Basketball. Morgan DeBros: “Ifs model could be in Ligue 2”

Morgan Debrose is pleased to have a slightly more experienced team this season. © Aline Shuttle

Third place in last National Season 1, and thus denied in the race for the playoff matches, CB Ifs prepares for the new workout with the utmost ambition. The club has hired two experienced players, Florin Basque and Jose Ann Johnson, as well as two promising players, Lucille Jerome and Faiza Gumoi. “The project has matured and is finally owned by the players, welcome coach Morgan Depros. The girls know why they are there. He is more meticulous in preparation.” The easy winner in the first two friendlies, the Ifs fell by one point to La Glacierie, in turn, before leaving 39 Point only in Franconville, this Saturday 3rd September 2022 (39-59). Interview with coach Morgan DeBros.

How is the preparation going so far?

We make sure to create a group, first of all, to spend time together, to have a life together, to have real values. After that, there is a lot of physical work, because we have a game that will develop a lot of energy. We are first on a large defensive base. Little by little, we open up to the act of spacing and grouping in the attack.

The team is more experienced than in the past. Should it be treated differently?

It is very clear that I have to adapt my management. I have really evolved in my way of managing a team. There are a lot of things that are changing. I noticed it from the first days. I used to take girls by the hand more, to explain a lot of things to them. There, they do it naturally. The group became more mature and more independent. There is less need for this fun side, even if there is always some, to accept the effort. We won’t hide it, it’s good to have a more mature group.

In this recruiting and preparing for the season, the idea is to learn the lessons of previous years?

We were able to play the playoffs three years ago, and we finished third last year with some of the same mistakes always. Each time, these teams are able to walk all the way through the tournament but falter when the pressure hits and when the hot matches come in. We put in different things and prepare to ensure the team is prepared for big deadlines. It’s not just about being a team that puts in the energy to create energy. We have been learning for four years. The point of the game is not to make the same mistakes.

this to say?

We need more calm and confidence and more demands on the simple things. Before, we did a lot of things with a lot of energy. Maybe we’ll do fewer things but more accurately. We will try to do simpler things perfectly.

The goal is clear: the playoffs?

The goal is to reach the second stage of the tournament. In N1, there are no playoffs as in Ligue 2, where eighth qualifies. We don’t need to be ready right away when there are play-offs. For us, they are only the first two in the tournament. In addition, we retain the results obtained in the regular season. To be among the first two in N1 you really have to make very few mistakes. With the Coupe de France adding points, it’s no easy feat. We will try to focus on being the best team in every match.

Do you have a lot of pressure to bear?

Yes, in the sense that we have goals. No, because girls are not surprised. They know why they signed up.

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When we talk about “Phase Two”, are we necessarily talking about an ascendant?

There is a will to get to Ligue 2. The club is pushing, a new technical director joins us to put some connections in, and we continue to grow. We feel that Ligue 2 and Ifs are two things that can go together. Not necessarily higher, because it’s impossible to imagine, but Ligue 2 is something that can be achieved. We believe this model could exist in Ligue 2. It is up to us to do our best to place CB Ifs in Ligue 2.

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