Worlds 2022: Imperial Japan and France leave strong

The first round of the 32nd edition of the World Amateur Championships was held, Wednesday, near Paris, in national golf and for San Nom La BritqueWhere 36 teams on one side and 35 teams on the other side faced Albatros Stadium and the Red Tour respectively.

Semikawa equals tournament record

Taiga Semikawa is back with an exceptional 63 lead! (Thomas Stevens/Fogulf)

Only once in the history of the event, which began in 1958, the participant had a 63 shot. She was at National Golf, during the 1994 edition, and she was the Australian Jason Dawes who achieved this result. But today his name was included in the annalsEisenhower Cup by the Japanese Taiga Semikawawho made this -9 extraordinary afternoon in Saint-Nom, completed 6,241 meters of track with ten birds, seven pars and one ghost. “I am amazed, I am almost speechless! I have complete confidence in my teammates, I did not feel any pressure today. I was completely at ease, which is why I was able to achieve this result.”said the eighteenth amateur player in the world. “I was aggressive while respecting the game plan. On the way back, the French spectators applauded my sparrows, which motivated me even more!” Along with an excellent 67 (-5) of Kohei OkadaSemikawa’s performance allows Japan to take the lead after 18 holes, with a score of -14.

The blues at the right time

Earlier in the day, it was France that launched these worlds Tom Valiant. And if the undeserved Cannes-Mougins player, far from it, returns a solid 69 (-2) on the track Rider Cup 2018 andFrench OpenThe Blues can congratulate themselves for not keeping their first round scores. In fact, behind him Martin Kovra Play 67 (-4) and Julian Cel 68 (-3), which allows captain players Antoine Delon To indicate -7 at the end of this first round. “It’s great, it’s a good start!” Cover hung. “Our goal is to win every day as a team in the track we are playing, so it is good that we achieve that goal.” The Blues share third place in the leaderboard with Germany, Italy and Switzerland, who also played in the Golf National, as well as Austria and Sweden, who played in Saint-Nom, while Spain alone is second at -8 thanks to 66 (in particular) ( -6) from David Puig in San Nom.

good and very good

Julian Cel

Julian Salle finished with a bird at the age of 18 (Lucas Helen/FfGolf)

Under the eyes of a well-equipped audience including many French golf aspirants as well as a specific player Antoine RosnerHaving passed as a neighbor, the French delighted the fans and made their employees happy. Tom Vaillant, first on the track, was at -3 after 6 holes, setting the tone for the frankly successful first day. And if the last two-thirds were less flashy (two ghosts, one birdie) due to average driving, the overall stiffness shown by the Southern allowed his teammates to play with much less pressure. “I was confident because I knew the other two were playing well”Emphasizes Martin Kovra. “It didn’t change my way of doing things, but mentally it helped me know they were playing well, and I was able to take my shots more calmly because I knew if I could hold back, it wouldn’t be a bonus.” ‘Only’ in level 8 holes after (Ghost, Bird), the licensee from Terre Blanche actually went up to speed from the ninth (Eagle), then tied the perfectly negotiated holes back when back with two birds in the way. School on the 14th and then on the 15th. “I am very proud of this result, especially in these circumstances from the first round of the worlds” The author of this beautiful concluded 67 (-4).

Respect the game plan

In the third part Julian Cel He also did the job right, posting three birds over the first seven holes to put France at the top of the leaderboard. Despite his apparent calm, the Réunions admitted that they felt legitimate pressure when attacking the last championship of his career among amateurs: “At the beginning of my game I was trying to calm down because once the training was over my nerves started to pick up! That’s what we were waiting for so inevitably there was a little tension so I tried not to think too much, just do everything in slow motion and was able to start with a jumper at 1 which started Really well today!” After a fourth birdie at 14, Sale made his only mistake on 17 (double bogey) – “I ran a little and my car fell to the right, the ball went out of bounds” — but he finished on a high note by grabbing a final flyer at 18 for a strong 68 (-3). “I stuck to the established game plan, and it allowed me to play golf with ease”analyze.

See you tomorrow in San Nom

Despite being seven strokes behind Imperial Japan, France fired their worlds in perfect fashion, sharing the day’s best score on the Albatross, beating America’s favorite. Tomorrow during the second round, another challenge awaits them, that of the Rouge de Saint-Nom with its tree-lined lanes and green with clear lines. “What we saw with the girls last week wasn’t necessarily easier than the National, or even the other way around. I think it’s the case here, it’s ‘hard’ from the start and can be really complicated with the wind, so we have to play like we played today: respect our strategy., says Martin Kufra. The blues will be leaving one by one starting at 12:30pm, with the ambition of confirming this very good start for the worlds.

Tom Valiant

Tom Vaillant perfectly played his role as the first climber (Lucas Hélin/ffgolf)

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