Golf protection takes effect in Chambly

The City of Shambly had already decided not to change the recreational division of the city’s former golf course. Partition that made it possible to wait for the Temporary Control Regulation (RCI) that came into effect on August 25.

This regulation provided by the Community of Montreal Metropolitan (CMM) will promote the transformation and renormalization of green spaces in Greater Montreal.

Among these places, the former Chambly Golf Course is included in the list of green spaces to be preserved in Greater Montreal. “Before the RCI came into effect, there was already a desire on the part of the municipality to preserve the natural area of ​​Chambly Golf Course,” Alexandra Labe, Mayor of Chambly recalls.

Climate friendly municipality
In addition to being backed by CMM Now in its ambitions for Chambly Golf Course, the mayor told the newspaper that the city had just been selected by Vivre en Ville as a climate-friendly municipality in 2022-2023. As a result, we will have 18 months of support to properly think about the development of the site. We want to reform this sector by including it in the urban fabric of Chamblee and providing all the services that the residents of the neighborhood need. We will work with Vivre en Ville on the concept of an ecoregion. »

The city has already purchased some land in order to carry out works on the extension of Rue Bourgogne, but the former golf course, which is private property, will not be able to accommodate the construction. “The center maintains the recreational zoning that we have already put in place,” the mayor specifies.

Then several options are available for the city. We will then have to find out if there is a desire to create a large municipal park with recreational facilities. The safest solution to protecting this place would be to proceed with its acquisition by the city. “An eco-gift from the owner can also have a certain benefit to the owner,” says Ms. Lappe.

“Before the RCI came into effect, the municipality actually wanted to preserve the natural area of ​​the Chambly Golf Course. – Alexandra Lapp

In the case of an acquisition, the amounts at risk may be significant. “There will also be all the investments that need to be made to move forward with the reforestation of the site, just as we are doing in the development of the natural park near the industrial area.”

From this perspective of the acquisition of these lands that will be protected by the municipalities, the Municipal Board of Directors has been asking the Quebec government, for several months, to invest in this program. “While the environment is one of the main issues of the electoral campaign, the Central Electoral Movement reiterates its request that the next government give it $100 million to create a space acquisition program with the possibility of converting it into green spaces or a natural environment. It argues that achieving its goals and those of the government, in terms of protecting and developing Plant and animal species, their habitats and biodiversity, can not only be achieved through the acquisition and preservation of natural environments.Greater Montreal is highly urbanized, and an increased amount of natural environments must also go through ecological restoration, CMM said in a press release.

Julie Brunet, from CMM Communications, told the newspaper, “This request dates back only to June 16 (when the RCI was approved). The request was sent in the following days, but due to the holidays and the approach of the election campaign, discussions have not started yet. That is why we repeat our request For political parties to participate in our work summary.”

The RCI, which was approved on June 16 by the CMM Board, aims to promote the transformation and rehabilitation of green spaces in Greater Montreal, where there are not quite enough natural spaces to reach the protection goals required now. To ensure a viable future for future generations.

RCI currently has six golf courses: Club de golf Beloeil, Club de golf de Candiac, Golf Municipality de Chambly, Club de golf de Mascouche, the former golf course in Rosemère, and the Club de Le Boisé golf course in Terrebonne. These lands are all located in the urban periphery where the available space is sufficient to accommodate population growth by 2041, totaling approximately 284 hectares.

The Commission for Green Area Management (CMM) is working with municipalities to increase green space as part of the PMAD review process, and is already planning to add other sectors to this list in a second phase. It will therefore meet the needs and goals in terms of climate change adaptation and development, while the adequate presence of such spaces is an essential component for the development of complete living environments.

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