Betclic Elite Guide 2022-23 – Boulogne Levallois: the center of attention

The Metropolitan off-season has been very turbulent and the ship almost sank. Upon arrival, to everyone’s surprise, embarked sailor, at age 18 and one year NBA Draft, would be the center of attention for the Betclic Elite season, Victor Wembanyama.

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The Metropolitans did not resist for long due to internal turmoil at the end of the regular season (3 defeats in the last 6 matches) before being expelled from the Manu Military Playoffs by Pau, in the quarter-finals, 2 sets to 0.

Most dangerously, after a three-year union, the cities of Boulogne and Levallois were on the verge of an early collapse that would have left the Mets on the ground. The leaders of the two sides no longer talk to each other, and the powerful Mayor of Boulogne, Pierre-Christophe Paget, wanted the club (to which he belonged) to leave the Marcel-Cerdan gymnasium in Levallois to play in the Essie Hall. …before you change your mind. Implicitly, the difficulties in obtaining the project of building a sports hall in Boulogne were adopted. The opposition protested its cost, estimated at 72 million euros. We are not enemies, but the happy medium is not easy to find. Poloni talked about divorce, that’s a bit like that. Each tries to be nice to the other, but defends his interests.then hung the mayor of Levallois, Agnes Pottier-Dumas in poles Parisian.

While the Mets began discussions with Nanterre and Paris Basketball for cooperation, merger or absorption, and contacted foreign investors for the sale, a new development in early June: the Mayor of Boulogne announced his intention to stay in Levallois!

Victor Wimpanyama without the European Cup

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In the process, Hauts-de-Seine turned the year on by signing prodigy Victor Wembanyama, unhappy with his working conditions at ASVEL. The actions of the slender and talented teenager are being scrutinized by the whole world since he was promised the first pick for the 2023 NBA Draft. It is clear that choosing a club that will not play in the European Cup is a counterfactual and is explained by the presence of the “teacher” Vincent Colette in training.

In addition to his performances on the field, the health record of the young giant will be in the spotlight, knowing that due to various physical problems, he scored, in 2021-22, only 16 matches in the regular season of Betclic Elite out of 34., 4 playoffs , 13 matches in the Euroleague out of 34, and that a muscle injury forced him to skip the summer campaign for the French national team. Even if he signed for two years, Victor Wimpanyama’s presence in Metropolitan is of course one shot as he must leave next June to make his fortune in the States.

Bison Traore husband

Wimpanyama’s arrival was accompanied by other potential Frenchmen who need to revive themselves: Hugo Besson, who, after an adventurous season in Australia, has not succeeded in seducing the NBA in any tangible way, and Armel Traore, who hopes to find shoes that fit the Euroleague (Monaco) team ) as his playing time was limited and another of Pro B (Evreux).

While they have lost their entire foreign fleet, including Betclic Elite player of the season, Will Cummings, the Mets also trust three young Americans, aged 23-24, knowing that Senegalese Ibrahima Val Faye is getting older. However, they will be surrounded by veterans, and therefore will rely on the knowledge of Vincent Colette, who left it to his assistants to lead the preparations, and who next season will have to devote himself contractually 100% to the France team.

The results of the past five seasons

season level balance sheet classification playoffs highest score
2017-18 elite pocket 16-18 The tenth Clement Priepelec (15.4)
2018-19 elite pocket 14-20 twelveth Julian Wright (13.5)
2019-20 elite pocket 7-18 the fourth Vitalis Shikoku (15.4)
2020-21 elite pocket 14-20 VI Quarter-finals Anthony Brown (12.2)
2021-22 Elite Betclic 10-24 Third Quarter-finals Will Cummings (17.2)

Off-season changes

under contract Lahau Konate (2024), Banga Si (2023), Steve Ho U Fat (2023), Vincent Colette (coach, 2023)
Access : Victor Wimpanyama (ASVEL, 2024), Tremont Waters (Carolina/Puerto Rico, 2023), Ibrahima Val Faye (Monaco, 2023), Aaron Henry (Delaware/Major League, 2023), Devante Jones (Michigan/NCAA, 2023), Armelle Traore (Evro/Monaco, 2024), Idrissa Ba (Le Havre, Intern, 2023), Hugo Besson (New Zealand Breakers/Australia)
departing Will Cummings (Zhejiang Lions/China), David Mitchino (Naples/Italy), Tomer Janat (Hapoel Tel Aviv/Israel), Miralem Halilovic (Nanter), Keith Hornsby (Nanter), Vince Hunter (UNICS Kazan/Russia) Mullary ( Vichy Claremont), Michel Michalak (Manisa/Turkey), Jordan McRae (Free), Jerome Rundle (Free)

2022-23 season


leaders : Tremont Waters (1.78m, 24 years old), Devant’e Jones (1.85m, 24 years old)
dancing Hugo Besson (1.94m, 21 years old), Lahau Konate (1.96m, 30 years old)
wings : Aaron Henry (1.98m, 23 years old), Armel Traore (2.03m, 19 years old), Bandja C (2.04m, 32 years old)
the ward : Victor Wimpanyama (2.19m, 18 years old), Steve Ho U Fat (2.01m, 34 years old)
axles : Ibrahima Val Fay (2.09 m, 25 years old)

Athletic Staff

Fitness Trainer : Vincent Colette (59 years old)
Processors: Sacha Jiva (45), Jean Paul Besson (49)

reception desk

president : Alain Bouvard (68 years old)
Sports Operations Manager : Alan Wiese (70 years old).
Administrative and Financial Director : Jean Charles Pregon

Hall : Marcel-Cerdan Gymnasium, Levallois (2,814 seats)

Photo: Mets


Devant Jones
Born on April 9, 1998 (age 24) – 1.85 AD – 1st place – American

NCAA stats : 10.3 points on 46.3% on shots (including 34.2% on three-pointers), 4.6 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 0.9 interceptions for 13.4 PIR in 29 minutes (33 games)

New NCAA Devante’ Jones. He completed three years at Coastal Carolina (17.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, 1.7 steals as a youngster) before joining…

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Opening photo: Victor Wembanyama (LNB)

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