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Céline Potier at the Lacoste Women’s Open in France 2021 // Credit: ASO / Timothé Renaud

What is golf?

The simple objective of golf is to get the ball into a hole by hitting it as many times as possible with a club. With each shot, the golfer plays the ball from its spot, without moving or tapping it. She must analyze her environment (wind, terrain slope, obstacles, etc.) then develop a strategy (which shoot to play, with which club, where to shoot, etc.), and finally hit the ball. The goal in golf is always twofold, to succeed and have fun.

Playing golf: stop the misconceptions

Golf is often seen as an elite discipline, yet it is a modern, accessible sport that leaves no one behind.

  • The most practiced individual sport in the world (Third place in France after tennis and horse riding).
  • 4th sport in France in the number of licensees (436.800 2021 behind football, tennis and horse riding).
  • 740 golf courses In Metropolitan France and abroad.

Source: ffgolf

Whose ?

For everyone ! The most competitive, in search of challenges and performance quickly “bite” the sport of eternal dissatisfaction. exactly the contrary, People who are looking for moments of relaxation Among friends or family you will find in courses and in clubs places of life with a unique loyalty.

Young and old, confirmed or beginners, whatever your level, you can play golf together. In training, on the field and even competing in the same game, but each has its own scorecard.

Far from the stereotypes that still affect the sport at times, golf too One of the few disciplines where women and men can play togetherAt leisure as well as in competition.


Driving range (training area) and green mode (Training ground) is open to all.

The a trip (9 or 18 holes) on the other hand accessible to practitioners who hold a green card (To be delivered by an instructor on condition of licensure, after completing at least 5 9-hole courses at the same club. Certification must also be obtained from the club’s instructor regarding your ability to produce tracks and apply the rules of his game.)

golf course

The golf course consists of 18 holesthe hole decomposes by itself into take offa the passage and one Green color (This is where the hole is, indicated with a flag).

Each hole is determined by a number of general blows specific to the player; This is called “by”. Each additional hit will result in penalties (ghostAnd the double ghostAnd the triple ghost…), each less movement will earn points (birdsAnd the EagleAnd the albatross).

The course is maintained by a team of gardeners, supervised by the land host: owner of vegetables.


To achieve the diversity of shots offered to her, the golfer has a variety of equipment in her bag. It obviously needs a file a ballbut also a glove Based on golf clubs. There is, too Specialized shoes (Supplied with rivets for good grip). Among the clubs:

  • Wood : The ball will go the distance in a somewhat linear fashion, being used at the start (mainly #1 or the driver) and in the lane on the farthest shots.
  • Iron : The ball will go the distance with a more curving path, the ball will rise more and go a shorter distance from the forest.
  • paddle: It has almost no angle on its face, and is intended for playing on the green.

A must have golf bag 14 clubs maxBut to get started and during the first months of training, a golfer won’t need all of these clubs.

Professional Championship How does it work?

Professional tournaments are usually It is open to the public and can be accessed for free For the greatest fun of all. The professional tournament is:

  • 3 or 4 rounds from competition.
  • The players are playing By a group (or part) of 2 or 3 specialists who do not cooperate. They play individually.
  • group departure (or part) every 10 minutes.
  • 4 or 5 hours Game to finish the course (18 holes).
  • cut 6 km Of course the players have to complete on foot.
  • Student that accompanies every player.
  • to cut” : At the end of the first two rounds of competition, a “cut” is made. Thus, all players who did not make it to a certain place in the ranking (top 40, 50 or 60 overall) will not be eligible for the rest of the competition. It is said that they have “missed the cut”. For players who have “pass the cut”their scores are preserved, as is their chance of winning the championship.
  • winner : player presence Get the fewest hits In every 3 or 4 rounds.

Lacoste Women’s Open in France: Decoding

This open golf tournament is one of the most elite professional women’s tournaments on the continent and will undoubtedly impress the spectators and regulars from the greens as well as the beginners. During 3 daysThe From 15 to 17 September on me Diane Barrier Road The Golf Barriere DeauvilleAnd the European Ladies Golf Elite will try to succeed Céline Pottier, French No. 1, World No. 15 and defending champion.

  • 108 players At the start of the tournament, coming from more than 25 countries and 5 continents: List of participants
  • The tournament is held in 3 rounds:
    • first round : Thursday, September 15th.
    • second round : Friday, September 16. (At the end of this day, only the first 60 are chosen to play the third and final round, the others are disqualified, that is the “cut”).
    • The third and final round : Saturday 17th September.
  • Two groups of 54 players: The first will leave in the morning and the second in the afternoon. As we explained earlier, Games are played in groups of 3 professionals.

Not published in the 2022 edition: Alliance Program

this is Alliance Program It is one of the novelties in this edition. Its principle is simple during competition Each group will be accompanied by a guest who plays with proettes (each with their score card) In the first and second round.

LLODF: Less than 10 days to understand all about golf

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Golf is a sport in which spectators also move around. Thus, everyone is free to follow the game of their choice and move from one game to another so that they do not miss a thing and all the players are noticed. Although silence is required when players hit the ball, clapping and cheering are greatly appreciated by the players.

All spectator information over here

On arrival at the golf course, Newspaper for visitors. find there a trip (opposite) and Departures list. And to see the results of different games in real time, go to the leaderboard near slot #1.

golf language

Like every discipline, golf has its own terminology and is full of expressions that are often borrowed from our friends across the channel. In order to let everyone learn (or revise) before that big meeting, look for the glossary that contains specific terms and peculiar terms for golfers.

Here is a link to a glossary to learn all about the language of golf!

useful information

Key dates:

  • Richard Mill Pro Am: September 14, 2022.
  • French Open Women’s Lacoste Championship: September 15-17, 2022. Access to the tournament is free for the public.

the place :

  • path: Diane Barriere Golf Course, Barriere Deauville Golf.
  • the address: Mont Canisy, 14803 Deauville, France.

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