Betclic Élite 2022-23 Guide – Blois: Succeed in your first steps

It took time, but ADA Blois is finally in first class. With the intention of signing a long-term lease there. To achieve his goals, GM Julian Monclair and coach Mikael Hay have built a workforce based on well-known players in Loir-et-Cher and foreigners without major references for the most part but likely to reveal themselves in the Blois cocoon.

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finally ! After six seasons in Pro B and two agonizing seasons where the first division doors were violently shut in the face – in 2018 due to a lack of an accredited training center, in 2020 after the end of the season due to the pandemic – Abeille des Aydes is touching the trophy, Betclic Élite.

To achieve this goal, the Blésois had to go through the playoffs, who dreamed of first place in the regular season of Pro B, which is synonymous with direct access to the top floor. But Nancy was superior and Blois finished fourth in the championship (20 wins-14 losses) before successively eliminating Chalons, Vichy Claremont and Antibes to finally win the Moon.

Saved database

To kick off its first season in the Elite, ADA first thanked half of its workforce sealed in Pro B, while retaining high-quality quintet, for perpetuating the club’s spirit: Thomas Cornely, Thimoté Vergiat, Paul Rigot, Mbaye Ndiaye and Tren Johnson (Read below our demo player by player). All under the guidance of the irremovable coach Mikael Hay, who has been in charge of the team since 2016.

Jaime Smith – Canto (Liga A)

On this reliable base, Blois leaders have made the means they have (just over a million euros in payroll according to Julien Monclair, general manager), and made several bets. Thus, combo guard Jaime Smith exits a white season after a major injury, Amadou Soo comes straight from the NCAA and Kiandre Kok knows nothing but the poor Hungarian championship in Europe. Instead, in his favour, in Germany, Chris Covey was put on trial… but” After four preparatory matches and mature reflexes, the staff decided not to proceed despite the good state of mind and qualities on display In full preparation, Blois is looking for a new interior. Note that small restaurant Brice Dessert will try to emphasize upstairs his excellent end of the season with Rouen in Pro B.

Have fun, the first goal

With its limited means, its utter lack of experience in the First Division (only Paul Rigott played there actually, 108 games in five seasons), its bets on recruiting, it’s clear that ADA Blois has maintenance as its number one goal. But Julian Monclair speaks above all about pleasure: “ When you have the opportunity to be here, the point is to take advantage of it. The best way to do this is to fully invest in yourself. and throws away “maintenance target”: We don’t take game by game but day by day. What cohesion are we building, and what work are we doing. This is the DNA of Mickaël and the club. It’s a whole boat but that’s how we go. A target announcement in August for the month of May is useless. It is often far from the truth. »

To survive the Betclic Elite, the Loir-et-Cher Club will be able to count on a loyal and overwhelmed audience, who have already en masse rushed to sign up.A: “In our consumer data, we were hoping to get more than 500 subscribers. We already have it. Add to that the partners that will be close to a thousand. The room is going to be very full, it was expected.”. “It remains that it will not be possible to push the walls and that the Jeu de Paume room will have no more than 2,239 seats. But with their desire to do a good job and devour this recently discovered cake, the Blésois can be a good surprise for the tournament and not only look at their rearview mirror.

The results of the past five seasons

season level balance sheet classification playoffs highest score
2017-18 Pro B 7-7 the first Champion (without upgrade) Tren Johnson (15.4)
2018-19 Pro B 19-15 seventh Quarter-finals Joe Burton (12.4)
2019-20 Pro B 19-4 the first (season off) Tren Johnson (18.4)
2020-21 Pro B 14-20 seventh (canceled) Tren Johnson (14.1)
2021-22 Pro B 14-20 the fourth winner Tren Johnson (14.6)

Off-season changes

under contract : Mbaye Ndiaye (2023), Timothy Vergat (2023), Thomas Cornelli (duration unknown), Paul Rigot (duration unknown), Tren Johnson (extension, 2023), Mikael Hay (coach, 2024)
Access : Jamie Smith (White Season, 2023), Kendry Cook (Sydek/Hungary, 2023), Bryce Desert (Rowan, duration unknown), Amadou Soo (Santa Barbara/NCAA, 2023)
departing : Jean-Fabrice Dusseau (returned from loan, Orléans/Pro-B), Lucas Hergot (Aix Maurienne/Pro-B), Alexis Tanguy (La Rochelle/Pro-B), Kentan Weiss (Saint-Vallier/Pro-B), Laurence Ekberejen (Free), Zeke Moore (Free), Dahabha Magasa (Orchies/NM1), Hugo Bequignon (Vitré/NM1)/Chris Coffey (Access Aborted)

2022-23 season


leaders : Jamie Smith (1.90 m, 33 years old), Thomas Cornelli (1.90 m, 31 years old)
dancing : Kendry Cook (1.96m, 25 years old), Timothy Vergeat (1.88m, 24 years old)
wings : M’baye Ndiaye (2.03m, 23 years old), Paul Rigot (2.01m, 27 years old)
attackers strength : Tren Johnson (2.01 m, 34 years old), ?
axles : Amadou Sow (2.06m, 23 years old), Brice Dessert (2.11m, 19 years old)

Athletic Staff

Fitness Trainer : Michael Hai (48 years old).
Processors: Dominique Reinard (48 years old), Raphael Loy (22 years old)

reception desk

president : Paul Senol (67 years old)
Director general : Julian Monclair (37 years old)

Hall : Jeu de Paume (2,339 seats)


Thomas Corneli
Born June 29, 1991 (31 years old) – 1.90 m – 1st place – French

Pro B stats: 11.0 points on 49.3% two throws, 32.3% three throws, 7.0 assists and 4.3 rebounds for a rating of 16.6 in 30 minutes (34 games)

One of the main beams of Blois’ house with Tren Johnson. Think, his seventh season will start under the colors of the bee! He’s the team’s playmaker, his brain. Third pass from Pro B last year, elected into the Big Five of the season. Trained in Limoges, the Saint-Jean-de-Bray native started in NM2, climbing the ladder one by one, until this year he spotted the Betclic Elite, aged 31.

Thomas Corneille Blois (Nguyen Tuan)

Jamie Smith
Born on July 11, 1989 (age 33) – 1.90 m – 1 – 2 – American

Lega A stats (Italy 2020-21): 14.5 points on 44.8% on shots (including 38.9% on three-pointers), 4.6 assists, 1.6 rebounds for a rating of 13.5 in 29 minutes (22 games)

Sure, the Birmingham (Alabama) native’s biography is full of excellent seasons in Bandirma, Sassari or Kanto, but…

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Opening photo: Mbaye Ndiaye (Photo: Nguyen Tuan)

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