News from AS Golf: A good first half of the season

The 2022 golf season is not over yet. The calendar for the second half of the year is already full of events.

Starting with the French championship for two senior men’s teams, which will gather from September 21 to 25 at the Roseraie Stadium representatives of about thirty clubs, including Golf Club de Lyon, Golf Bordelais, Golf Club Aix-Marseille, Golf Course in Bussy-Guermantes and Golf Club of Palmola and Golf International of Arcachon.

The big recovery after the summer break took place on August 28 with the MMA M2H Solutions Cup, then the Côté Optique Cup on September 4 (see the following articles). This will be followed by the Aquilus Pools and Spas Cup on September 11, the Aubade Comptoir des Fers Cup on September 18, the Open des Roses on October 1, the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Cup on October 2, and the Gardeners Cup on October 9. Beautiful competitions in perspective that should attract many players from Chalon and the region to San Nicolas.

Competition score to keep fit
Since July 24, golfers wanting to keep their swing and hits have been able to compete for the outcome of the competition, gathering nearly thirty participants every Sunday. After the fifth and final round, the final classification will be as follows:
Women: First Series: 1. Lucy Martino 79, Group Two: 1. Maryse Robert 83, Group Three: 1. Lucia Bonadi 111.
Gentlemen: First Series: 1. Alain Wavrant 73, Second Series: 1. Michel Achard 72, Third Series: 1. Patrice Comparot 83, Fourth Series: 1. Stéphane Diotallevi 98.

The first men’s team returns to the third division
Back in time with a close-up of the players who wore the colors of AS Golf during the first part of the season. Composed of Captain Maxime Deguin as well as Jonathan Bidault, Simone Zacchini, Maxime Guio, Sylvain Chino, Geoffrey Maglioni and Gwenel Audouin, the men’s first team is back in the third national division. The tournament was held at the Ardèche golf course in Domaine de Saint-Clair from May 5-8 and gave coach Laurent Seinger some cold sweats. After finishing brilliantly in second place in the two-stroke qualifying rounds behind Dijon Bourgogne and easily winning the quarter-final against Golf de Fours, Chalon faced some setbacks at the start of the semi-final against Ronkmay, with his first double disqualified. .. for returning the registration paper to the referee four minutes later! The exclusion strengthened the Chalonnais, who left only crumbs to their opponents in Icaun.

The men’s mid-amateur team advances to Division 4
For his part, the men’s mid-amateur team was not left out and also won the ticket to the next level which is the fourth national division. Formed by Simone Zacchini, Jonathan Bidault, Edward Martinon, Geoffrey Maglioni, Maxime Deguine, Sylvain Chino and Louis Bailly, she won the inter-club promotion to the Grand Est League in style, taking an impressive first place seventeen years behind his runner-up. Hezo, Vettel. On the first day of the competition, which took place on June 18 and 19 at the Golf des Images in Epinal, Jonathan Bidault distinguished himself by making a hole punch on hole No. 11, followed by an eagle on hole No. 12.

The men’s team 2 and the boys’ team under 16 do not ride
The men’s team 2 had less luck in their bid to join by failing against Strasbourg-Illkirch in the round of 16 of the inter-club promotion, which took place from May 6-8 at the Ile-de-France golf course in Mont-Grifon. Athletic Union represented Hugo Recigue, Edward Martinon, Damien Dupuy, Louis Bailly, Corentin Pace and Amaury Janin under the leadership of Joseph Maglioni.
We were also unlucky for the under-16 team that played from July 13 to 16 in the French Third Division Group D tournament on the “18 holes” at the Drôme des Chanelts golf course in Bourg-les-Valencia. In sixth place after two strokes, Chalon lost in the quarter-finals after a big fight against his Alsatian counterpart from La Wantzenau. The Chalonnaise team consisted of Corentin Besse, Hugo Ressiguié, Guilhem Ressiguié, Léandre Planté, Amaury Lavollée and Sasha Platret

Saône-et-Loire Games medalists
Three students from the golf school participated in the ninth Saône-et-Loire Games, organized by the Olympic and Sports Administrations Commission from May 24-29 in Autun, each returning with a medal. Côme Longinotto’s Bronze Medal for Boys U-13, Marlene Majka Silver Medal in Girls U-15 Category, and finally André Dugenst’s Gold Medal in the Games Fair Play Cup, all disciplines combined.
Finally, let’s salute the performance of Amaury Lavollée, who entered the U12s’ national elite, by taking part from July 23-29 in the 2022 French Youth Championships at the Golf Lyonnais du Gouverneur. Finally ranked 65th, losing pieces by 12 moves.

Gabriel Henry Thelot

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