Did François Bayrou help dismiss the director of a basketball club because of his conversion to Islam? – Editing

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You ask us about the issue of Pinheiro’s piety. The American, the former basketball player, spent nearly three months at the helm of Elan Béarnais, a historic club in the municipalities of Pau, Lacq and Orthez (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), this year’s French Cup winner. While Pinheiro has just been removed from his position as general manager, several local newspapers have reported that his Islamic faith is particularly problematic. In the chain of events leading up to his dismissal, a well-known name in the world of politics returns: François Bayrou, mayor of Pau and head of the urban community of Pau-Pirane-Pyrenees (among others).

This is an article from Southwest who set fire to the powder. On September 1, the regional daily revealed an email exchange initiated by Stefan Karela, “Investor and partner in the club for several years”, May 20. With Elan Béarnais at the helm, he then responded to a Facebook post published by Pinero a week ago, following his appointment as general manager, in which the retired basketball player looks back on his difficult career. his religion: “I am a living example of what God can do to someone whose faith is unshakable.” This post, which has since been removed from the social network, was taken as a screenshot by the editorial staff of SouthwestIt can be viewed at this link. Note that it has always been known that Pinheiro’s piety is from the Islamic faith, and that he has never hidden it on social networks. Just like in 2018, when he was still playing under the colors of Elan Béarnais – who wore his shirt from 2017 to 2019 -, Post a Tweet wishing “Eid Mubarak to all [ses] brothers and sisters”.

First pressure strike in May

Such a message has “Surprised”, According to him, Stefan Karella, Like many of our other sponsors and partners. How can this man define himself as a ‘pure product of God’ when Ilan was originally a Catholic club? protest. according to SouthwestThe businessman mentioned in his email “dirty picture” From the club – who was initially born out of Catholic patronage, as he tells on his site – and threatened “For lack of quick reaction” to withdraw their investment, with Number of other significant partners.

Elan Béarnais’ president, David Bonnemason-Carrère, was to immediately ask the club’s owners. Angel is on the other side of the Atlantic, since the club belonged to the American group CounterPointe Sports Group (CSG), which stayed briefly in the capital during the 2021-2022 season. In the posts he sees SouthwestBonnemson-Carrier tells them so “This kind of posting about God on social networks is viewed very badly, especially for a club of Catholic origin.” The president confuses the issue of Islamic faith with terrorism, adding: In addition, the topic is very sensitive in France with regard to terrorist attacks.

In an interview given to the teamOn August 31, Taqwa Pinheiro also reported these communications: “Last May, CSG President David Otto received an email from Bonnemason-Carrère stating that a club sponsor had found tweets I had posted indicating my religious affiliation to Islam, and that I would be a ‘soldier of God’. This was supposed to be a problem for a club. “Historically Catholic”.

Moreover, the club president insists on the speedy organization of the meeting. Which will finally take place that same evening, online, at the invitation of the Cabinet of François Bayrou, in the presence of the Mayor, David Bonimason-Carrier (and two other members of the management team), and the owners. According to Greg Hughes, co-founder of CSG for this exchange, “François Bayrou indicated that a Muslim would not be accepted locally and politically, because Ilan is a Catholic organisation,” Insisting on mentality here and repeat “that we had to remove piety”, writing Southwest. The mayor and David Otto told me that piety should be separated because of his religion […] The mayor made suggestions to tell us who should hire his place, he was very firm” Greg Hughes added to another local newspaper, Pyreneesin an article dated September 2.

at the invitation of CheckNews To confirm his statements, the CSG director (at the moment) has not responded. As for François Bayrou, who was contacted by phone, he cut off the call, looking angry, before referring to the pressure that the founders of the American group denounced. I have Southwestadmits aedile “That Ilan’s Catholic past has already been mentioned, but to illustrate the French social context and the tensions around Islam they show very clearly.”

Recorded departure in August

David Otto and Greg Hughes stayed on their streak – “Expelling someone because of their religious belief was out of the question” – , Taqwa Pinheiro was able to retain his position as General Manager. But the topic returned to the table over the summer, when in June the National Basketball Association decried CSG’s unfortunate financial management, which led to the club’s resale to Basque entrepreneur Sebastian Menard, CEO of Eat4good. On August 2, the board of directors allowed Pineiro’s dismissal to be recorded.

