France defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina (81-68) and is looking forward to the competition

” Thank you thank you thank you ! “ In French in text, several hundred Lithuanian fans let their joy explode in Cologne Square. As the last seconds approached, the outcome of the match was no longer in doubt, which pleased them. By defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina (81-68) on Tuesday, September 6, in the fourth match of the Euro, the French men’s basketball team kept the Baltic country’s hopes of qualifying alive. He appreciated the Blues, who had mistreated the Lithuanians for nine years in all competitions. “It’s the first time in the competition that the audience is with us”, tasting leader Thomas Hurtle; The fervent supporters of the Bosnians have been obliterated by ardent Baltic fans.

After defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina ten days ago in the next World Cup qualifiers (90-96 after two extensions), a few days before the start of the European Championship, the Blues had a vengeful spirit. Rudy Gobert’s partners also had to be forgiven for an unsuccessful performance against Hungary on Sunday – a win over the wire against the supposedly weakest opponent in the group. And opposed an opponent of another caliber, and the French team did not miss Tuesday’s meeting. “We had a really serious match”Coach Vincent Colette welcomed him after the meeting.

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Faced with the Bosnians skating to their success at the end of August, and the euphoria of the competition after Sunday’s victory over the Slovenes, the trophy holders, the French knew they were expected. “Maybe we have given them confidence and they are still excited about their victory over us, but one day they will have to stop”Leader Andrew Bessi warned on Monday.

“mature sign”

A message everyone heard. “All the players who entered the field brought something”Welcome, Rudy Gobert. Carried by Thomas Hurtl and captain Yvan Fournier, clumsy at first but decisive in the final quarter, the French “progress”centered thought. By the way, Fournier became 25e The player in history to cross the symbolic thousand point bar in the blue jersey.

Diligently defending from end game to end game, the Blues prevented Yusuf Norkic’s partners from publishing their game. “We are still the best defense in our group, Vincent Colette noted on Monday. On the other hand, we are the last attack. We clearly know that what we need to improve the most is the attack. » As an echo of his remarks being prepared, the French coach confirmed that “Abusive site” [était] even more important” From that defense in this special group of veterans Nando de Colo and Nicolas Batum – pardoned by competition – transmission belts to the tricolor attack for years.

After the match, Colette praised his group’s progress, ‘more serious and consistent’, including the attack. Even when, at the end of the third quarter, the Blues no longer find the target. A slump lasting more than six minutes allowed the Bosnians to pass briefly from the start of the last period, to the delight of raucous fans in the Balkan nation. Without losing their cool, the French took over, never letting go. “There were times when we could have really lost our minds, and I’m proud of the way we’ve kept our control, Hub Rudy Gobert was hailed. Whatever happened, we kept playing, and that’s a sign of maturity. »

Meeting with Slovenia on Wednesday

After four outings in the competition – three wins and one defeat – the Blues have yet to show the same certainties to the team as the silver medalist at the last Olympics and the bronze medal at the 2019 World Cup. But against Lithuania (win 77- 73), they put in a serious performance from start to finish. Finish on Tuesday and benefited from another great performance from Terry Tarby’s surprise. Unknown to the general public – and some of his NBA teammates – before the competition, the Le Mans winger continued his fast paced competition, setting the pace in defense and even offering himself a counterattack at the end of the party after being intercepted, unleashing Ola from the Lithuanian supporters who came to support the Blues.

If we play again [la Lituanie] Later, I’m not sure they’ll say thank you to us there,” Rudy Goubert smiled. Before considering the Round of 16 and the rest of the competition – which will take place in Berlin from Saturday – the French set an appointment for Wednesday at 8:30pm with Slovenia from talented Luka Doncic. The contender that the Blues beat last year, in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, thanks to the decisive counterattack in the last seconds of Nicholas Batum – absent from the European Championships.

a “A big test against a very big team”, According to the French hub, without much betting – both teams qualify – if not to determine the final classification of Group B, and potential opponents in the Round of 16. But for these Blues, who are building their team little by little, Slovenia will be an opportunity to continue their rise to power. “We are not at our best, we can do better, but we want to use these games to reach our best level. And if we get to it, we can beat everyone”concludes Evan Fournier.

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