‘We don’t feel like’: Cohesion and state of mind for the Blues in question:

“The atmosphere is better”, Vincent Colette passes on top of reporters after training Monday afternoon. Because of the laughter that drives the shooting competition between Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot and Guerschon Yabusele or a real improvement in less than 24 hours, It’s at least an accidental sentence of the topic that has moved the blue bubble since his sad performance against Hungary Sunday.

“We don’t feel proud to wear the France shirt”

It all flared up intermittently, and Team France survived the worst when David Vojvoda Climb behind the arc with 20 seconds left in the match (74-72). ‘We are close to disaster’The coach admitted. Luckily, Gershon Yabusil And Yvan Fournier made their free throws (78-74). A painful and at times chaotic evening when doubts seemed to have left the blues from Lithuania. “The match against Hungary is a reflection of our beginningsEuroBasketlamented Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot. “We are lukewarm, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, sometimes mediocre. Yesterday we showed all sides. We have a lot of shortcomings, we make a lot of mistakes. I don’t think it helps us be a good band either, being together.

Brutal honest statements, far from cliché: “The group lives well.”“The problem is not outside,” continues TLC. he is comes from us: It’s our state of mind, it’s the way we do things, the way we fight on the field. If there is a ball in the middle between a Hungarian and a Frenchman that he throws himself… ? At the moment, we don’t feel all that. We don’t feel the desire, we don’t feel the desire and the pride to wear the France shirt. We must advance in our state of mind and in our values. We don’t have a margin on others but If we play together, the team’s potential is endless. »

“It’s not the same coherence that might have existed in the past.”

Mustapha Vall does not recognize the 2021 group (Photo: FIBA)

Absent and collective desire disintegrated like mention it Vincent Colette, last night, at a press conferenceas well as the underlying negativity that led to tensions, particularly those between Thomas Hertel Rudy Joubert, on time after Adam’s cannon fire Hanga. This is it Attitudes to review against Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be in a rehabilitation mission after its resounding victory over Slovenia (97-93). When asked about it, Mustafa Fall confirmed the statements of his colleague. “It’s definitely not the same consistency it could have been in the past, right now. Again, there are quite a few new elements and cohesion is being built. There is arrogance and the fact that we don’t play the way we want to create tension inevitably. There was one, but it will be fixed. Don’t worry, nothing new. Things are better said, even if they aren’t necessarily the right way, but at least we can move on after that.

A stark contrast to what has been one of the blues’ main strengths in the recent international campaign. Since the inception of the international windows, the state of mind of the France group has been consistently praised. “Since I joined the team, I have the impression that it is a group of friends who go to war Together,” Andrew El Bessey, for example, said last winter. “It changes compared to the people who are out there to win something together, but without any contact between them. We are just the opposite. We are like brothers. For example, yesterday I got a message from Evan who sent me some zouk music: » You are You know this? » (he is Laugh) We won’t talk to each other for five months, but there is a real connection between us. This is what makes the difference and what makes it both Once , It is a pleasure to go to the France team and be with these guys. » Is it still like this this summer?

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September 5, 2022 at 8:00 am

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