The best goalkeeper in WNBA history is stepping down after 19 professional seasons

The Seattle Storm defeated the Las Vegas ace last night (97-92), and called out the title and also (specially?) to its co-star Sue Bird. WNBA legend, base guard is officially retiring. Back to the last game of a huge career.

She had announced her decision to retire from the prosecution since June, but the exact date of Sue Bird’s retirement is still unknown. Playing in the playoffs with Seattle, the illustrious captain undoubtedly dreamed of an apotheosis of beauty: walking out the front door with a new title to add to her repertoire. However, this happy ending will not happen. Driven by Chelsea Gray’s record-breaking record (31 points, 10 assists, first 30/10 in playoff history), the Las Vegas Ice came to put an end to the storm’s ambitions. By winning last night, Becky Hammon’s buddies won their series and at the same time ended Sue Bird’s career (8 points, 8 assists, 4 turnovers in her last appearance). A real earthquake when you finally realize it’s the leader’s last moments on earth. The player himself is captured with emotion when greeting fans, teammates and opponents. No doubt she is aware that her previous career in the profession is finally over. We insist on the word because the achievements are large and historic.

Let’s summarize: 19 WNBA seasons, 13 All-Star times (a league record), 4 championship titles, all-time leader in WNBA assists, 5 Olympic gold medals but also 4 world championships with Team USA, not to mention 2 academic titles. This is the part for Uncle Sam, but the player has also been squatting for nearly a decade in the Russian league and has added several trophies to an already full wardrobe (4 fellow Euroleagues in particular). The numbers make you dizzy, but can you even explain the great champ who put the sneakers away? Sue Bird is also loyal to one WNBA franchise, the HER Seattle franchise, it’s place among the best in its sport. She was also elected last year to the W25 Championship, and is the 25th best player in league history. Bird is an absolute symbol of the sport and a role model for everyone who has pursued his exploits over the past two decades. He is also a visible person off the field, for his involvement on multiple issues, particularly in relation to social justice.

We get that, so it’s a sacred beast of women’s basketball saying stop, not without passion but with a sense of accomplishment. Into Kevin Bilton’s microphone ESPNthe legendary leader made her first senses as a new retiree.

“I am proud of everything we have accomplished here. Of course I am sad, but there is also happiness, to be able to experience such a moment with the fans, and see them sing as they did. I know that tears are not like tears of joy, but there is a lot of happiness.”

After Serena Williams a few days ago, another great champion of American sports, period sports, is the one to end the call. Will he miss the competition? naturally. Can we, like Tom Brady in the NFL, hope for a change of heart and a return to playing? It seems unlikely.

“Of course my body feels good, so it can fool you, but there is a reason for me to feel comfortable and confident that it was last year. Being able to speak out loud was a huge hurdle. Once I got over it, I knew I made the right decision, considering how I felt next. . »

So the WNBA will have to dispense with Sue Bird in the future, but the Women’s League news doesn’t stop at the same time as the leader. There is still a final to play and a title to win. Thus, the Las Vegas Aces qualify for the final series of the tournament. To see who they face, we’ll have to wait until Thursday and the fifth game between defending champion Chicago Sky, and the Connecticut Sun. Back to Chicago, Connecticut’s first title or Becky Hammon to end this perfect year with aces? We are approaching judgment.

Sue Bird on the WNBA decks, it’s officially an old picture from last night and the Vegas Aces losing the playoffs. The Seattle legend hung up the sneakers and left behind an amazing record, a legacy in the XXL. A great basketball lady has just closed the book.

Text source: Kevin Bilton / ESPN

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