Club, a star is already dreaming of tennis lessons Roland Garros : Pablo ! Player will follow closely … more information by phone at 01 60 22 11 14.

bachataKizumba salsasamba Suelta And Puerto Rico…in Couple or individuallyDancing is a good way to decompress. with Cliff CalienteLatin dances accessible to everyone Teens and adults. Workshops, evenings and events… Cliff Caliente It offers many activities throughout the year. The club’s keynote? Friendliness! Want to try dancing? Contact the association via email at Even after a gloomy day, dancing warms the spirits!

between Karate (Shokakai) and Body Karate… The Karate Club is available for both of them More children than adults. In a few lessons, children gain self-confidence. martial art requires To get a good cardio workout For karate and body. A dynamic club that honors its members with benevolence and education. Registrations are open here.

  • French Boxing Club Savate – Kangaroo Club

La Ferté-sous-Jouarre Historic Club, kangaroo club Supervises licensees for leisure as well as for competition. discipline fist feet (Use of feet and fists during combat) Open in competition to licensees from the age of 18, after acquiring techniques. Thanks to the coaches, children and teens are completely safe. In the club, many stars appear Valentine’s Day (Champion of France) Megan Amouri (Champion of France in Elite A) and roman Who Should Compete in the French Espoire Championship? Heroes to follow very soon. More information by email to

  • Virtoise Gymnastics Association

Whether it’s for fun or competition… Virtoise Gymnastics Association It welcomes both children and teenagers. Children’s gym, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics… Fertois Club offers mixed activities. After several training sessions… the licensees were able to connect Different techniques in rhythm with music. A complete sport that requires rigor and regularity. More information via email at

La Ferté-sous-Jouarre Historic Club, virtoise pedal He is 89 years old. From the age of 4, cycling can be practiced at any age. whether for entertainment or competitionThe club offers several training courses according to your abilities and goals. To compete, you need You have the heart and stamina. the difficulty? Adapt and ride at all times but with access home coachCyclists can also train at home. Few of the stars will follow at this club… This Sunday, September 11th, road racing Organized in Seven spells (IPACS Award).

whether for entertainment or competition… The Basketball It is a municipal historical club. From the age of 5, players are turning away from their strength and Record some hoops After a week of study. From children to the elderly, the club welcomes all the curious. Do you want to be the next Tony Parker? Go on an adventure and try basketball!

  • climb virtoise wild country

Are you young or old and want to try rock climbing? Whether it is in the climbing structure Picherettes Gymnasium or outdoors, Climbing Fertoise Pays de Brie Welcome all profiles! Climbing enthusiasts or adventure seekers… Climbing is an activity that takes us to heights. Do you want to try rock climbing? Contact the President via e-mail at If you suffer from vertigo, do not panic! training after training, Fear is running away To make room for the fun of climbing.

at dawn Paris Olympics (2024) … Rowing is growing in popularity in Seine-et-Marne. to me Ferris sur MarneThe naval base will host several Olympic competitions. A daydream for local and licensed club members. to me La Ferte-sous-JouarreThe rowing circle arguing regularly over Marne To walk in a friendly atmosphere. From the age of 16 or 18, youngsters can venture into the world of kayaking. More information via email to

An entertaining and competitive billiards game… Fertois Club is particularly distinguished by Sen et Marn. titled French Billiards FederationThe club can train members in any educational asset. his privacy? The French billiards, one of the most difficult found. More information by email at

  • Sports and Recreation Association for All

racket games gymnasticsescalation MTBrowing bow throwingand golf and swimming… The club offers many activities throughout the year. From the age of 3 years, in different time periods, Both children and teenagers They are welcomed in a friendly atmosphere to let off steam or relax during school holidays. In general, the association collects a little more 1000 members. More information by mail to

  • Sports, Culture and Entertainment Forum

I’m so glad people are rediscovering the joy of exercising again and changing their minds.. » Recognized by Fertois, The forum allowed residents to discover new activity Sports or cultural activities with the family.

Football, Basketball, Cycling, Rugby… What is the routineUgo Peseta ? ” Every morning, between half an hour and an hour, I do my little gym. I do cardio in my basement with my wife. Then the weekend I get out and go jogging or cycling. I do this daily practice. “The mayor athlete switches between several sports practices to keep fit.

  • La Fertoise – All for Pink October

In the township pavilion, residents managed to register no virtuise, the legendary appearance of the city. ” Still too many women (and some men) aren’t Not notified of the examination breast cancer. » While running or walking, Exercise for a good cause. ” Obviously I’ll be there for a run or a walk. “Last year, just over 16,000 euros were raised for Association against cancer.

On Sunday, October 9, the participants of La Fertoise – Tous pour Octobre Rose returned with the same goal: to collect as many donations as possible. Registrations are open. A major event in town not to be missed!

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