In Wentworth, the sadness of heaven

It is as if the pavement in the pond has fallen on us. Traveling to the BMW PGA Championship is generally not a problem. But this time, there’s a LIV in the air on Wentworth, the DPW Tour. Under an overcast sky and some heavy rain, the Queen of England headed to her Balmoral residence while the European Circuit was in London this week!

Battle of the leaders! A good reason for our trip to this most important tournament in Europe after the Open. But since five this morning, we have been subjected to a series of insults as if we were unwanted. Did we pass the road links? Fashionable. by whom? We’ll see that later. But the taxi missed the airport, the plane was delayed and rescheduled and we stayed inside for over two hours, the rental car not ready, the weather forecast not putting a buoy in the park, and access to Virginia Water skewed. “ No sir, the media center is not there ‘ says the little yellow jacket, while there, at the end of Wenworth Drive, the club has not moved for a long time, with the press room separated only by the departure of No. 1.

road accidents

U-turn rage! 500m away, we don’t move while playing, a yellow lady moves, like the sour teacher “we don’t do that to me”, still directing us to another entrance. We visit car parks 1, 2, 3 … 5, 7 … we are constantly blocked by players and spectators en masse. We can also say in passing that the real estate development in Wentworth is phenomenal! Miracle, we landed on Wentworth Road two hours later with no one left to get us off, before we fell upon a hard-to-convince, hard-to-convince, not-so-documented media parking lot manager. Finally, with the password” O’Brien, Madame Com for the European Tour“He apologizes profusely. But you weren’t expecting,” O’Brien said to greet us. “I don’t have another room….” Fortunately, a journalist from “Golf Planète” never threw anything and Mrs. O’Brien had to admit her mistake by accidentally putting our emails in the bottom pile…Is Mr. Pelley a bad luck thrower?

Present but punished

Come on, forget this morning the dog who dropped us off safely at noon.. is there really someone responsible for all this “cheni” as the Swiss say? By following the “TV series” put together by Greg Norman with Keith Bailey, president of the DP World Tour, and Jay Monahan, president of the US PGA Tour, you know that between a dollar per hundreds of millions and low hits to spare, the fight doesn’t stop at the schoolyard con. No, you eighteen apostate are not allowed to wear your parting colors. No, you are not invited to the big festive BMW feast. No, press conferences will not be held at the media center. No, you will not be in-game during TV hours. And the pros of DP World Tour, the official European circuit, to add three layers. ” How dare you play this tournament where you’ve never been before, except for some columns like Westwood or Garcia? To capture qualifying points for the 2023 Majors majors to take advantage of your reign in England, while being banned from the PGA Tour, it’s overkill!

Think of the youth

In addition, you can replace such young talents as Julien Braun and Frédéric Lacroix who, for a moment expelled, happily find themselves at first, having cleared the queue sufficiently. Julien at -2 showed a place like Matthieu Pavon at -4 at the height of McIlroy who quickly put that first lap cut short by rain in place. “ I didn’t play badly and I didn’t play well. We put the ball. it is easier, for Pavon. Rain was an important parameter for everyone. Starting at 6:40 a.m. I had a choppy fleet and poor vision. Then, after three or four holes, everything was back in place. My game too. A bird at No 4 gave me a boost. All the time, you have to play well-defined goals “.
On the LIV side, things were bleak here and there at 5:30 p.m. Between heavy showers, round one is far from over with Reed tweeters at level, Poulter at -3 (like Guerrier and Langasque), and Garcia at +4, head Which belongs to Fleetwood and Sullivan’s V-8. But, at this very moment, no one knew yet that Queen Elizabeth had died a few hours earlier, bringing an early end to the first round…


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