Live broadcast – Nice-Cologne in the European League Conference: the gym draws Delort!

The two seriously injured supporters are Ultras Parisien

As OGC Nice and FC Cologne players face each other on the grass in Allianz Riviera, a fan is cared for at Pasteur 2 Hospital. A supporter of French nationality, he is a member of the PSG fan group “Supras Auteuil”, disbanded in 2010 and is in The stands are next to the Germans. Another radical Parisian, who was on the march that crossed the city on Thursday, returned to the stands after being stabbed.

The “Supras Auteuil” group is an old group that the club no longer recognizes.

Maxime Telet

Beautiful domination!

The Germans haven’t seen the ball for a few minutes.

Niçois dominates this end of the match, wins the vast majority of duels, and is on every second ball and rather more dangerous! This blow from Pépé is met but there is a new opportunity for the locals.

Delort Strike!

Nice payouts and Delort keeps trying to withdraw! This time a powerful shot from right to left ends with the German goalkeeper’s gloves!

Changes on the nice side!

Exits for Boudawi and Brian and entrances for Nicholas Pepe and Melvin Bard. And what if the difference came from the bench?

Thuram falls into the box..nothing!

Sakhiri destabilized Thuram in the area, but the referee asks the Nice player to get up. The contact was still important enough to whistle for a penalty.

Cross Action!

At the start of the match, Laborde took advantage of a bad pass from one of Cologne’s defenders to bounce back. The bar saves visitors!

Wrong target!

In the power and right in the center of the target! OGC Nice tied in the hour thanks to Delort for that penalty!


Hand of Hubers in the penalty area in this free kick! OGC Nice gets a penalty!

Super free kick for OGC Nice!

Hector’s mistake in the deck entrance after this beautiful figure of Pica Pica. FC Cologne captain received a yellow card and Nice had the chance to get back into the game with this free kick!

Delort is very close to the tie!

Incredible rescue from Schwabe on this destroyed helmet from Delort on a beautiful cross from Laborde! Cologne’s defense was defeated, but the German goalkeeper saved the visitors from a draw. It’s still 0-1!

Schindler’s new mistake

Schindler again loses a duel with Diop and the former Monaco falls along the sideline. The referee blows a foul whistle but he is still without a card.

Cologne asks for a helping hand

Tillman claims his hand after this cross. As a reminder, there is no video of the ruling tonight. The game resumes and there will be no penalty.

Dante is too short

OGC Nice captain is too short to cash this cross pass from Boudaoui in the far corner. You did well.

Angle gives nothing

The ball ends directly in Schwabe’s gloves.

nice corner

FC Cologne’s defense clears the ball as best it can and provides a good corner for the gym!

Here we are again at Allianz Riviera! (0-1)

There is no change that we notice when we break, we leave the same on both sides.

Half the time!

The people of Nice have been in a lot of pain since the start of this match as they return to the dressing room led by the real FC Cologne players! 1-0 to the Germans!

Lots of artistic approximation

There is a lot of waste in serving at the end of the first period on both sides. The game is choppy, just enough not to do nice work, and always drives.

yellow for Boudawi

The first episode of the match is for Hicham El-Boudaoui after his late intervention on Hector.

DELORT misses his state!

What an opportunity for OGC Nice! Laborde sends out Delort with a great outside foot, but the Nice striker loses a duel against Schwab. The porter lies down and takes the danger off his feet.


After 35 minutes of play, Niçois had a 38% stake. For occasions, try their luck once. Seven on the side of cologne.

Nice can’t do that…

There is still no clear chance of putting on the OGC Nice credit after half an hour of play. The Germans are even sharper and trying to break before returning to the locker room.

Cologne is so close to the break!

Thielmann tries to serve his teammates on a low cross. Dante deflects the ball that passes in centimeters from Polka’s goal. The next corner does nothing.

Schindler’s mistake on Diop

Former Monegasque ditched the Cologne team, which still pulls on his right foot. Error but no card.

8000 German fans make a fuss!

It’s simple: they’ve taken over Allianz Rivera and the opening match won’t help put the Nice residents off. The 12th man doesn’t answer, maybe it’s hard to have the heart to support his team after the heavy crashes before the match.

Beautiful trying to reply!

Super Niçois movement! But Pica Pica does not find Delort in the area. It seemed that the porter of Cologne had been beaten. It remains 1-0 to visitors.

Aim of Cologne! (0-1)

Guestbook opening at the end of a beautiful collective movement!

Steffen Tigges, after a fine cross from Thielmann, found the net with a superb recovery at the far post. Nice driving!

Posted in Cologne!

Ljubicic Strike Finds Nice Cages Pillar! This is the first big alert for the locals!

The first wick was lit by Nice

OGC Nice’s first chance at this counterattack organized by Delort! The Algerian striker shoots at the entrance to the area and the Cologne goalkeeper is out of danger after a good save.

