The best controls for unparalleled sensations

To fully enjoy the best PlayStation 5 games, you need to be able to rely on a console that completely immerses you. Discover the best models.

It is the best console in the world according to the players. Creative PS5 controller, excellent DualSense It (slightly) revolutionized the way you play on PlayStation devices.

What are the features of the PS5 controller?

PS5 controller called DualSenseIt is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience. It has many innovative features, including Haptic feedback and 3D sound conditioning. Haptic feedback allows players to feel the sensations of the game on their console, such as effects and vibrations. Meanwhile, 3D audio adaptation allows you to hear game sounds in a more immersive way.

The PS5 console also features a “Share” button that allows you to easily share your best gaming moments with your friends. Finally, the PS5 controller is compatible with wireless Bluetooth headphones, which will allow you to Fully enjoy the ambient sound of the game.

Thus, the PS5 controller is an essential device to fully enjoy the best console games. It will let you live an immersive gaming experience and easily share your best moments with your friends.

What are the best PS5 console models?

PS5 console models are prevalent in the market, but here are the best ones available for casual or heavy use.

Official DualSense Controller for PS5

This model is official and contains all the features of the PS5 console. Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone and speaker…everything is done to put the player in the best position to fully immerse himself in his game. The DualSense controller is also compatible with PS4 and PS3, but also with PC via wired USB or Bluetooth connection.

Official Observer DualSense Available in several colors (white, black, purple, light blue, pink and red). It is up to you to choose the model that best suits your desires!

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66.32 € instead of 69.99 € on Amazon

NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

This model of paddle console is the best-selling in PS4 history, and it’s back to playing trick-or-treat on PS5 for the most fun. More comfortable than the model DualSenseshe has Many customizable features. It is very simple, from the configuration of the controller to the capacity of the controllers, through the modular weight of the controller, Your preferences dictate the law. If this professional console isn’t fully compatible with PS5 games, it can be used on all PS4 titles – but it can be played on PS5. make more.

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€ 167.65 on Amazon

Which PS5 paddle controller to choose?

More detailed than the classic console, the PS5 Button Controller has the advantage of allowing you to always keep your fingers on the joysticks. This gain in response is Especially useful in first-person shooters and competitive online games, because it allows you to shoot, jump or perform any other movement without undue effort. In short, These are the perfect controls to beat your opponents. Here are the most interesting models at the moment.

Custom SCUF Reflex Controller

For an unmatched feel of comfort, the SCUF Reflex Controller is hard to beat. Highly customizable, this professional gear shifter has it all. FifthYou can select the front panel, the touchpad, the directional crosshair, and even all the buttons of your choice, with very interesting designs and colors.

In order to accommodate players as much as possible, the model has been provided precision steeringAvailable in two sizes: short and long. They also come in different shapes – domed and concave. For added control, the brand offers removable loops for improved glide. You can even turn off the vibrations if you like. Enjoy choosing your favorite design, you will really have a console that looks like you in your hands!

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SCUF Reflex Controller – from €229.99 SCUF GAMES

AimControllers Dedicated Controller for PS5

this is Contact Раlеttеѕ РЅ5 A pleasure to take in hand. Designed with materials from High qualityThe boards are designed for the most enduring players to shine during clashes. The fоnсtіоn rеmар Can you control the purchase of the player’s ability to influence It’s okay to choose between from the site. Available in several colors (often in bold, eye-catching designs), this competition controller can also delight collectors.

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269 ​​€ on Amazon

Why use a paddle controller to play PS5?

With its simple and intuitive feel, the paddle shifter brings great convenience to players. Additional buttons were placed on the back of the controller, making it easier to hold and requiring less shifting of position and other finger movements in the middle of the game.

How much does a PS5 console cost?

PS5 console price is €69. However, it is possible to find used PS5 consoles at cheaper prices, or Professional and/or customizable controllers that offer many additional options compared to the basic model. These are more expensive but their features are definitely worth it.

How do you add a controller on PS5?

Before fully enjoying the new console, You have to connect it to PS5 first. To perform the operation, first make sure that the console is turned on. Then you can call in two steps:

  1. With a USB cable, it is often provided with the purchase of the console
  2. By pressing the PS button on the console to “activate” it

Your console will now be fully recognized by your console. good game !

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