A decision made by the party concerned the teamI learned Primarily by means of the press. The former basketball player, retired since 2020, believes in it “The sale of the club cannot be considered complete because I did not agree to leave at the same time with CSG.” Controversy swept through David Bonnemson-Carrier, who also spoke in the pages of the Sports Daily. “Piety, in July, after selling the shares, she asked me for a sum to leave the club, He tells the person who has since become vice president. On August 2, I received an order for 30 thousand euros as a director. Which is unimaginable given the financial situation of the club. The general manager is no longer and will be fired for economic reasons relating to three people within the club. It’s not being targeted individually, it’s the reality of our club’s financial situation that requires it.

the team He also managed to obtain the minutes of the August 2 board meeting, which Pinero did not attend – involuntarily according to David Bonnemason-Carrère. The decision to remove him from his position as General Manager is justified on various grounds (among which “Absence of the management put in place with the club teams”, “The physical absence of Mr. Tawqa Pinero on a daily basis, which the staff seldom saw” where “The absence of written comments on the various axes of the club’s development”) PV notes that “Staff indicated that Mr. Taqwa Pinheiro was incompetent in his position as General Manager.”

“Justice will be taken”

Which, in the eyes of Pinero’s piety, does not escape the initial criticism that centered on his religious affiliation. “Some people have tried to do horrible things to distort my hearing from the start,” He gets angry in the interview with the team. “He made me wear a hat because of my religious affiliation is very offensive.” He points out in particular, “When I played with FC Bau, everyone knew I was a Muslim, they even wrote articles about me about my management of Ramadan during the season.” Pinheiro and his defenders are sure: he was discriminated against for his faith.

This therefore justifies the entry of Nabil Boodai Law Firm in this case to bring the case to justice. On September 3, the lawyer registered with the Paris Bar Association announced, on Twitter, that his firm was “Assigned” By Taqwa Pinheiro. To specify: We take this issue in hand. Justice will be seized, and it will have to highlight these facts that show discrimination. The term cannot be chosen at random, discrimination is a crime punishable by the Penal Code.

Undoubtedly, the news pleased the opposition to the Municipal Council in Bau. In particular its socialist leader Jerome Marbut, a lawyer by profession, called for, in a tweet Posted in response to an investigation Southwestto what“Judicial investigation” Come “Determining whether the facts have been established”. All after remembering that “Article R625-7 of the Penal Code defines incitement to discrimination as an act that advances one’s position on a third party to mistreat certain persons, because of their origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

Indeed, the case will be referred to the criminal judge, as confirms Nabil Boodai, who contacted him CheckNews. reveals, “Mayor Bao will be directly targeted,” for “incitement to discrimination”, and as Partner in Discrimination. Other actions, which on their part will not target Pyro, will begin under Non-public defamation.

“You’re crazy, get out.”

François Bayrou vehemently denies any causal link between discussions in May about the religious identity of Pinheiro’s piety and the decision to dismiss him in August. “Things are very simple”, He answered briefly: “First of all, he’s the general manager of a club, but he doesn’t speak a word of French, which plays a small role in a region like ours.”

“Secondly, he admitted in the press that his first intervention in the takeover of this club by the Americans was a clerical forgery,” Francois Bayrou point. The aedile of Pau here refers to an anecdote told by Pinero to Pyrenees, at the time of his arrival at the General Administration. One of the main players in the arrival of the CSG to the capital of L’Elan Béarnais, the American explained that he did not hesitate to produce a fake to bring the two sides together: “I ended up writing the letter myself on behalf of Rick Pettino and Jamal Mashburn [respectivement entraîneur et ancien joueur de NBA, la ligue américaine de basket, ndlr]And the I signed it and gave it to him [la direction du club] who referred it to the mayor. When the mayor returned to the CSG, they replied that they had never written a letter. François Bayrou recalls this day and asserts: “Fake, in all states of law, is at least frowned upon.”

Third, the former presidential candidate follows up, He tweets to make it clear that his success will be from God.” – which correspond in one way or another with the content of the publication mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, I am an advocate of secularism […] I am radically opposed to the conflation of religion and sport, just as I am radically opposed to the conflation of religion and culture, religion and politics, and religion and the state. He assures us that it is not the Islamic religion that is in question: “If the club manager had come and said ‘We will win because the Virgin Mary protects us’, I would have said ‘You’re crazy, get out’.” Regarding this question, Bayrou finds it quite natural to have a say in the matter: The club operates with public money and the city and conglomerate provide more than a quarter of the budget. We pay. We have all sports federations sign the secular charter. On the other hand, maintenance or non-maintenance of a general manager in his position, is not his prerogative. “I don’t play any part in the club”, It is hammers.

So the final decision must be placed at the expense of the club managers, whose only motive was at the time “economic”, I swear by François Bayrou. “When the Americans left, he was fired, like three or four other people in the club, because he got too much money, he didn’t work, he didn’t do anything, and he was pretty much rejected by everyone in the club.”

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