Abbeville gymnasium opened under the sign of passion

Elected officials visited the gym facilities (© Journal of Abbeville)

Open since 2020, and gymnastics Built on the site of the Robert Villary Center inAbbeville Som finally got its start after two years of a pandemic that delayed this momentous moment.

Great tool called Patrick Tallowawone of the sons of Abbeyfilo who invested heavily in the Abbevilois gym and passed away in 2008. The opening took place in the presence of his family and in music withAbbeville Wind Orchestraafter Patrick Tallowaw also played for OHA.

In Music with Harmony Orchestra

After cutting the traditional three-color ribbon in the rain, the OHA musicians donned their Patrick Tallowau T-shirts on the back and sang Pieces of Hope and “Viva la vida” in honor of the two associations’ former volunteer.

After visiting the room and the various organs, elected officials and one of Patrick Talow’s sons gave several speeches.

“We are honored to be able to honor our father. He was a passionate and reserved man, and he would have been touched by this interest. He is our pride, he distinguished the club with his commitment and rigor. He also participated as an artist and musician in the city”, recalls his son with great affection.

During the opening of the gym.
During the opening of the gym. (© Journal of Abbeville)

Abbeville C Head Lawrence Bennett Who still has fond memories of the very dedicated former volunteer, said: “We are aware of the scale of this investment, and we are committed to improving and respecting this new space as much as possible. The President then noted the incredible growth of the club.

Abbeville Gym Club was established by Blandin Gillard on February 11, 1997. The family club has so far comprised three employees, volunteer coaches and ten members of the Board of Directors. From 39 members when it was created, the club reached 360 members in 2013 to 450 last June. »

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“The desire for each player to find his place according to his goals and his limits in fun and effort”

Lawrence BennettAbbeville C Head

Abbeville Gym offers several disciplines from early childhood age 15 months to women’s artistic gymnastics and a competition section. “The desire for every player to find his place according to his goals and his limits in fun and effort,” added Lawrence Binet.

Patrick Tallowaw, dedicated enthusiast

Abbeville President Jim Lawrence Binet remembers how much Patrick Tallowaw worked at Abbeville Gymnastics. “Patrick, physical education teacher – gym major worked in the club as a volunteer teacher from November 1997 to July 2008. He was also the assistant treasurer from September 1998 to November 2001 and vice president from March 2005.”
“I have worked with Patrick for several years. A competent, calm, available, attentive, humble man and above all a fan of gymnastics. He has tirelessly invested himself in the club. He has been by my side during Mrs. Deborough’s resignation as chairperson while the office has been reorganized and another boss has been found.”
“I will cite some examples of his investment: making our logo; paintings illustrating gymnastics; organizing a concert in June 2004 with the Abbeville Harmony Orchestra and a delegation of Russian gymnasts; or organizing participation in a telethon again with the Harmony Orchestra of Abbeville.”
“And finally, to his great pride, having successfully secured the opening of the UNSS Gym section at Boucher de Perthes High School where he will take the club’s girls/gymnasts to the French Championship,” concluded Laurence Penet.

Mayor Pascal Demarthy In turn, Patrick Tallow “who had two passions, gymnastics and music” praised him before recalling the need for this room. “It’s great equipment. The multi-sports center hall has become unsuitable.”

Then Pascal Demart reminded of the cost of this project led by the former municipality: “2.106 million euros with support from the region for 200,000 euros and from the administration in the amount of 505,000 euros.”

Provincial Council Chairman Stéphane Hausolier I appreciate the name of this gym: “It is good to remember the great men like Patrick Tallowau who participated in the associations. Congratulations to Lapville Sports City with distinction.”

A room that Abbeville Gym beautifully honors with excellent athletic results. This year, the Abbevillois club won two qualifiers for the French Championship for the first time, in Cognac on May 27 and in Levin on June 17. Abbeville gymnasts have thus emerged among the best in the country.

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