Do not hide cologne

German club players sequence crosses. For now, Nice’s defense remains attentive but has an advantage, on points, for Cologne, after a quarter of an hour in play.

Observation stage

The two teams are watching each other at the moment. There’s not much to put your teeth in on the sweet side.

corner for nothing…

Calm for the German national team’s defense. The danger is far.

Corner for OGC Nice!

Nice first chance, but Joe Bryan could not find his partners on this cross. corner to follow.

kickoff !

Let’s go to Nice! (0-0)

The visitors, in black, are the ones who started this match! The atmosphere is obviously heavy.

Kick-off is imminent!

Players on the grass at Allianz Rivera with referee Luis Godinho.

Allianz Riviera doors open again

The doors of the Allianz Riviera have finally reopened. They were closed at the time of the clashes inside the stadium. There is no mass movement to report though, with some people getting impatient who arrived around 6pm.

MT in Nice

The fallen German backer is no longer in an absolute state of emergency

There are nine wounded, including at least one German player who was stabbed. The balance sheet is provisional. German booster who fell off a platform. (Five meters fall) He was no longer in absolute urgency. He is conscious.

Security forces reinforcements

While the doors to access the Allianz Riviera remain closed, according to BFM Côte d’Azur, reinforcements from the security forces have arrived at the stadium.

The players are getting ready

Nice and Cologne players are on the field for the traditional pre-match warm-up.

Seven supporters were injured, two of them seriously

The sad provisional outcome of the accidents is seven injured supporters, two of whom are in serious condition. A German fan fell five meters in an “absolute emergency”.

Departure at 7:40 pm

The match will take place. The kickoff will take place at 6:45 PM at 7:40 PM. At the slightest incident, the meeting will be suspended.

Police report “overwhelmed” in Nice

So violent clashes broke out ahead of the European Cup match in Nice. The police and municipal forces gathered since this morning were forced to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. Except that according to comments to RMC Sport from several field police officers present in the security system set up overseas, they reported that they were completely “overwhelmed” just prior to the meeting. For them, the device “wasn’t substantial enough” for a game that was “declared to be tense” for several days. CRS was forced to step inside the sports case.


A Cologne supporter in ‘absolute emergency’

A Cologne fan who fell 5 meters at the Allianz Rivera was in an “absolute state of emergency,” the county declared.

>> All information

Meeting with UEFA and the governor, kick-off was postponed. UEFA is pressing to keep the match

The Dean of Alpes Maritimes will speak with UEFA and the leaders of the two clubs about holding the meeting. The decision taken will be joint. German fans who arrived in droves during the day consumed a large amount of alcohol in the last hours in the city center. The start of the match has already been postponed. The stadium gates were closed.

According to our information, UEFA is pressing to keep the meeting going. But the governor of Alpes Maritimes and the OGCN do not want that.

MT and CB

Dante and Hector try to ease the tension with the fans

Gentle defender Dante and Cologne midfielder Jonas Hector spoke to some fans in an effort to ease tensions.

Launching in danger

According to our information, the meeting should be postponed after the serious events currently taking place in Allianz Riviera.

Serious accidents in Allianz Rivera, a fan fell off a podium

Clashes broke out in the Allianz Riviera. German supporters tried to join the Niçois to fight it. A fan fell off a podium and appeared to be very affected. It is currently supported. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

More information here.

Nice mayor outraged by Cologne supporters’ actions

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice: “I deplore the scandalous and rude behavior of Cologne supporters and disrespect for the city, which welcomes them graciously and fraternally. We will send the bills for the damages and the cleaning of public spaces. To the Cologne Club.”

Note that the tag on the OGC Nice store has already been deleted.

“Who says Germans are disciplined?” , denounced the deputy mayor

The deputy mayor of Nice posted a message on social networks about the deterioration made by Cologne supporters in the city.

“Who said that the Germans are disciplined? Once again the cleaning services of the city of Nice will step in to clean and I want to reassure the supporters of OGC Nice, that we are proceeding without delay to clean the signs in the gym shop,” writes Pierre-Paul Lionellli.

Traffic stopped on the Promenade des Anglais to attract fans

Traffic stopped on the Promenade des Anglais to allow the procession of Cologne supporters to pass.


The dilapidated OGC Nice store

Pictures circulating on social networks show the vandalism of the OGC Nice store in the city center. This deterioration appears to be due to the large number of Cologne fans attending the match.

Apart from the deterioration of the shop and abandoned beer everywhere, there was not the slightest police intervention or arrest at this time.

Beautiful transportation disrupted due to the influx of Cologne supporters

The transport network (buses and trams) is affected by the strong presence of supporters in the city center.

Cologne fans created a huge atmosphere in Nice

Several thousand German fans made the trip and created a wonderful atmosphere in the city of Cote d’Azur.

before the match

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