Thanks to the artificial greenery, the Puy-de-Dôme golf course does not use water and continues the transmission of energy.

When Jean-Claude Delmas designed the Conlat golf course in 2012, he had the avant-garde idea of ​​putting in artificial green plants. This innovation, denounced at the time, takes on its full meaning today because the Konlat golf course does not consume a liter of water per year to keep its course. In fact, around the artificial greens, the fairways (the part of the playing field where the grass is maintained) are subject to logical mowing and adaptation to climatic conditions.

Participation in the citizen’s environmental budget

The rough land (part of the land that has not been maintained) is left fallow until July to preserve the animals that colonize it. The mowing is then done by a local grower who recovers the hay free from any phytosanitary treatment.

Difficulty returning to the golf course sources in the Puy de Dome

For the past two years, the golf has been run by the Konlat Golf Club (ASGC). Thanks to its participation in the Citizen’s Environmental Budget (BEC) for the Puy-de-Dôme Provincial Council in 2021, the ASGC was able to restore seven existing employees on the land and plant one hundred trees. Serfs are now colonized by aquatic animals which can be easily observed during the trip on the 3 kilometer long course located throughout the golf course and accessible free of charge. Tritons, salamanders, and other frogs found their way back to these divine water points, fed by prominent springs.

Make your energy move

This year, ASGC is a candidate for BEC 2 in order to support energy transition (installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the clinic, purchase of electric vehicles for maintenance). All these efforts are paying off because the association now has over a hundred members. The attendance figures for this year are already positive: several christenings, green fees, golf soccer matches, about a dozen kids aged 6-15 at the golf school, corporate job board days in Thiers, Ambertoise, Kermontwise…

Cunlhat Golf Sports Association (Puy-de-Dôme), winner of the Environmental Citizen Budget, has begun publishing its project

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Competition. On Saturday, September 10, the Renault Classic will be held at the Konlat Golf Course, supported by the Canefit Garage. In the program: Departure at 9 am: scramble for two, open to all. Competition, driving, precision, mini-game, cocktail presentation and prizes at 5 pm. Lunch on site: €15 per person. 2.30pm: Free first round of golf. All day: Car showroom. Registration before September 7: via email at or by phone at Registration form available at the golf course.

Practice. The golf school offers weekly lessons provided by Mark Lott under the guidance of Gonzalo Toledo, a professional golfer who also offers one-to-one lessons.

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